If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

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Someone Else’s Opinion

By Kathy Mote



Someone else's opinion can't make or break you, and what people think of you shouldn't change your heart. They just don't know enough about what's going on in you to call it. They don't have a clue what God is doing in you, or why. They have no idea of what you will be when He is finished.


The Lord told me that His called ones are being raised by Him, and their lives don't make sense to them because their lives don't look like other people's lives. They think they are floundering, which is another way of saying He is humbling them. They don't see yet that He is raising them or that they are doing well. They feel undone and their heart yearns for the comfort of knowing Him. That's His invitation to enter His presence.


I am sent to say that the Lord has not given you self confidence on purpose. He is clothing you with humility instead, and you are beautiful. As your parent, He is teaching your heart to live in your confidence in Him. Everything He is doing, and all that He has done (as painful as it has been) has brought you into His arms to know Him. It is in His presence that fullness of Life is, and all you need is in Him.


Now you will see that it is the self confident who are without Him, and those who don't yield to Him are confused. Now you will know that it is your enemy who is floundering and you who stand on solid ground, for knowing Him is the only Life there is. Your humbling journey has prepared you to accept Who you belong to with a heart that honors Him. It is those who honor themselves that He is cold shouldering, and in His mercy, He will humble them.


For now, you may consider yourself highly favored to know that your go-to as you floundered will stay the same as you walk in His presence. He is a good parent. He taught your heart to always follow after Him. He has kept you safe above all things, for being in His presence is to Live.



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In His Presence

By Kathy Mote




In His presence, He is all there is! Everything else is overcome.




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It’s His Presence

By Kathy Mote




It's His presence that saves you from being in darkness. It's His presence that heals you from the lies. It's hearing His voice that changes your perspective and thinking as He brings you from where you are to Him.


Being aware that He is with you lifts your heart, keeping it from sinking in all you face in this life. He changes the landscape of your heart, and that changes what you see with your eyes. It's knowing His love for you that destroys the power of your enemies. He stands like a tower around you. Nothing is more powerful to protect and guide you than His love for you. It is the prize of your life.


It's His presence that gives you the courage to trust Him. It's His strong arm that delivers you from fears and threats that rise. He is your blue skies and good fortune. It's not what you do that saves and delivers you from darkness, it's Him being present in your life. It's not your beliefs that change the course of your life, it's Him as He brings you to Life.


I've said all this to make one point, and hopefully drive that point home to your heart. He is the living God.





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Think of God

By Kathy Mote


Think of God as your parent. If your child treated you the way you treat Him, what would you say to them. He is changing how you see Him.



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We Think

By Kathy Mote



We think in terms of God's promise being fully fulfilled in our life by faith if we have accepted Christ, but do we actually know what He promised and what His promise means?


The promise made to all of His creation was that His children would become one with Him, and by His presence in them, everything in all of His creation would be set right. Being one with Christ is being made one (all of us) in Him, meaning all of His children made one with Him, and brought back to His heart.


We read the Bible like it is a done deal and we decide what to receive, but we see this as 'things' instead of Him. What we don't realize is what we were promised was being made one with Him. What about those who were born, lived and died while waiting for Christ? Their place in Christ was established in their relationship with Him, and believing Him, they accepted their place and walked with Him.


God considers all of His creation as 'one' and His promise is to make us 'perfect' (for Him) by making us one with Him. Think of a parent who has more than one child not all born at the same time. Many children equals many relationships in one family.


Isaiah is just as much a part of the body of Christ as you or I, even though he was born thousands of years before Jesus came. Isaiah's place was to obey God's voice. He prophesied that Christ would come, giving great detail on how He would rule.


The point being made is that God's intentions for all of His creation from beginning until now have never changed. He is still fulfilling that promise, and He is not finished. What He promised will be complete when Christ comes again and all are gathered to Him.


The promise is that we would all, as one, be made one with Him. And being filled with all the (knowing Him face to face) knowledge of Him be made perfect by being one with Him. Christ in you, the hope of glory, (which means God's presence).


See how carnal our thoughts have been to pick up the Bible and consider it done by what we believe. Yes, we believe, but what, exactly are we invited to believe? That we can (or are even expected to) finish what He started when we accepted Him? Or that such a tremendous promise is only what we perceive it to be? No. Being in His presence IS the promise. We are to receive and believe HIM. The Lord said we will only see His heart as we receive and are made one with Him.



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