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"Do You Feel Like People Don't Hear You?"

By Kathie Walters




My friend, who was part of a leadership group, once told me that she sat in meetings and would offer suggestions, but she felt that when she said anything no one heard her. Later in these same meetings, someone else would say the same thing and everyone would be excited!


A lot of people have told me the same thing. What they have to say is good – it is sometimes a word from the Lord, but it just falls to the ground.


Having a dumb spirit doesn't mean you can't speak – it just means that when you do speak, no one listens or pays attention.


Some years ago, I took a group of "Women in Ministry" to Scotland. We went to the Isle of Iona, where Columba (an Irish abbot and missionary) established his monastery around 563 AD. (I have a book about him, with eyewitness accounts of all the miracles, signs, and wonders that happened.) To get to the Isle of Iona, you have to get on two ferries; first from Oban to the Isle of Mull, then you must drive across Mull and get on another ferry to the Isle of Iona.


We spent the day on Iona and then came back to Mull; but when we went to get the ferry back to Oban, we found we missed the boat.


We waited in a coffee shop for the next ferry – about an hour and a half. While in the cafe, the anointing fell on me really strong, and took me away in some visions. When the ferry boat came I was rather drunk in the Spirit, and the women half carried me onto the boat. There were 32 "Women in Ministry" on this trip. These women were prophets and teachers, etc.


As I fell into the nearest set of seats, the other women sat around me, waiting to see what else might happen.


In my spirit, I heard a man's voice say, "Thank you. Write it down; we'll look at it later." This word gave such clarity. It's what people, oppressed by this dumb spirit, need to hear. While in my vision, it was as though I were in a church meeting, witnessing a lady going to one of the pastors saying she had a word from the Lord. The appropriate response from the leadership was what I heard in my spirit – "Thank you. Write it down; we'll look at it later."


When people have something to share from God, it is just as important as the "big" prophet or apostle. When it is disregarded or dismissed, it makes people feel inadequate and unimportant. It brings a dumb spirit so that when they do say something, it falls to the ground.


God wants everyone to speak up, but the enemy wants to shut you down. That's because your words have power – but the dumb spirit snatches away the anointing, so that your words aren't effective. I have seen the word of the Lord come through a child that changed the whole course of a conference...or someone's life.


Place your hand on your mouth and bind that dumb spirit now and tell it to leave! (Watch Now: On this video link I pray for that to be broken.) Shout, sing, and declare the Word of the Lord!




By Kathie Walters

Good News Ministries

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