If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

God is not a religion . . .


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God Is NOT A Religion

By Kathy Mote



God is not a religion, He is your Father. He doesn't invite you into religious thinking, He invites you into His presence.




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Many Have Looked At His Word

By Kathy Mote



Many have looked at His Word and thought, “What should I do to walk in this? How do I bring this into my life?" At that point carnal thinking has come up with religion. The answer is to see HIM. Those beautiful promises of peace, health, abundant Life, protection and provision all point to HIM.


We cannot wield the power those promises take to fulfill. Those promises are not something we claim, they are something He gives. He is the Life of those promises and only He has the power to fulfill His Word. He is the One who brings about His promise to us by being LORD of it, so what we do is know He is Lord of US.


What we do is trust Him like a child who trusts their parent. This might sound silly to say at this point in our lives, but what we do is give our heart to Him, at all times being in His presence.





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God’s Word

Kathy Mote


God's Word is not to be practiced as if He is a religion, or something we do. We receive what He promised because He is faithful. We have peace because He is present to give it to us. We are protected because as we trust Him, we are in His arms. We love Him because we feel His love for us. Did we ever think fulfilling His Living Word was up to us and not Him? Lord, thank You for Your powerful presence to guide us to You.




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The Lord Taught Me

By Kathy Mote


The Lord taught me something that I would like to share. He showed me that fear, dread and hatred form soul ties just like having broken expectations of someone else does. Dealing with people can be difficult, even treacherous, but the Lord protects every heart when He is the center of it.


Can you imagine what kind of world this would be if everyone lived in the presence of the Lord and honored Him in every word and with every deed. What kind of relationships would we enjoy with the people in our life if everyone obeyed His voice and expressed His heart. That would be a perfect world with Christ at the helm. Every encounter would be blessed.


Soul ties are formed in our heart when we bond with someone else, when our expectations and our heart's desire rely on someone else. But people cannot supply our need, they don't have that to give. This is why we are so often disappointed and hurt when they fall short.


This doesn't happen when we rely completely on the Lord. No one has the power to hurt us when we accept His will in our life from Him. This is His powerful presence as Lord in our life. It is to protect us that He asks to be made the desire of our heart.




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Living in Peace

By Kathy Mote




Living in peace is walking in aggressive trust.



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Something is Happening

By Kathy Mote



Something is happening in my personal life that filled my heart with dread. In the moment I realized the potential outcome, I also realized I had a choice. I chose to trust the Lord's will, and I chose to trust He would 'keep me' in it. My heart instantly calmed and He spoke to me. He pointed to the ground where He stood and said, place what burdens your heart and mind here at My feet and walk away. I did.


The lesson I am learning is that I do not get to decide what I want His will to be. Be it life or death or one of life's more trivial upsets, His will for my life is His business, and as His child, my portion is to trust. Since this began, knowing that His Lordship over me is His protection over me has given me my first moment of real peace.


I am led to share as I hear the Lord say the enemy has upped the stakes, but this doesn't change a thing.

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