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"God Is Coming With A New Sound"

By Edie Bayer



While studying Acts 2, I read THIS (verses 5-7):


"Now there were then residing in Jerusalem Jews, devout and God-fearing men from every country under Heaven. And when this sound was heard, the multitude came together and they were astonished and bewildered, because each one heard them [the apostles] speaking in his own [particular] dialect. And they were beside themselves with amazement, saying, 'Are not all these who are talking Galileans?'"


Wow! I have read this a dozen times and heard it preached more than that; however, it wasn't until recently that this jumped off the page to me: "The multitude" that gathered – once they heard "the sound" and listened to the apostles speaking in their own tongue – consisted of devout, God-fearing men. More importantly, they were people who KNEW the apostles (or at least knew of them)!


Called Out by the Sound


I had always thought that it was just a gathering of miscellaneous peoples from anywhere and everywhere; people that just happened to show up on the scene – people just wandering by at a divine moment, regardless of where they were from or what god they were worshiping.


This changes everything! For me, this is a prophecy hidden in plain sight! This means "the sound" (Acts 2:2, 6) was for them, the God-fearing ones, and it is for US too! God is coming with a new sound. The sound is not for the casual Christian, nor is it for the heathen. It is for devout, God-fearing people who know the sound-carrier Himself.


We are being called together by the sound, for the sound! The sound drew the multitude together so the Lord could minister to them further by the sound of His voice in their own language, drawing them to Himself. How did they know where to gather? How did they know where it came from, or what direction to follow? And for that matter, how will we?


"...'Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,' says the Lord of hosts." (Zechariah 4:6)


It was the loud and clear sound leading and guiding them – the sound made by the Holy Spirit. Up to this point, the upper-room Believers were the only ones filled with the Spirit, so the Spirit had to call the other three thousand another way! He chose the sound, because God knows how to get our attention. He will get our attention, His modern-day Believers, in a similar manner, rest assured! He will call us together when it is time, in the fullness of time – the new multitude – to minister to us further by the sound of His voice.


"[W]hen the fullness of time had come..." (Galatians 4:4)


This is the sound of Heaven! Acts 2:2 says, "When suddenly there came a sound from Heaven like the rushing of a violent tempest blast..." What does a "violent tempest blast" sound like? A tempest, by definition, is a sudden, violent storm, accompanied by high winds and sometimes by hail or rain. That sounds like a tornado to me! The Acts 2:2 violent tempest blast sounded just like a tornado hitting, deafening in its loudness, rushing like a freight train, dropping out of Heaven SUDDENLY and violently! (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)


God Is Coming with a New Sound!


Wow! This is the sound of Heaven. The God-fearing ones in Acts didn't miss it and we won't be able to miss it either!


God is coming with a new sound, just for us! He is calling us unto Himself, drawing us ever closer. He is calling the called, God-fearing, and chosen remnant of this hour. Be prepared to be amazed, astonished and even bewildered, just like the multitude that gathered in Acts 2. When God shows up with His new sound just for us, there will be no doubt where it is coming from, or where we should go to gather as part of the multitude of God-fearing ones!


We may not understand it all but will surely be blessed to be a part of it...and God's Holy Spirit will make sure we don't miss it. His sound will guide us right to the source – the Sound Carrier!


Be blessed as you listen for the sound!




By Edie Bayer

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