If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Being Willing to Obey is not the same . . .


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Being Willing to Obey is Not the Same

By Kathy Mote



Being willing to obey is not the same as being able to obey and that isn't fully understanding. Not with the heart it takes to be as He called you to be to bring about His will. He has to be present to accomplish what is in His heart. This is to say it takes more than our willingness and our ability to obey to bring His will to pass.


He healed my heart and that made me able to see Him in all that I say and do. I speak for Him with my eyes on Him. He is who will bring about His will, something far too big for me to handle. By His Spirit working in each and every one of us who have given our hearts to Him, He heals us and brings us to Him, made as He is and made one heart with Him.


Words don't do this justice. You have to be alive to Him to know the power of being alive in Him. He has been showing me Abraham with the knife in the air, ready, willing and able to obey the Lord and sacrifice his only son. Did Abraham understand? No. He had no concept of the far-reaching covenant God had just called him to enter with Him. A son for a Son. That covenant is the agreement God made to give us our Savior.


The Lord said, I only need one to agree with Me to bring My will to pass. I only need one to stand as I command. I will do the rest. No one ever fully understands. It is enough that I give what I promised them.



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Do Not Hope

By Kathy Mote



Do not hope for the mediocre, something you can understand. This is something you can do yourself. Hope for His will to be made perfect in the Earth.



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As Impossible As It May See

By Kathy Mote




As impossible as it may seem, nothing is impossible to Him. He said these words to me this morning. Nothing is impossible for Me. I will gather all of creation. I will change the course of the human condition. They will see Me and have understanding.


We have been seeing the world from where we stand. We only understand what He is doing with all of His creation from the limited perspective of what we can believe. But we don't see the purpose in what He has been doing from the beginning or how it will end. He actually doesn't mean for us to. He meant for us to be gathered in His arms. He means for each of our hearts to belong to Him. That's the point of all He has done.


What He is doing in all of His creation from the beginning is what we would call a corporate plan, and He is bringing that plan to a desired end. He doesn't make this part of our personal invitation because it doesn't change what He is doing in each of our hearts. He holds us in the palm of His hand. When we leave here it is not the end of us or what He is doing in the Earth.


It might change your perspective to realize that Isaiah, who lived and died before Jesus went to the cross, is every bit as 'saved' as you and I are. See how our thinking is religious and limited. But our thinking doesn't change or limit Him.


The time has come to see ourselves as being precious to Him, that we might accept His love for us with a right heart, which is to say with adoration and respect. We are invited to know and walk with Him by what He says to us. That has always been His personal invitation to us. In His presence our heart is established and that's the point.


He is Spirit, and He is Truth, yet we limit Him to what we are able to perceive, and lately to what we are able to believe. Even if you knew every detail about God's plan, what He is doing with all of creation and how it will end, your place in His presence would not change.


You were created to live in His presence, and with the heart of a child is how you enter in. He is the living God, not a religion you practice. Trust and surrender, which are nearly the same thing, and obedience upon hearing Him is the sum of how to walk with Him. You will be astounded at how deeply powerful to bring change He is.



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The Lord Is About To Bring You Onto Solid Ground

By Kathy Mote



The Lord is about to bring you onto solid ground. You've been waiting on Him and waiting for Him and treading water in the deep for what seems like a long time. This is no joke. You need things to turn around. You need the revelation of Him that is only found in His presence in a face-to-face encounter that never ends. The Lord has been putting legs under you that you will stand. He has been adding to your faith that you will remain. Your time has come.





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You Who Would Speak

By Kathy Mote



You who would speak as though you were sent when you weren't sent to say what He didn't say, I am against you. I am against you reading the Bible and thinking you know what He means when you don't hear Him. I am against you saying that. Every disciple and every prophet that was sent heard His voice to be sent. I am against you and I am sent. I am sent and I stand with the Lord to say this. You who declare what you did not hear stand against Him. He is Lord of His body and He is LORD of His Word.






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Several Years Ago

By Kathy Mote



Several years ago, the Lord said, “In the last days, not one of My children's feet will slip. No matter what comes against them, no matter what goes on in the world, their hearts are not moved from Me.” When He said this, He showed me the bond of deep and strong love between His heart and ours. We love Him so deeply and so completely, we wouldn't be found anywhere but with Him. Upon His return, all will people will desire to be where we are, held in His arms.




