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Being In His Presence Is The Best My Life Gets

By Kathy Mote





Being in His presence is the best my life gets, but my reaction to the things people have done to me takes me out of it. I was awakened at 4am this morning feeling heartbroken panic because my anger toward someone was stalking me again.


Sometimes in our desire to be in God's presence we sound like we are negotiating the terms of peace with Him. I surrendered my dislike of this person. I accepted the wisdom of God's perfect will for me, which I have been given. I lamented that I still dislike this person. That, I didn't know how to get rid of.


In a vision I saw my hand reaching for what God was giving me. Around my wrist was the imprint of barbed wire. It faded and finally disappeared as He gave me understanding. The Lord woke me up at the most inconvenient time of the night to deal with what often tries to keep me from His presence, and I was grateful.


I surrendered with the wholehearted effort that you can only come up with at that hour, wanting to be rid of my distaste for this person. The Lord showed me what was in my heart and what was in His, then He showed me this person's life in a nut shell. The difference between this person's life and mine are mind blowing, especially seen from God's perspective. It was a privilege to be shown this.


Be that as it may, there are things I am being told to share, not that I relish sharing them. From God's perspective, He awakened a sick child who had the painful and usually terminal disease of unforgiveness, something you can only catch rolling around in ignorance. Buried deep in my heart, it was a ticking time bomb He didn't want to go off in me.


In His gentle care of His 'terminally ill child', He gave me a cup of cool water. He showed me His purpose in this 'unjust situation'. He said, I called for your humility and now I have it, a thing that far surpasses all other beauty. This is My full and complete purpose in you, that you know it is My hand that is upon you. I am no longer insulted, I am honored.








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Surrendering to God’s Powerful Will

By Kathy Mote


Surrendering to God's powerful will in someone else's life is not always easy to do. Watching someone close to you disallow God in their life is painful to watch, especially when their actions affect you. But watching Him deal with them is less difficult if you see things from the vantage point of being under His wing.


If you want to agree with Him for yourself and for them, you have to accept His Lordship over both. Trusting the Lord is accepting the Lord's will, no matter what it looks like now. He isn't finished.


The moment you truly trust Him in your own heart, your own heart will be changed at it is brought into His presence. That is when you are in the position to honor Him in what He is doing in them and agree with Him for them. Time to get on board with what He is doing.








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I Speak To One Who Hears His Voice

By Kathy Mote


I speak to one who hears His voice. You are obedient to Him in all things. The consequence of what you say and do as you are obedient to Him falls on Him. He isn't asking you to blend in, but to stand out. He isn't asking you to agree with the mindset of man, but to agree with Him as He brings change to them. He has made a way for you, your way is in Him. He has made a place for you, your place is in Him.


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Good prayer for President Trump!

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Very god and blessing post. I am a deacon who supports widows and widowers and Iam learning a lot. Blessings

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