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"To Those Who Overcome –

A New Name and New Identity Will Be Given"

By Julie A. Smith



Yes, we are in unprecedented times. With all the negative news and reports being released, it's also incredible seeing God moving powerfully while tearing down strongholds at the same time. For example, as the world has been on halt, so has corruption. I believe this is a sign of "extreme exposure" at the highest levels as we continue toward the summer months and beyond this year. In these unprecedented times we'll also see the hand of God move in unprecedented ways as godly history will be made and reported! Now that's good news!


In December of last year, the Lord told me that He is giving people and regions "a new name" which would cause many to also walk in a "new identity." Right after He spoke this to me, I traveled to Thailand (where I'm from and was born) where He spoke much about this to me.


Just days before arriving to Thailand on 12/12/19, I had a dream of being in Pattaya, Thailand, the #1 sex-capital industry of the world. In the dream, I was overlooking the beach and saw the waters in the ocean start to recede—that was the end of the dream. I didn't have the full revelation about this yet, but felt there would be more revealed as I was planning to visit Pattaya during my trip.


She's Not for Sale!


On this trip to Thailand, I took my 27-year-old niece with me, as she has a passion for women and children. (This niece is like my daughter and I had guardianship of her for awhile.) I wanted her to see for herself what really happens in the sex-trafficking capital, getting a personal scope for what the women go through. I've been to Pattaya several times, but this was her first time and it was a real eye-opener for both of us in different ways. For the first time, she saw women being sold, and the men selling them and flaunting the types of services available. (Photo via Julie Smith)


As we were walking back to our hotel the first evening, it was very crowded on the streets, and my niece was in front of me while I followed her. A middle-eastern man began walking side by side with me, calling out to my niece right in front of me. He started accosting her saying, "Hey, you have a nice *body part" (*words purposely left out). My niece was shocked and didn't say anything but kept walking. He then repeated the same words to her but spoke louder, trying to get her attention. That's when the mama bear in me rose up.


I looked right at him and sternly said, "She's not for sale!" He looked so surprised that I would tell him that. He replied, "Who are you? Who do you think you are?" I answered, "I'm her mom." He replied, "So! What does that make you? Can't she speak for herself?" I boldly replied, "That makes me a good mom."


He was so surprised that I spoke up for my niece and did a 180 degree turn into the opposite direction, walking away from us while cursing at me. I knew this to be a significant incident that just took place but didn't understand the details at that moment. When we arrived back to our hotel room, I asked the Lord what that situation was really about.


He immediately said, "That was the enemy taunting you in his territory, saying, 'This is my territory, Julie. What are you going to do about it?'" What the Lord told me next was a real eye opener for me. He also said, "That man was a recruiter for his sheik." A sheik is a royal leader, a lord, the chief or head of an Arab tribe or family.


There are high level officials and leaders who send recruiters to the sex-trafficking industry to look for women. These recruiters go after any women who they think they can recruit, human traffic, and bring back to their leaders. We were dressed like tourists but to them "all women are for sale." After this incident with my niece and the revelation spoken from the Lord, this mama bear was fired up to take down the enemy—and it was time for a new name and a new identity to be spoken over Thailand. Believe me, when your "mama bear" rises up, you know you've found your calling!


It's Time for the Land to Give Up Its Sin!


The next morning, I checked us out of our hotel room which had a side street view and checked us into a room overlooking Pattaya beach, which the Lord gave me the dream about just days before arriving there. As I was overlooking the beach in our new room, it was then that the Lord opened my eyes. I went into a vision as if a movie was playing in front of me. I saw the dream I had several days before arriving, but much more was uncovered.


I saw the waters recede back into the ocean and what was hidden underneath was being exposed. The waters peeled back like a thick blanket, exposing what was "underneath" the outer appearance of the beautiful beaches of Pattaya. Deep darkness hidden under the water was being exposed.


That's when God said: "It's time for the land to give up its SIN! I want you to declare a new name and new identity over the women and this city!"