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The Word He Releases Today

By Kathy Mote




The Lord said, the Word He releases today (that no one seems to agree with or wants to hear) will get into everyone's heart. It will be released by His Spirit the same way that the Holy Spirit was poured out in the upper room, by God's own hand to fulfill His will.


Within a month of Him releasing His Word, everyone's heart will be changed by what He released. What He is releasing is the foundation upon which we must all stand. We must know from deep in our heart that who's will we will be seeing in the earth is His, and it starts in our own heart.


There is a rebellion that rages from within the carnal mind that will not deny the common sense  of its own thinking. That thinking is based on what it can see and understand. In other words, what makes sense to the carnal mind is hard to deny.


But flesh is not Spirit. They are nearly opposite. Carnal thinking is backwards, upside down and inside out. Christ being Lord is what makes God's Kingdom go 'round, not what's seen with the naked eye. To bring down religion, He is inviting us into deeper relationship, and to enter, we must 'see' Him. Whoo-rah!


His face is being revealed. He revealed His heart on the cross. What will strike everyone the most profoundly is the difference His presence makes. That's where all the Life and power is.



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God’s Definition of Authority

By Kathy Mote



God's definition of authority is the ability to provide. He gave all authority to Christ for Christ to provide salvation, (the way to God's presence) to be made right with (compliant with) Him according to His will, so you could live with Him, being made as He is in eternal (spiritual) Life. What God gave you was all that is in His heart for you to come to Him through Christ.


You enter in by accepting that Christ is Lord, professing Christ as your Lord, (which are His terms). Christ has the authority to provide God's will and make you as He is, (compliant with God's will) and He does this by making you one with Him. This is the sweetest communion imaginable, but nowhere in God's will are you given Christ's authority, no matter how your carnal mind interprets scripture.




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I’d Like to Share

By Kathy Mote



I'd like to share what the Lord taught me about walking in authority. He is Lord. He has all authority. To see the provision of that authority we obey Him. To know how to obey Him we have to hear Him.


Authority means final say so with the ability to provide. All authority to bring about God's will is in Christ. We who are in Him are His body as He is the head. This means we are hearing and obeying Him to see His will come to pass.

The carnal mind and mindset is to order the devil to flee. He doesn't particularly care what you say. He flees the Lord's presence and authority as you obey Him. To be given the power or ability to walk above scorpions and snakes means they cannot hurt you.


So this means we walk in the Lord's presence, living, breathing and having our being in Him. This does not allow for taking or using or usurping His authority, His name and His place in God's Kingdom as one who has been given the place of authority. He brings God's will to pass in us as we yield to Him and obey.

Those who have it in their mind that they have been given authority neither know what it means nor have they bowed their knee to it. The order of God's Kingdom revolves around, depends upon and is expressed by Jesus being LORD. He doesn't 'give' it to anyone else. This means Jesus is in charge and He says what He hears the Father say. This should at the very least be an example, if not a mandate for us.


'All authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to Me, now you go and tell everyone in all the earth that' does not say now I give that authority to you. Carnal minds think outside His presence. Time to stop all that and honor Him, lest when He comes again, He say I never (intimately) knew you.





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To ‘Take’ Christ’s Authority

By Kathy Mote



To 'take' Christ's authority and order the devil around is carnal and absolutely ludicrous. In His presence you wouldn't dream of doing that. We are called to be protected by Christ's authority as we obey Him. We overcome by abiding in His presence. We are victorious by resisting the devil, not by fighting with him. To fight with him is to give up the reality of being delivered from him.


The carnal understanding we have seen in the church is practiced without Christ and outside God's presence. It defiles us and dishonors Him. As we abide in the Lord's presence, our hearts are knit together with His. In His presence is our deliverance. As we accept His will, He has His way in us. As we obey Him, He has His way through us.


The Lord says this is the nuts and bolts of how this works and it's only the beginning. He will finish creating His image in us. Then through us, He will make everything right in the world. His Life will be seen everywhere we are.

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Powerful prayer we need to be declaring and decreeing more today than ever before. Bless you.

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GOD is sitting on HIS THRONE
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The LORD has spoken only when your heart is broken
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