If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Perfect Love casts out fear . . .

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The Presence of The Prince of Peace

By Robert Blackburn



A couple of nights ago, I sat down, and I realized I was scared.


I said to The LORD, “God… I am afraid.”


It was a very strong feeling and I felt the heaviness of it all over my whole body.  I pretty much knew what it was about, and why I was at this place.


I don’t want to preach here and I don’t really need to be preached to.  It’s true, that fear is a natural human emotion; it’s there for a reason.  So is panic. For sure, there is a time to stand still, and there is a time to run.


Those who have kept an ear to hear, and eyes open to see, have known for some time now, that certain days have been slowly arriving.


Many have had real concern about things we saw unfolding, long before a few months ago.


I’m very careful the way I word things and what terms I choose to speak in.  It’s part of the time we’re talking about.


I am indeed afraid of the things I see going on in this world and what is happening right here.  I’ve been in actual disbelief, and I am struggling with it.


Many things that have been hidden, likely for a long time, are now being revealed and spoken openly.  The powers that be are not afraid of us; they are totally convinced they have us already.  They’re sure of it.


There is a terrible price to pay for not paying attention; not remaining alert.  I speak of the world, but I also speak of The Church.


Not watching what everyone is doing and getting too comfortable and satisfied, is the perfect place for the enemy to work.  Did we forget the word watch?


There is only a spiritual way out of all this.  We’re being foolish if we do not observe what is upon us and take it seriously.


I can already hear some voices quoting scriptures to me as I write this.  They sound shallow and light-minded.


Even while God’s people slept and made merry, enemies encamped all about them.  Often when the trumpet sounded to warn, it was already too late.


I say as politely as I know how, stop all of this politics and grinding on one another.  It might be needful to stop praising some of these people who don’t even know us.  You want to talk about a hidden agenda.


Many of those whom we hear sounding out don’t care now if you know about them.  There is so much power behind them; so much money.


We made an awful mistake here to allow ourselves to turn from God.  People have made themselves gods.  They are not afraid.  And those of us who may have turned away from The Fear of The LORD, may already be regretting that.


I ask myself, did some of us stop praying for Wisdom, or Understanding?


Ask any soldier or person going into battle or a combat zone.  You must retain a certain amount of fear to remain alert.


If we want to quote a scripture, how about that one that says to know your enemy…?


There is a prince of the power of the air, that is now working in the children of disobedience.  Not only is he working in our streets, but he’s fully ahead in our highest places.  But he’s not the power he wants us to think he is, and would not have such control, if people did not give it to him!


Then, God spoke some words to me.  And by the way, don’t let us worry about sharing what God said to us.


People can tell if it is from God or not.  I’ve said for a good while now, this is still God’s world; He created it — and from what little I know, He’s not yet ready to hand all of it over to the devil or any other bunch — not yet.


Yes, there are many things we haven’t and don’t really understand with God; why He’s allowed some things.  Even terrible things.  But one of the questions I’ve thought to ask is, why has He actually let human men and women do most of it?  And how can they still get away with it?


And then I felt the presence of The Prince of Peace.


I was assured that no matter what it looks like, God really is in control.  He said that He would expose more for who they really are.  Truth is, they are exposing themselves as we speak.


God has people here whom He wants to touch yet.  Is it possible that The Gospel has not yet been preached to all the world.  If it was, wouldn’t it all be over already anyway?


There’s yet a work that The Spirit wants to do in The Church.  I find real peace in that.




By Robert Blackburn

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28.08 | 06:14

Woman in Peach painting Artist Credit is Pam Herrick!

13.08 | 21:22

GOD is sitting on HIS THRONE
TEARS are streaming down HIS Face
FOR Lack of knowledge MY PEOPLE shall die
HOW come you Believers are so shy?

13.08 | 21:08

The LORD has spoken only when your heart is broken
with pain as deep as an Ocean so that HE can fill it

28.06 | 06:03

Good prayer for President Trump!

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