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The Forging Of Your Sword!

By Daniel Pontious



This morning I was awakened by the Sound of Metal Hitting Metal. At first I thought that one of my neighbors was using a Hammer upon a Metal post or something, but upon going outside and hearing nothing I realized that what I was hearing must be in the Spirit Realm.


As I sat before the Lord, I started hearing the Metal hammering yet again, only this time the picture of an anvil and smith came along with the sound.


As I sat before the Lord the scene of the fashioning of a Great Sword was displayed while I watched this Master Craftsman working and forging this Sword in front of my eyes.


The Hilt of the Sword appeared all of Gold and Laced with Precious stones on each side, while the Blade glistened like diamonds in the fire. As the Smiths hammer kept up its work, I watched as this incredible blade was being fashioned, tempered by the Flames and meticulously molded by the Hammer of the Smithy.


I wondered whose Sword this was? It had the Appearance of being a Kings Blade, razor sharp and fashioned for war, but with the elegance of a ceremonial blade used for Holy purposes.


Just as I was pondering over what I was watching, the Holy Spirit said, "You are being fashioned for a purpose as My Word is being tempered and molded in your life! With the Baptisms of Fire as well as Water, the forge of this life is tempering the Blade that you are; for as the Word of God is Sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrews4:12), so will the Word of the Lord be sharper than you could ever imagine, coming forth from your life!"


Multiple members of the Body of Christ are in this forging process right now! Often times in the Fire (Fire of the Holy Spirit), many times dunked in the Water (Submerged and immersed in the Word), while also finding themselves being fashioned by the Masters Hand in between those times frames.


Though many don't comprehend what's happening in the process, God is Fashioning them, not just into a Blade, but honing the Sword of the Word of God inside of their lives!


That Sword of the Lord (when completed) will cut so sharply that others wont even feel the blade! It will cause the destruction of the enemies lies and plans as it brings clarity to the minds and hearts of those it connects with.


The Sword of your life, will bring life as it is wielded by the King, but it will also bring judgment and destruction to the camps of the demonic realm.


You are being fashioned right now, even while you are reading this post! The Holy Spirit is tempering the Word which He has placed in your life (Jesusis being formed within you); and as the Fire and the Water come upon you in greater frequency and measure, the reality of the Tempering by the Lord will come more and more into view!


You are truly fearfully and wonderfully being crafted into A Specific Word (Sword) which will bring life to those of your brethren and Destruction upon the Encampments of Hell!


God is preparing to bring you forth and to take you into His Hand, are you prepared for War???


Do You Know Who You Are???❤❤❤


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28.06 | 06:03

Good prayer for President Trump!

10.06 | 09:34

I love that!

09.06 | 06:19

Very god and blessing post. I am a deacon who supports widows and widowers and Iam learning a lot. Blessings

20.12 | 06:41

Yep!! Praise The Living God, Hallellujah!

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