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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

By Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer



Sometimes God uses the things, people, and places that are around / near us to give us a message.


But we don’t always get the message, because we are too involved in “our stuff” the things going on in our lives or the lives of our loved ones or friends, our Church, our home group, or we are too involved in our jobs or hobbies, or we are too blinded by our own thoughts, dreams, and heart to see and hear clearly what God is putting before us.   We are too busy, and we think we don’t have time to spend with God.


We might even complain to God that we aren’t “hearing” Him or “seeing” what He wants us to do next, when it is our fault, not His.   We aren’t willing to spend time with Him in worship, prayer, or to just sit quietly and wait for Him.


We expect Him to answer in a microwave minute, when maybe it is us that needs to “cool our jets” and just be quiet and wait.  Granted He can move faster than a microwave, but He doesn’t always want to, because of timing, or we need to learn something else first before we move into what He has on His agenda for us.


Sometimes we haven’t learned prior lessons, or maybe there is a new lesson to learn that we haven’t thought of, but it is so important for us to learn, maybe a life and death type of lesson, that it will save our life, or the life of someone we love in the days ahead that doesn’t need to be overridden or overlooked, because of what we want and not what God wants for us.


Only God knows that, and that’s why He’s the One that is in control, and not us.   I am so grateful to Him, that He is the One in control, and not me!


He is the wise One and the One who knows all the times and seasons, so even when we don’t want to wait, for whatever reason, it is better to let Him have His way, than to try to get our way, and blow it completely by opening doors to unholy things that don’t need to be opened at this time of our lives.


I had an oregano plant in an urn about 14” diameter in my house.  I’ve had it for a few years, as it is a medicinal plant.  (See here  and here for details.)


It gets enough sun, water, etc., but lately seemed to be dying at different parts of the plant.   So it’s not as beautiful as it once was, and I’ve been bothered by it, not sure what the Lord would have me do about it.


Today He said, “Take it outside and pull it all up!   Cut off and get rid of all the brown areas and just save the life bearing stems that have leaves.


Stir up the soil, add organic fertilizer and stir it up again.   Add compost soil and then put the ends of the stems into the soil and water the plant.   Now leave it outside.”


Having done everything He told me, I felt like He was trying to say something to me, but I wasn’t sure, until I asked.


Then He said, “The oregano plant that you had in the house is like many of the Churches.  It is medicinal, just as My body of believers / the Church / home group is supposed to be medicinal.  Didn’t I work medicinal miracles on people?  Aren’t you supposed to do the same as Me and more?   (John 14:12-13)


 Your Oregano was getting old, stale, and dying, just as many Churches are even now barely breathing in My Spirit, because they breathe in so much of everything else, they become polluted, that many no longer recognize My Spirit when it does manifest, and they will often judge it as unholy, not knowing or being ignorant of what manifestations of Holy Spirit may be.


They complain about nothing happening, but they have put so many barriers against Holy Spirit, it is like a war zone at times.


Where Holy Spirit is literally crawling across the floor to reach My side, if He can find it, for many Churches have also abandoned Me for anything but Me, programs, policies, religion, man’s rules, and more.


Whatever happened to a relationship with Me?  What happened to serving Me and waiting on Me to tell you what to do, instead of moving ahead of Me, to do it “your” way, because that’s what you want to do?


Many Churches want revival, but they don’t know how to go about getting it.  So they stay the same, repeating the same pattern over and over, being very predictable for an enemy attack.


They get so used to the same pattern, that they grow complacent.  And when the membership drops, and people stay home to worship Me or begin attending other Churches, they still don’t change, because they don’t seek Me, and if they do, they oftentimes aren’t obedient to what I tell them to do.


They are in a hole and they don’t want to get out of it.  They are comfortable where they are at, and many are afraid to change, thinking it will cost money, they may or may not have, that it will take more time, that they aren’t willing to give up to Me, but if a friend needs a favor, they are more than willing to spend time with them. 


They lack relationship with Me.   They aren’t willing to spend time to ask what can they change in themselves or in the Church to bring it back to life or to resurrect it?


Change is a scary word for many people and Churches.  Synonyms for change are alter, modify, vary, transform, revolutionize, adjust, amend, and alteration.


