If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

There is something I have been asked . . .

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There Is Something I Have Been Asked

By Kathy Mote




There is something I have been asked to share about hearing the Lord's voice. I mean really, truly, clearly hearing Him as His voice rattles your bones as it resonates. You have to stop arguing with Him deep in your heart, for that is where He speaks to you to change and heal and lead you. You have to truly want to hear what He is saying and accept what He says and cling to it like a lifeline.


This means not hearing yourself, not being stuck on yourself, not feeling and expressing your own reactions to things and people and events that provoke and distract you, but waiting on His will for them as you entrust everything in your life to Him. It means deep heart surrender and relying on Him, for your place is before Him.


You have to let go of your own opinion. That's not going to lead or guide you to His will, and it will not save you. It will lead you into the wilderness outside His presence and strand you. He is Lord of your heart if He is Lord of you. He is powerful to speak to you, heal you and lead you and your own thinking will no longer live and breathe and move you, taking you away from Him.


Hearing Him is like being a child who doesn't know the way, taking their Father's hand and walking with Him. (Really, His presence is your destination.) This isn't difficult, it's heartfelt and it takes the kind of trust a small child would have. The kind of trust it takes to listen to Him comes from a need for Him that is primal.




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My Daughter and I

By Kathy Mote



My daughter and I live together and we have a kitty who just lives to be near her. Each day when she leaves for work, the kitty cries after her. He often lays by the door and waits for her, so sad she is gone, he is disconsolate. One morning I called to him, saying I was here for him too and to cheer up, but I am not what he wants. He is that fond of her.


He came and laid at my feet, looking forlornly up at me. Oh, goodness! It seemed all life and joy and happiness stopped until her return. Well, she is a sweet person. But you see, she uses a high and sweet voice to speak to him and he adores hearing her. Her voice soothes and comforts him. Looking into that sad little face, I realized something, and I would like to share.


That is how I live, also. After hearing the Lord, He is all I want. His voice resonates in my heart. I love the voice of my Father. What He exhales, I inhale. I wait on the Lord. I wait for the Lord. I wait before Him, waiting for Him, my heart turned to and open to Him. I withhold nothing from Him. My life, like my heart, is wrapped up in Him. What He says to me is my life in that moment. Life is a yawn without Him.


He recently showed me why I am so repelled by those who say they hear Him but don't hear Him. Their voices don't ring true to His heart so they don't sound anything like Him. He has a tone that they don't have and it is obvious. What they say is often vulgar to my heart because there is no Life in them. So, I don't deal with them. Like Rap music, I don't want to hear them.


So here is the meat of the matter for those of us who refuse to judge another person even though we are told to call it discernment. No, it's not our business where someone else's heart is, but it is our business who we listen to and whose voice we will let in. As for myself, I will only listen to Him. In every moment of listening to Him, my heart is knit together with His, and it is from that place that I can share His heart and reflect His thoughts as He wills.





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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said we are on the fast track to being healed and completely filled. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is a mere promise of what He intends to do in us. We will be filled with all the glory of God. The Lord keeps saying to me, As in the days of Noah... and I would like to share what He showed me about that.

In the days before the great flood, people had never seen rain. It had never, ever rained before. The Earth was watered by mists. So people had no idea of what Noah was talking about as he obeyed the Lord and built the ark nowhere near any known body of water.


As in the days of Noah means we will see the drastic and sudden change of a cataclysmic, world changing event that people have never seen before and cannot imagine. It will change all life on the planet.


In a vision that I cannot explain, the glory of which is still hidden, I see that at the appearing of the Lord, all souls on Earth will come before Him. He will be so visible that no one will come or go but through Him. He will be that visible.

So what about us in the days to come? Do we go up to Heaven? There's another question with a yet to be revealed, wait and see answer. I think there will be a celebration for seven years in Heaven. But before we go, we will be changed in the twinkling of an eye, and like faceted gems that reflect the Light within us, we will shine as we reflect Him.



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To Clarify

By Kathy Mote



To clarify, you don't practice God's anointing. You don't walk in God's anointing without being in His presence, which is something only He can bring you to. He will empty and humble you to fulfill His purpose in you, being careful that pride does not overtake you.


You don't command His power, His Word is not something you invoke. You are obedient to Him in all you say and do and by His Spirit He moves to accomplish His will in people's hearts as He wills. His authority works by your obedience from a heart totally surrendered to Him or He doesn't move.


I am seeing that there is an undeniably powerful manifestation of God's presence coming to the Earth through His people being fully filled. His promise is what all the carnal imitation has been about. All this speaking and demanding and declaring in His name is not what makes the promise come about. There is no Life in the carnal imitation. His Spirit is what changes us and brings His will to pass. That is what is promised to us.

When He transforms His Beloved, we will be completely and perfectly filled. That is the promise He made and has always intended to fulfill. No one will question the power of God in us and no one will have a doubt that it is Him. Like Moses' face shining, we will be a very transparent reflection of Him. His promise is to change us, and through us He will change the world.


Art by Yongsung Kim



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You Have Been Thinking

By Kathy Mote



You have been thinking that since you were rejected and those who rejected you have been removed, things are finished, over and done with, that the Lord is through using the situation (and the person) to humble you.


The Lord said, I am nowhere near finished using this situation (and this person) to bless and multiply you. I will show them and you My will for you. I am not finished lifting you, blessing you, giving to you and multiplying you. Much is yet to be given to you.


Art by Yongsung Kim





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If You Live In The Lord’s Presence

By Kathy Mote



If you live in the Lord's presence, you learn to accept everything in your life from His hand. You are relieved of the burden and grief of your pride, remembering that you are not dealing with men, you are humbling your heart before the Lord Himself. You need to remember one thing, the Lord always lifts up the humble, and He always resists the proud. The Lord said for those who have given Him their life, it is time for a paradigm shift and great turnaround.


Art by Greg Olsen

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