I knew that God speaking this from the #1 sex-trade industry of the world was Him speaking about the entire industry on a grand scale! With the ocean and this vision in front of me, I started praying over Thailand. I declared: "Thailand and Pattaya will have a new name and a new identity." I declared: "The sex-capital industry of the world will be brought down." I declared: "The women of Thailand will receive a new identity, and they will no longer carry the identity of being 'for sale.'" I declared: "Darkness from the highest levels (like this sheik and many others) will be exposed and brought to justice." This also reminded me of a previous word I wrote about Hollywood being exposed.


The Days of Noah


I left Pattaya the day after this, and felt what I needed to see and pray into was finished. Part of my journey the next week would lead me to North Thailand, to Chiang Mai, where I would meet ministry leaders and friends. The Lord told me years ago over Thailand, "Revival will start in the north!" I went to Chiang Mai to pray over the land and spend time with the Lord to find out what He had to say next.


I'll never forget what He said to me in Chiang Mai on December 20, 2019: "It's the Days of Noah. Prepare for the Days of Noah." It didn't hit me at that time what that all meant, but we certainly know now. Noah prepared for a flood that wasn't here yet. He was shut-in, inside the ark with his family, until it was safe to come out. And when it was, God gave him a sign of the promise set out before him. I left Thailand on December 23, and it was the very next month that the coronavirus pandemic was announced to the world with the outbreak starting in China. We've been living as in the days of Noah, shut-in, in our own personal arks, and we're getting ready to emerge out of this, sent out with new promises from the Lord.


No, God did not send COVID-19, but He is using it in many ways. Corruption in the darkest places has come to a halt while the world was being shut-in. The #1 sex-trade industry came to a halt and was completely shut down in late March. Pattaya News reported on March 22: For Pattaya, this is the biggest single closure and event in recent history.


On April 23, Pattaya News released a video of the city streets flooded with heavy rains, and again on May 14. I believe these are signs from God cleansing the land and bringing His promises to pass!


As of this writing on May 14, the sex-trade industry called the "entertainment business" is still closed. This is unheard of! Yes, these are unprecedented times to see the hand of God move in unprecedented ways and godly history will be made and reported!


You Will Receive Double! Longings Fulfilled and Covenant Promises


In 2009 I was also in Pattaya, and as I took in all the sights, I cried out to God in tears saying: "I will give up every promise You have for me if You will set Thailand free." As those words barely left my mouth He replied: "Not only will I give you every promise, I will double it." I just realized it has been 10 years since I made that covenant with the Lord in Pattaya in 2009, from when I was there in December of 2019, making those declarations while overlooking the beach.


The photo pictured here is my smart watch that I wore in Thailand in December of 2019. Daily and I mean daily, the alarm went off at 10:10. I checked the alarm setting on my watch and on my phone that it's blue-toothed to. I had NO alarm set at 10:10. In fact, I turned off my alarm entirely and it still went off at 10:10 daily. What was God reminding me of daily on my trip to Thailand? John 10:10, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." From the beginning to the end of this trip, God showed Himself in a mighty way—from the smallest details to the biggest. Also 10 + 10 = 20...yes, it's time for the double! God revealing this to me on my watch is also Him saying: It is NOT a time for death on the earth, but a TIME FOR ABUNDANT LIFE!


I believe the sex-trade industry in my home country being shut down as we speak is His sign that our promises are coming full circle, and our deepest longings are being fulfilled. When you come out of this shut-in, your Noah's ark, what are your deepest longings and promises from God that you want to see fulfilled? I challenge you in this time to make those passionate declarations God placed in your heart, believing strongholds of the worst kind are coming down. It's time for the land(s) to give up its sins, a new godly name and identity to take its place where sin abounds, and for God to rule and reign in the darkest places.


Do you believe that can happen? The #1 sex-trade industry in the world is currently shut down, the waters are receding and will expose deep darkness including high-level leaders, and the next wave will be a wave of justice for the those enslaved in this industry.


"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, to him I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows but he who receives it." (Revelation 2:17)


It's time for many nations to overcome and receive a new name and as they do, they will discover their new identity in Christ.



By Julie A. Smith, Managing Editor and Producer

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