I do them all!  Some say they want change, but it is with their mouth only.   They really don’t want to go through the motions or activate change in themselves or the Church or their home group, because it means going into the unknown and trusting me with everything!


It means time spent with Me, worshiping Me and interceding in your native language and in tongues, one of the many languages that I give to My Beloveds, on what I want, not what they think they want necessarily.


It means giving things up and letting go of things that they might not want to get rid of.   Ouch!   I’m hitting some hot spots.   Change can mean getting hurt or watching as others get hurt, as they refuse to move forward with Me or they try to do it their way, not My way.


Change brings up many emotions, but is very much needed in everyone and in the Church and home groups of today, so that you can move in step with Me, not you, and what you want.


Change is about me getting my way, not you, getting your way.  So move over and get out of the way, because you aren’t going to stop what I am about to do.


When change begins to happen you will hear people begin to complain, or shriek, oh no, its not the same!   If you asked for and want change you have to recognize this, as the ones who are comfortable and really don’t want to move forward without your encouragement and explanation of how moving forward and changing is accomplished.


It’s not always a happy time for everyone, but without breaking down the barriers, change won’t come forth to what I want.  People have to break off the chains, ropes, and other barriers holding them in the boxes they are in and move out!


Your perceptions oftentimes get in the way of what I want to do.  Your perceptions are from what you have heard, seen, touched, smelled, or tasted.  Your perceptions are a result of what you have allowed to come into your gates.  If you allow your perceptions to guard you or box you in, you may miss what I have for you.


When I speak to you, ask me what I mean or what does that look like LORD?  Remember, I want change My Way, not yours.  I AM out of the box.  Many who think they are out of the box, are still held in by the strings and ropes and chains of religion, man’s traditions, and other things, that they don’t see for themselves because of the pride within them, also holding them back.


I AM bringing great change to the earth even now.  For I AM bringing forth a new era, a new age, so new, you may not recognize yourself, when I get done with you or the Church.  I AM not doing the old.  I AM not following the patterns of the past.


That is one of the reasons the enemy is so upset, because he can’t figure out what I’m doing.  It’s not like what I’ve done before.  Are you listening? Listening to Me?


It is so important now, at this time, that you need to recognize distractions and hindrances for what they are and tell them to leave or go around them or leave them alone.  Pay attention to Me, not them.  I AM the one to follow, not everything, but Me.


Sometimes, just as with your plant that turned brown and stale, a Church gets stale and starts to die, just as your Oregano was dying.


Your Oregano had to be uprooted to start over.  Sometimes that has to be done in Churches, only when this happens in a Church, the Church needs to see Me to find out what is at the core or the beginnings or foundations of the Church and the history of the Church.


Your foundation is the beginning, so you need to start there and work your way out of the hole the Church is in, to move forward to where I need you to be.


You need to find out the history of the Church, what happened in that building or on the property before you came.   There may be some curses/ vows/ oaths that need to be broken or there may have been perverse unholy ceremonies or other activities that took place, that need to be dealt with.


Seeking Me will help you find the answers.  It’s not easy but, you will learn from it.   The Church needs to be a place of holiness and purity and forgiveness, not a place of unholiness, religion, perversion, bitterness, control and manipulation, anger, death, destruction or more because of its past or even what is currently going on and being ignored in many Churches.


Many Church buildings are used as “Churches” over and over, from one group to the next, or some Churches are in other buildings that were previously used for another purpose.   So you need to find out the answers to some questions before you proceed with any “uprooting”.


The best thing to do before you start is to ask Me to expose the answers to your questions, so that your searching doesn’t take as long and so that you know it when you see it.


They may be hiding right in front of you, in plain sight.  At times the answers are in disguise or may not appear as you think they should be, so you don’t recognize them.


The answers can usually be researched in old records, pictures, sometimes the newspaper from that time, which may be available at the local library through microfiche, or through conversation and questioning older members of the congregation or their family members.


Before you purchased or moved in, did you find out the history of the foundation or beginnings of the Church and/or the building it’s in?

Were there any members of a secret society that were also a part of the “planning team, decorating team, or dedication or any other part of the beginning/ foundation of the Church?


This includes the pastor, apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist, elders, and deacons of the Church, were any a member of a secret society?  It is not okay for any Christian to also be a member of a secret society!


