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"Uncover the Mask of Fear & Enter the Mountain of God"

By Ella Onakoya



"On this mountain, He will remove the veil of grief covering all people and the mask covering all nations." (Isaiah 25:7, God's Word translation)


The Lord brought the above Scripture into my spirit recently. In some versions of Scripture, the words "shroud," "covering," or "veil" in Isaiah 25:7 are used interchangeably with the word "mask." What is clear is that many nations of the earth seem to be covered with a blanket of fear, confusion and despair for various reasons, like the pandemic, racial tensions and the many issues that plague our lands. Nations are in an uproar and are in urgent need of discernment and clarity!


The Lord's desire is to unmask the nations from that which hides His glory so they can congregate on the mountain of freedom, where He is Lord of all. This is the heavenly "mount" that has long been prophesied as the place of freedom and God's glory. This is the Believer's place of abode. When we take our place on God's heavenly Mount Zion, we can then prophesy and call forth the nations of the earth to come into Christ and occupy their place in this mountain of freedom, where they can receive direction and clarity from a mountain that has not been masked or shrouded by the enemy.


In past seasons, the enemy had used various means to strategically place "shrouds" or "masks" on the nations. In this season, he has strategically caused a mask to be put on the nations during the current pandemic. The ongoing coronavirus crisis has caused confusion among the governments of the nations on how to resolve it. Various forms of social distancing measures have been introduced, including the wearing of masks to deal with the crisis. When used with reasonable care, some of the social distancing measures have merit in slowing the pandemic.


There is, however, an increasing confusion among leaders of nations as to what really works in slowing the pandemic. In nations where masks have not been mandatory (like Norway and Denmark) but social distancing measures have been used, along with closing their borders early, they seem to have had more success in controlling the virus, with a fatality rate of a couple of hundred deaths. Since coming out of lockdown, they have not had a second wave. Despite this, many nations of the earth are banding together in enforcing the mandatory use of masks to control the pandemic, when it is clear that nations with a high usage of masks still have high incidences of the virus.


The enemy has simply put a "mask of confusion" on the faces of our governments as they seek solutions. I believe it is only through seeking the face of the Lord that a solution can be received. For this to happen, the veil of covering on the nations has to be removed.


For the Discerning: The Masking of Faces Is Causing a Masking of Hearts!


I sense a heaviness in the spirit on how the facial masks are increasingly becoming symbolic of the blanket the enemy is putting on our nations. We need to be aware of and not deceived by the enemy's agenda. In so many instances, people's hearts are becoming masked as masks come on their faces. There are varying reports of eruptions of hostility, paranoia and fear in hearts that have resulted in those wearing masks becoming paranoid around those without masks, causing an unleashing of violence to erupt. (Photo via Pexels)


Recently I, and others, had to break up a fight in London when a man who wore a mask erupted in anger after another man without a mask asked him a question. The man who asked the question maintained the reasonable 2 meter distance requirement, yet the masked man was still aggressive and fearful! Various news sites had reported on fights and even murders that had taken place in different parts of the world around incidences of tension between those who wore masks and those who did not.


Many Believers have also become paranoid and fearful, and act without love when a person without a mask is near them. I watched a video recently of a church leader that reported one of his parishioners to the police for not wearing a mask. Truly, hearts are becoming masked and the love of many is growing cold. Many have been played by the manipulation of the enemy by accepting the symbol of the mask as their ultimate protection, whereas it is the Lord who protects, regardless of whatever measures we take.


A Jesus with a Mask On?


Recently I saw a photo of a Jesus on Facebook who looked downtrodden as he went about with a mask while ministering to people. This was a sad photo but had become a symbol of the faith that many profess in this season. The move of the supernatural has become a distant memory in many places as many sadly seem to worship at the altar of fear of a virus that has already been defeated by Jesus. May the Lord unmask hearts in this hour to see that the power of the resurrected Christ is still as powerful as ever.


I believe the real Jesus would not wear a mask, as I remember Him assuring me I would not need to wear one during this pandemic as His glory protects me. His glory has only increased as I've obeyed and ministered without a mask in London – on the streets now, and in churches in nations before their lockdown – experiencing many coming out of their atmosphere of fear and into relationship with Jesus.


Recently a person I ministered to, who had a mask on, removed his mask and said for some reason he felt safe around me! This is what the Lord can do with an unmasked heart.


A Word for Those Who Are in Areas with Mandatory Rules on Masks


It is not my intention to advocate civil disobedience in wearing masks in areas where it is mandatory. If you must wear it, be diligent to ensure that you resist the manipulation of the enemy that seeks to mask your hearts. I have students in my school of ministry who wear masks and some who do not. God is doing an amazing work in all of them, no matter what their positions are on the wearing of masks; the important thing is that they have not allowed their hearts to mask the glory of God in them. God is using them supernaturally as they go about releasing revival in the power of the Gospel!


Friends, do not allow your hearts to be masked, for your hearts are the most precious possession in this hour and out of them flow the issues of life.


Mount Zion – the Mountain of the Lord


It has always been the intention of God to bring the nations and His people to congregate on a mountain of freedom, glory and divine heavenly interaction; a place where there is victory over disease, sin and death through the Blood of Jesus; where angelic presence and God being the center of our lives is the norm. This is the "Mount Zion" spoken of in Hebrews 12:22-24. It's the Lord's desire to bring the nations of the earth to come to and congregate on this mountain of Zion and experience heavenly intervention on our earth realm today.


God's Revealed Strategy


I believe this is God's revealed strategy to us:


• A call for a holy convocation of the Church to stand in repentance and faith; birthing nations after God's heart that will receive God's clarity in this season, and walking in His righteousness and freedom. Our travailing cry will birth the destiny of the nations, "...for as soon as Zion travailed she gave birth..." (Isaiah 66:8).


• Mount Zion is renown for the presence of an innumerable company of angels. As the Church convocates on this mountain, we must pray to release angelic intervention that will break off the operations of confusion from the princes of the air that hinder our governments from hearing clear directives from Heaven – so that Heaven's directive regarding the pandemic will be received and understood. May our world leaders be like Cyrus who operated through the mind of God with great wisdom.


• Pray for the Blood of Jesus to release grace over the nations of the earth. May God's mercy triumph instead of judgment. May all issues in our nations, including racial tensions, economic turmoil, government policies and elections, receive the mercy of God through the Blood of our Lord, drawing many to Him in righteousness, salvation and repentance in these times.


• Pray for the muzzle to come off the mouth of the Church of God so we can decree His word and the Gospel with boldness. Incidentally, many churches across the world have been told they have to wear masks to have services. Singing is also banned in many services. This masking of Believers is symbolic of the enemy's agenda to muzzle the Church in this year of "the mouth," where prophetically the Church is meant to speak with greater boldness and authority. May ungodly laws against the Church be reversed!


• Let us decree that the masks of the enemy will come off hearts and our nations, so that fruitfulness and an outpouring of the new wine of God will be released in the nations. For when the Lord removes the mask that covers all nations, Isaiah 25:6 will take place:


"And in this mountain

The Lord of hosts will make for all people

A feast of choice pieces,

A feast of wines on the lees,

Of fat things full of marrow,

Of well-refined wines on the lees."


Beloved, it is God's intent to bring our nations and people into a place of fruitfulness; an outpouring of His new wine and righteousness. May we hear His voice and congregate on Mount Zion, aligning with Him in prayer to decree forth the unmasking of our nations so that all the nations of the earth can flourish on His holy mountain.


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