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"Precise Vision Is Being Released"

By Ana Werner



Your Vision Is Being Narrowed


What a time we are living in right now! Recently, the Lord took me up into a vision and showed me what He is doing from an eagle's perspective. As I watched an eagle soar through the sky, I suddenly found myself seeing from his perspective. I watched as the eagle would soar peacefully, searching until finding his target. Once he found the target, his eyesight narrowed in. He would then shift with the wind to get the best projected direction, and then dive in for the capture.


I believe the takeaway from this vision is this: for those of us who will surrender our busy tendencies and get still with God – precise vision will be released.


In this very season, the Lord is bringing clarity to what He has called you to do. Like I witnessed with this very eagle, your vision is being narrowed. With this narrowing of direction, there will be many things you may need to say "NO" to right now. Pulling back right now will actually propel you much further forward. As I watched that eagle get very quiet and still before finding his target, Holy Spirit was revealing to me that this is the time to really press in and get quiet for clarity of focus.


Say "No" to Distractions


I also saw that as we press in and zero in on our targets, distractions will arise that are just tactics of the enemy to take people off course. The timing of the Lord, right now, is to continue forward with what He has shown you. Do not be distracted by even doubting if you have heard the Lord clearly with His direction. Do not be distracted by busying your schedule.


The other day, while praying, I heard: "What you're praying for in the secret place today, behind closed doors – just between you and Jesus – IS VERY IMPORTANT!" The "VERY IMPORTANT" caught my attention as the Lord really emphasized it. Guard your time right now in the secret place with the Lord, like your life depends on it!


So, feel free to "let the dishes go" so to speak. I wouldn't be surprised if many of us suddenly, right now, felt ambushed by an onslaught of distractions. It's going to take a ferocity to rise up and say, "NO! I'm not going to let that distract me!" Set things aside that aren't really that important right now, so you can turn more of your attention to prayer and getting clear direction.


Narrowing Your Focus


Know this: you can do many things for the Lord, but probably not do many things with EXCELLENCE. I saw that God is calling many of us in this season to step back and RE-EVALUATE! You may find yourself actually needing to let go of over-commitments. It's not that you won't do that project someday, it's just not right now. If you could imagine that you are going in and taking a territory, your focus and strategy needs to be precise.


You can't have precise vision if you are too distracted by doing so much. This is NOT the season to be doing much, but rather narrowing your focus so you will bear much fruit in the future. It's time to adjust. Out of the secret, quiet place of prayer, I saw much fruit being released right now. The invitation is there from the Lord to really PRESS IN!


Do Not Back Down


Once that eagle found its target, oh my! As it dove down and grabbed its target, nothing stood in its way. This is not the time to back down! As I was praying through this, I saw many people who have been feeling so weary from years of pressing and praying for breakthrough. So right now, I pray that you would have increased energy and strength for this season to press in. Rise up to the occasion, you mighty warrior of the Lord! You CAN DO THIS.


God is propelling many of us toward the direct target of what He has assigned us to do, but it's out of the place of our intimate prayer time, behind closed doors, that we are able to attain that target.



By Ana Werner

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Yep!! Praise The Living God, Hallellujah!

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is for me. Thank you very much, your message made it all the way to spain.
May God continue to bless you and keep you.

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Awesome prayer to pray every day!

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