Secret Societies practice idolatry, witchcraft, and deception at a very high level and more.  This is the work of an anti-Christ spirit.


They may tell you it is okay, that they worship many gods, including the Christian God, but the last time I checked, the commandments I gave to Moses included idolatry as part of it.  Oh, yes, Commandment #2 found in  Exodus 20:3-6


 If you feel like your spiritual foundations are being attacked as a leader(s) of a Church this may be one of the causes, because the spiritual foundation was started and laced with deadly poison by the enemy (idolatrous members who started / paid for it or the Church foundation and dedication to an unholy god).


So in holding Church services or meetings on that property, you are in the house of the enemy, where he has many spies and essentially where he rules, as long as you allow him through agreement with him in your participation of holding services in his building.


These all have to do with the foundations of a Church, not just the building, but members within it.  Do not allow the enemy to persevere in his attempt to take over your life and the life of your loved ones, as well as the Church and the nations / world?


Remember ignorance is not an excuse I accept.  IGNORANCE IS A SIN, and there are many guilty of it, when it comes to spiritual warfare and the enemy’s plans for humanity.


 Many Church leaders are now being exposed for their evil through the secret societies that they joined for fame and fortune.  It will cost them dearly, as the vows were taken and aren’t erased except by Me, when they are renounced through renunciation prayers.


Renouncement prayers can cut deeply rooted curses that carry for generations.  Secret society roots generally go back to worship of Egyptian, Greek, or Roman gods and goddesses.  


Who paid for constructing the Church If you have more than one building constructed at different times, then you need to find this out for all of the constructions.


Regarding paying for the construction of the Church or its buildings, were any of these persons members of a secret society?


Many secret societies have paid for the construction of schools and Churches, so they would have spiritual authority over them, to control them through their ungodly prayers, oftentimes unbeknownst to the members.


They did it to make them look good in the community, as “generous” donors to the Church or school.


It’s all about pride, greed, appearances, manipulation, control, power, and not the heart of God.


Oftentimes symbols used by secret societies as evidence of their involvement are in the Church building or on the property.


Check the corners of the outside of the building/ the capstone of the Church, the front of the building entrance (either on the sides or over the top of the entrance), in the Church offices (pictures, framed official looking documents, or in a file cabinet or closet in a box), stained glass windows may also contain symbols.


Secret societies like to brag about their involvement in things, and were usually obvious in the past.


Now they are getting BOLDER in advertising their involvement through hand signals, word signals or signs, etc.


 Mementos of a secret society may still be in the building to claim authority over it.   Things like a bible that was used by the secret society, pins, medallions, rings, or other jewelry worn on clothing or on a person, robes, head coverings, badges, etc.


Objects used in ceremonies such as swords, daggers, aprons, etc.  These again may be in closets, boxes, file cabinets, hanging on walls, the furnace room, etc.


Look around, if it was previously dedicated or used by a secret society, something is usually “left behind” as a ‘touch point” of control over the property.


If you know the secret society that was involved you can research it online to discover objects or other things you may need to be aware of or should be looking for.


If you find something and you have a question, ask ME.  I HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS.


Now that you know the answers to your questions, what do you do next? If there were members of a secret society who were part of the beginnings or foundations of the Church, or paid for the construction of the Church or other buildings on the Church property, then the Church has been dedicated to the secret society and its gods.


Be sure to ASK ME what the spirits are who are in the Church or on the Church property.   The unholy spirits have a “right” to be there and will do everything they can to keep a Church from revival or from a true heartfelt relationship with Me.


They have plans for death and destruction of any Church that worships Me, but especially those they have a spiritual hold on.


OUTSIDE :  Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil that has been prayed over and dedicated for My purposes.  Put the olive oil in a spray bottle, like you would use to water plants and SPRAY TO ANOINT the BASE of ALL Church BUILDINGS by spraying the base or the foundation, where it touches the earth outside.


Pray as you go around the base, commanding the evil spirits to go, to the feet of Jesus, in Jesus’ Name.   Forbid them from manifesting communicating, or transferring to anyone or anything, they must go immediately to the feet of Jesus, for Him to decide their fate. 


Spray to Anoint the property lines of the facility, PRAYING OVER IT as you go, commanding evil spirits to go, in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth.


