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Tremendous Energy . . .





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Tremendous Energy

By Priscilla Van Sutphin



“When I blow on My Garden of Reknown, there will come a tremendous energy I give to My Saints to do great exploits and to breathe the breath of life into others.


My Spirit is energy and He is the resource of all the Power you need to do the greater things I will call you to do.  You have wondered at all that I’ve put you through, many of you.


You must learn to stand against the tide and flow of the waters of adversity, and rebuke the winds and the waves with My Word, which is Life to your bones and a Light unto your path.


Many are weary and have not spent time in the secret place to get filled up with all I have to give.  If you want Energy and My Life is that, then you must come to Me, The Well of Living Water and imbibe in all I AM to get to a place of being full of life and energy to share with others who don’t know of my love and kindness, to know The Power of My Kingdom.


When I sent Paul, he told you he did not come with persuasive words of speech, but with Power and the demonstration of The Holy Spirit.


Demonstration requires Power and Faith.  You will only have that to the measure you are intimate with Me — intimately acquainted with the Resurrection Power and The Fellowship of My Sufferings.


For I told you that when you suffer with Me, then you will share in My Glory!  But no one wants to bear the cross anymore.  Everyone wants to turn away and not have to suffer.


This is human flesh and weakness of course, but if you come to Me, then I will give you all you need to not only get through, but to conquer the enemy and death.


I paid the price… and I know how hard it is to suffer, yet My Western Bride is so satiated with the comforts of affluence and convenience that she is fat with greed, fat with self, fat with what “I want”.


She has not learned to die to self, to surrender all to Me.  Those who surely want more of Me will experience what I experienced in the form of rejection, and hatred.


If you cannot handle a little rejection by your own, how will you handle people mocking you and spitting on you and hurling insults or hitting you and beating you, without reacting in like kind?


How will you say “I am a Christian,” then stoop to the same revengeful type behavior of your former self?


Fruitfulness requires sacrifice .  Fruitfulness is a by product of intimacy with Me — My Resurrection Life that comes out of suffering.  The power of Resurrection Life comes from carrying The Cross.


Will you take up your cross oh Western Bride?


Will you die to being recognized?


Will you die to having a name for yourself?


Will you die to being important in the eyes of men?


For when you are able to do that, then you will not steal My Glory when glory is poured out.  That is what I AM waiting for.


I have been so patient, while many still groan and complain without any thankfulness for all I AM doing.  You do not know suffering like my Chinese Bride.  You do not know suffering like my Sudanese Bride!


You do not know suffering like my Indonesian Bride.  You do not know suffering like my Indian Bride.  You do not know the lack that many more have suffered, and the humiliation and hunger of those in Africa.


Soon you will.  Will you learn your lessons now?


Will you come to me now so you can be filled with the grace to really be able to walk according to The Spirit Who lives in you?


I AM a tender and loving father, but I AM also just.


I know mine and they know Me, and nothing will snatch them out of My Hand.  Those who love Me, obey Me.


They do not make excuses for sin by twisting scripture to mean what they want it to mean.  They depend on Me, because they walk in humility.  They know they can do nothing without Me.


Come, come, come to Me, for I AM longing to make you one as We are nOe.  That will only happen as all surrender to Me and to My Will.”



By Priscilla Van Sutphin

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Good prayer for President Trump!

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I love that!

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Very god and blessing post. I am a deacon who supports widows and widowers and Iam learning a lot. Blessings

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Yep!! Praise The Living God, Hallellujah!

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