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We are in the Season of the Upper Room

By Heidi Bryden



We are in the Season of The UPPER ROOM!


For the past 2 weeks I have heard ‘Upper Room‘ in my spirit.


The Holy Spirit has been revealing that this is a time of waiting and He is about to pour out His Spirit in a most unusual and powerful way this Pentecost.


A few weeks ago I had a dream of our Worship Arts Pastor and her daughter.  They were standing in front of a big picture window and an Angel was behind the pastor.


I heard the Angel say that this person would be taken into actual Bible Stories, as she and her daughter studied the Word together.


They would be taken back into the actual story as it happened, and they would be able to perform plays based on the actual truth of what they saw.


I know that this message is for The Church as a whole, and that we are going to see these things happen.


The next night I prayed that I would be able to do this, after getting up during the night to pray.  What I experienced was beyond amazing.


I was taken to the Upper Room.  Jesus was so close in front of me I could only see from His waist up.  He looked deeply into my eyes and held up a glass of wine.


Off behind Him were the disciples, all sitting at a long table, their eyes fixed on their Master as He held up His cup to me.


I knew it was the cup of the NEW WINE He is about to pour out, but also that I was there in the Spirit, in the Upper Room with them.  This was more than a dream — I knew that I had actually been there.


Last year, I had the privilege of being able to travel to Israel with the Sid Roth group at Passover.  One of our stops was the Upper Room.


As we went in, our leader, James Durham and his wife said that we should ask The Holy Spirit for a new language when we are praying in there.


So as I rested my head against a pillar in that room I did just that.  I went into a vision and was taken into the Garden of Gethsemane at night.  It was dark in there, and all I could see were the olive trees.


I was just observing, when all of a sudden out of the ground sprung a geyser of water, shooting upwards like a powerful fountain.


Then out of my belly came a brand new language in the Spirit that I had never spoken before.  This was a picture of things to come, which I believe is about to happen now.


We are in the dark night of the soul, and The Holy Spirit is about to gush a river of living water out of us.


Another vision I had was of viewing a huge set of gates.  Behind them was The Fire of God and these doors were bulging with the force of the fire behind them.


All of a sudden with a great roar and force, the gates burst open and the fire spilled out.  I woke up on fire.


But back to the Upper Room.  This year the Passover was the first Passover since the very first one where the people were confined to their homes and they applied the Blood of the Lamb to the doorposts.


This was a true Passover.  This year is also going to be a true Pentecost.


The LORD is telling us to wait in Jerusalem (our Jerusalem is our home) until Pentecost, when The Spirit will be poured out in a powerful way.


We don’t know how it will happen or what it will look like, but I just know we must go through this time of waiting on The LORD in the secret place, and not make any major decisions yet, until Pentecost is over.


There will be a major shift that will happen then and we will experience something unexpected, according to the waiting we have done in the secret place.


It’s coming!  Wait, tarry in Jerusalem and don’t miss the day of your visitation!





Heidi Bryden

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20.12 | 06:41

Yep!! Praise The Living God, Hallellujah!

19.12 | 14:43

is for me. Thank you very much, your message made it all the way to spain.
May God continue to bless you and keep you.

05.12 | 03:04

Awesome prayer to pray every day!

02.12 | 01:13

It's great stuff as I found it meaningful. Gonna share it with my mother after myhttps://www.goldenbustours.com/seattle-tour-packages/ and hoping she will like

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