INSIDE : Go through the Church and any Church buildings room by room and do a spiritual housecleaning, commanding all evil spirits to go (same as above) and anointing all openings (doorway threshold, fire places, windows, etc.) or airways ( heat / air vents, computers (“air” waves), television, media equipment, microwaves, appliances, air conditioning, furnaces, electrical boxes, etc.) that a spirit can come in through.


Remember the enemy is the god of the air, so that’s one of the ways they get in.  Spirits can be sent to the Church by the enemy or someone practicing witchcraft or through curses, etc. or through a “visitor” to the Church who has been sent to “drop off” spirits.


They also can come in when persons in leadership or members have an unholy alliance or are a member of a secret society or when the Church or building has been paid for by a secret society.


Renounce any involvement the Church had with the secret society and ask Me to forgive the Church members and leadership for their ignorance. 


Rededicate the Church to Me, the One True God.  Promising Me that you will only worship and honor Me as your Lord, Master, Savior, Creator, and all that I AM in the Church.  Ask Me if there is anything else that you need to do to clean your Church for Me.


Getting rid of the idolatry in the Church and any other sinful action or object will help greatly to bring in revival.   There will be many people and spirits coming through the doors of any Church that I bring revival to.


You do not have to plead or petition Me to bring them.  Some will come because they will be drawn by The Holy Spirit and they will be ready to change their lives.   BUT others will come because they will be sent by the enemy by those in witchcraft to cause upheaval in the Church and to try to overthrow what I AM doing.


If you have pleaded and asked that I send the hard cases, then the enemy will usually take advantage of you.  Remember, just as when he was with Me in the third heaven talking about Job, (Job 1) I gave him permission to interfere in Job’s life, because of Job’s pride.


Anytime he hears you ask for something he tries to pervert it for his purposes.  So that when you ask for the hard cases or anything else he can use to his advantage, he will ask me to send them immediately or when he wants them to visit.


Because you have requested them, you have opened the door for him to move in, when he wants to.  You weren’t willing to wait on Me sending the hard cases, when it is My time or trusting Me to send who I want to give you, you wanted it in your pride, thinking you know better than Me or that you can handle anything, so in this you are moving ahead of Me.


So his hearing your request of Me and asking means that they come ahead of time, than what I had planned, or you receive the consequences of your actions, which means they become another test for you to pass, because you asked for them in your pride, thinking you could do it all. 


So now you are not the only one going through the consequence of your actions as the other members of the Church will as well when the “hard ones” come. 


When you wait for Me, it is much easier.  When you do it on your own, you get the consequences.  Remember how Israel constantly asked for a King?


I  gave them Saul.  They weren’t satisfied with Me ruling them through My Prophets and Judges.  Be careful what you ask for.  (Proverbs 13:3)


Do not let your pride get in the way of what I want to do.  You make it harder on yourself and others working with you, than what I had intended for it to be.  You know the enemy will interfere and try to make it harder on you, any way that he can.  Beware!  Ask Me to guard your tongue and deliver you from your pride.


Holiness is a way of life that only I have.  Man has not succeeded at it yet.  Many try, but they are only human.  So are you willing to live, breathe, and love me more than life itself?


Are you willing to let go of everything you hold dear, to draw into Me?  Are you willing to count the cost?  For those who have truly come close to being holy have paid a price, but they have counted it so worth the cost. But it has not been an easy road to take.


Remember the path is narrow, (Matthew 7:13-14,  Isaiah 35:8)   Many Churches strive to be holy, but they fail to check every nook and cranny of their own house, and then they wonder why they do not have revival.  And of course they find someone else to blame, anyone except themselves of course.


So you feel like the enemy always knows what you are doing?  Many people think that spies are only in stories or movies and are now finding out much more about all the spies in the world through the current events.


Both sides have spies or those who look on or watch both in the physical and spiritual realm.  Remember the enemy tries to have everything that I have; the only thing is what the enemy has is perverted; it is not holy or good.


Especially if you want revival, this is important for you to know in operating in your spiritual authority.


I have Holy Angels, and the enemy has dark angels or demons that go by many names.  Just as My Holy Angels are all around you, ministering to you, oftentimes without you knowing or realizing it.


