If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

The Warfare is for Your Soul . . .

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The Warfare is for Your Soul

By Kathy Mote



The warfare is for your soul, the one waging war is the devil, and the condition of your heart is the prize. Being in the Lord's presence places you above the warfare. Trusting Him ends all warfare. That is what 'being seated in Heavenly places' means. Warring is not how to overcome, being in His presence is. This is finding your place in Him.


This is not a technicality, or something you 'declare'. It is His righteousness, His Lordship and your relationship with Him. If you are to declare anything, let it be that He is Lord of you, and say it to Him. God's purpose in sending Christ for you is not for you to war, but to be delivered.


Being in His presence is living under His wing, abiding in His shadow, trusting Him as Lord over all with your heart surrendered to Him. The point is not to war, but to be made one with Him. Being set on Him, your heart is never shaken.


The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy YOU, for he rebels against the Life being given to you. You were never told to fight and struggle (the armor is defensive), but to know and receive and walk in all the Life the Lord gives you. The Lord brings peace to your heart by the Word He speaks to you. Life and peace are in His presence.


We have misinterpreted the scriptures by not seeing HIM in them, and not being in His presence, we missed the Life described in them. But you cannot understand Life until you are made alive. Living, moving and breathing in Him ends all warfare. All authority is given to Him and you trust Him with all of you.


Being in His presence is your life and lifestyle. In every moment, run to Him. Like a child, cling to Him. He is your home, and you have peace in Him. Peace and abundant Life are in Him. It ends all warfare to abide in Him. The Lord cast down the devil by delivering you. Take your place with Him.




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The devil is Your Father’s Problem

By Kathy Mote



The devil is your Father's problem. he's here to purge God's creation of pride. he drives people to the throne of grace for mercy. he's here to humble all of God's creation. he is easily more than overcome by being in the Lord's presence. In fact, it is there he is non-existent.


ARE you rising up against the Lord in pride? ARE you against surrendering your heart to Him? ARE you in need of humbling? If the answer is no, then the devil is not your problem. The Lord said, Resist him and he will flee from you. That means ignore him where I come from.


The devil does not operate within the bounds of Jesus' Lordship and he doesn't come near those who are in God's presence. He doesn't have anything to say to those who are surrendered to the Lord's will, because that is where your life is.




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote




The Lord said, “If you knew who you were, you wouldn't fight with anybody. Least of all, the devil. If you knew where you were, you wouldn't be afraid of anything. You are in My presence. If you knew what you were, you would be overwhelmed with feeling special. You are my Beloved and I look out for you. If you knew your destination, you would delight in your journey. You were conceived in My heart, and you are coming back to Me.”




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Surrendering Your Heart & Life Completely

By Kathy Mote



Surrendering your heart and your life completely to the Lord is a dimension of warfare that has been hidden since the creation of Earth. You are not here to fight and war, you are here to end a war. He calls you to be one with Him. That will bring His will to Earth. The more powerfully present He is in your heart, the deeper your trust in everything He does. Nothing comes against Him when everything belongs to Him.




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The Lord Taught Me

By Kathy Mote




The Lord taught me something that I would like to share. It is life changing and powerful because of the peace that doing this brings. He said, It is only half of My gift to you when you accept My will. The other half is being truly confident in it.


This is like trying on Cinderella's shoe. You have to put it on to see how well it fits, where it will take you and what gifts it will bring. It is not possible to see all My love for you in My will for your life until you are walking in it. This is only done well from a place of childlike trust. It is that same trust that will keep you in My presence that I may fill your heart.


What if it isn't what you thought it should be, what you wanted, what you hoped for, what you expected, or someone else has more. You won't see all there is for you until your journey's done. You won't see My perfect plan for you by picking and choosing what you want. This is not trust. This is picking through My gift like it was a rummage sale. Take My hand, give Me your heart and let Me bless your life My way. Many blessings are in store, not the least of which is the powerful transformation of an intimate walk with Me.




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I Hear The Lord Say

By Kathy Mote


I hear the Lord say, “The things you are waiting for are details. Everything's gonna be alright. There's peace in knowing your life is in My hands. Rather than worry about the details, let your heart trust that I have things well in hand.”





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How Would You Feel

By Kathy Mote



How would you feel if you showed up for a date and they only wanted to see pictures of you from long ago and hear about what you said to someone else. And how would you feel if years later how they saw you never changed? After all that time, they didn't know you any better, and didn't ask what you thought or felt?


How would you feel if after years of being dedicated to them, they didn't even know your name? If every time they spoke to you they asked you for what they wanted, instead of being happy with what you gave? How would you feel if the love of your life was disjointed from your heart, treating you like a puppet they could control by their own will. Would you be annoyed that they thought you couldn't speak, treating you like you knew nothing at all.


We need to rethink how we see God. We need to open our heart, and show Him some respect. We need to decide to stop all the foolish thinking that keeps us out of His presence, and honor Him. He desires that we truly know Him. Not what we think about what we read about Him from what He said to others so long ago, but Him, living and breathing in our heart, here and now. That's what He wants. That's what the promise truly is.











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