So there are dark angels, demons, unholy spirits, unholy lookers and watchers, and many other names who are always around trying to spy on us.  They are the enemy’s spies in the land.


Remember I am omnipresent or everywhere all the time.  I AM all-seeing and all-knowing.  The enemy can’t copy that, so he has to have spies, or he would never know what is going on.


Witches use demons to guard territory / property, by attaching them to objects or giving them orders to be the sentries over the territory / property / people / events.


The demons then report back if the territory / property is breeched or to give information that would help the witches in their quest to destroy or defeat someone or something or if the demons see opposition arising against their kingdom of darkness.


I have given you authority over these spirits, but too many do not use it and allow the enemy to spy on them.  Don’t you ever get tired of the enemy destroying your plans before you get to it?   How did he know?


Just like we, as humans know what the enemy is doing, you ask ME and I expose it to you.  Gird up your loins and use your authority and power in Me.  Bind the spirits that are spying.


Quit being used by the enemy.  You are supposed to be the winner, remember?   But when you don’t use the tools I’ve given you, you lose.  Wake up!  Seek Me, and use the tools I give you!  Be obedient and follow My directions.


Another way the enemy has used Christian Churches is through a 501c3.  A 501c3 isn’t needed because the Church is automatically tax-deductable.   So why would a Church want tax deductable status when it already has it?


The enemy advertised and advised the 501c3, so many Churches were taken for a ride, down a dark road because of the craftiness of the enemy to keep hidden that which was good and right.


In the meantime, you gave away so much more than you intended as of 1954.   As the leader of your Church:


1) You are stripped of free speech because of your partnership with the government regarding anything of politics and the government, even in spiritual issues (freedom of religion & speech, homosexuality, evolution, and abortion).  This may have been a factor in prayer being taken out of schools June 25, 1962.  This has been a factor in the government coming in to run public schools.


2) When a Church incorporates to get a 501c3, it literally marries the state / government.  This makes the Churches involved in 501c3 unequally yoked with the government as a partner.  Christ is not the head of the Church as long as it is married or partnered with the government through the 501c3 and is your earthly king controlling the Church the whole way!


Churches usually incorporate for a 501c3,


1) To get a tax exemption to increase giving. 


2)  So the Church can borrow money for projects.


3) To avoid liability or responsibility and accountability for their deeds.




But there is a way out of the mess, and you should do it as soon as possible, because the enemy is putting a slowdown on it now, to keep everyone trapped as long as possible, so he can use and abuse My people.


It’s called a 508c1a, which came out in 1969. It will provide for My people.  BUT if you got into the 501c3 there are consequences in getting out of it.


Are you willing to do it My way instead of man’s way?  Will you choose holiness or not?”


“I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, if anyone steadfastly believes in Me, he will himself be able to do the things that I do; and he will do even greater things than these, because I go to the Father.  And I will do [I, Myself will grant] whatever you ask in My Name [as presenting all that I AM], so that the Father may be glorified and extolled in (through) the Son,”   John 14:12-13    [Exodus 3:14]


“You shall have no other gods before or besides Me.   You shall not make yourself any graven image [to worship it] or any likeness of anything that is in the heavens above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth;  you shall not bow down yourself to them or serve them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Me,  but showing mercy and steadfast love to a thousand generations of those who love Me and keep My commandments,”   Exodus 20:3-6.


“He who guards his mouth keeps his life, but he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin,”   Proverbs 13:3.


“Enter through the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and spacious and broad is the way that leads away to destruction, and many are those who are entering through it.   But the gate is narrow (contracted by pressure) and the way is straitened and compressed that leads away to life, and few are those who find it,”   Matthew 7:13-14 .


“And a highway shall be there, and a way; and it shall be called the Holy Way.  The unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for the redeemed; the wayfaring men, yes, the simple ones and fools, shall not err in it and lose their way,”   Isaiah 35:8.


All scripture is from the AMPLIFIED Bible.


Reasons to unincorporated your Church : see  here


IRS PUBLICATION 526, Steve Nestor IRS Sr. Revenue Officer (ret.)


508(c)(1)(A) Free Church vs. 501(c)(3) State Church


Why at all Churches should be  508(c)(1)(a) 


508c1a vs 501c3


What is a 508(c)(1)(a)




God Bless You!

Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

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