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The Lord Spoke to me . ..

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The Lord Spoke to Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord spoke to me this morning and what He said took great surrender of self to hear. He said that the surrender He requires to move in us today means to give up on the notion of what we know. So I gave up the notion of hearing what I already understand in order to hear what is to come. Then I gave up the notion of what I know is to come, trusting only in Him.


No one knows what the Lord is doing. They think they have a good bead on life. He said they like to think they understand so they are comfortable in their place and not shaken, for the comfort of understanding is how they judge where they are in Him. Only those driven by His love for them continue to press in to know Him.


Until now He has not revealed all of His heart for us nor has He at any time revealed all of His plan. He doesn't reveal any more than He is enabling us to walk in, for He has to change us to enable us to be as He says. In Isaiah's day they walked in the hope of a Savior. Today we are being readied for His return. He will be appearing in us, and will be revealed in the breath we breathe, our life breath. Him, living in us. Clouds meant the air we breathe, the breath in our lungs...He will not be separate from us.


The point is He is guarding our heart that our heart be found in Him, safe and secure in His arms, trusting Him. As He is changing us, we are changed as we abide in Him. If He revealed what we are to be as His new creation, and we became the whole image of His complete plan, it would be time, and it isn't time.


He is preparing each of our hearts for what will be revealed. This is more than knowing in our head, it is being changed beyond what we can understand and have not imagined. To be what we are called to be, we must be changed in His presence. Realizing we haven't seen this is the first step. This is a miracle of Life, and something we cannot see until we are changed by it.


I hate to sound like one of those extremists who stand on the street corner hollering, The end is near! What I am actually saying is it is time to shed and let go of the old thinking, for something new is near! I believe the bond and connection between our heart and His is deepening to become a living, breathing expression of His presence.


He said nobody understands yet the glory that will be revealed. We still think in terms of what we are able to say and do. It is beyond what we have imagined, not something we can think of, and definitely not what we have seen. From what He has shown me, I do know we will be so pure in spirit that His Light will shine through us.


His oneness with us will shine like a bright Light, and having changed us, we will be literal reflections of His glory revealed. We will be so taken up by His heart we will be changed, and no longer being separate from Him, that in us, He will be seen. The Lord said the impact of Him being seen will bring the whole world to its knees.




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The Deeper and More Intimate

By Kathy Mote



The deeper and more intimate the revelation of Himself the Lord releases, the more deeply He has to change us in order for us to receive. This is a deepening awareness of Him, the knowledge of His true nature, the order of His thoughts, and it humbles our heart to perceive. It corrects our thinking of Him. The deep humility this brings us to bring our hearts before Him, but it burns down our flesh. The Lord said many are going through this, but don't fully understand. The Lord of glory is coming, and we will be found in His presence, made right with His thoughts.



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The Lord is Building

By Kathy Mote



The Lord is building in you a warrior's heart to stand with your warrior's Spirit. Soon He will give you a warrior's body. At the sight of you, the enemy will be undone.






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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “The world hates Me because I will have My way in it. Those in the world hate Me because I take their power away from them. They are naked and vulnerable in My presence and they hate the thought of it. They hate the feeling of being challenged, for their pride is their lifeblood. The ruler of the darkness in the world has no power in My presence, and he resents it.”


“He hates the thought of being powerless. Yet I AM the one he imitates in hopes that his time is extended. He spends his energy competing with My name and My fragrance. Those who are found in My arms are those who love Me, for I have called them. They will endure until the world is ended with all the evil in it, for I have given them My righteousness and My heart is right in them. It is the righteous who are, above all, precious.”




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What Would You Do

By Kathy Mote



What would you do if everyone walked away from you because you spoke for Him. Would you still obey Him? No one has ever been popular for speaking the Truth for Him. Most of the people He sent lost everything but Him. I think it would be a great honor to be counted among them. They gave up everything in this world to stand in their place in Him, because they heard Him.




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When You Limit God

By Kathy Mote



When you limit God by what you know in your head, you closed your heart to Him. When you limit God to what you know of the Bible, you limit the God of the Bible. You have to accept Him face to face as LORD of your heart if you want to hear Him. And where hearing Him is something you only do when He speaks to you, being closed to Him is on you. I am sent to say, Open your heart to hearing Him.



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When the Lord Appeared

By Kathy Mote



When the Lord appeared in a bright light to Saul on the road to Damascus, Paul was given a revelation of God's heart. Paul's heart and life were dramatically changed. He obeyed the Lord by preaching what God released at that time.


Much of the Bible we read is a compilation of instructions and interactions that Paul wrote. This was not what Isaiah wrote. And what Isaiah wrote was not what Moses wrote. What they wrote was not what Enoch wrote. They all wrote what God spoke to them in the time they lived in. All of it weaves together God's promise to bring us to Him.


The revelation that God is releasing of His heart today is clearer, deeper and more heart changing because we are in the last days of His plan. We are being drawn into His arms. We will be one with Him. The apostle Paul made walking with God sound like a battle, and a war. We now know the reality of walking in fellowship with the Lord is so much more intimate and powerful. His presence is coming to Earth in us.


The truth of God's heart for us is we are here to know what it means to be made one with Him, and to choose Him above all else. As He reveals His heart to our heart, we will know Him by the same breath He breathes in us. Simply stated, He is not finished bringing us into Him and He is not finished creating His image in us.


What we understand of Him now is not all there is to know. Our knowledge of Him is not perfect because He is not finished revealing His heart, and until He is, we will not be complete.


He has been clearing away the clutter of carnal thinking, and debunking religious thought. He has been removing the notion that we bring the Life in His promise of Life to pass by speaking it. In reality, He's the one doing that by filling us. He brings us to Life in His presence. In short, we do not operate His Word, we obey it being changed by it. He is living, moving and breathing in us and by His presence, we are learning to live and move and breathe in Him.


It was His plan from the beginning of creation that we be made one with Him. The very act of creating us was an expression of His love. The beauty of being made the perfect image of His love is something that cannot be explained. But speaking as though it were our own faith accomplishing this is vulgar to Him.

It is His devotion to bring us to Him that is living and breathing in us. That is His Word. Our response to Him is to be as He said, completely devoted to Him in every aspect and detail. We are being created.



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The Lord Told Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord told me what has been given to humble me will no longer be able to contain me. He has brought me to the place to know why. I am free of it because I don't care about it anymore. I glory more in His will than I do my own. It won't hold me back because it can't hold me down. I am learning that what you surrender to Him you will see His perfect will in. You are made free of what is surrendered, for He is Lord of your heart where it used to hold a place. No matter what you think God is doing in your life, He is making you resplendent in His desire. The Lord said all things are returning to Him. We will be seeing more than turnaround, we will see His Light and His fire.



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It is Only When

By Kathy Mote



It is only when we lay our desires at His feet and embrace His will for us that we see His will come to pass in our lives. That is why we pray for one another. We lay our brother or sister on the altar in a way that they cannot in their weakness. For it is our desire to stand before Him on their behalf to receive His will, where it is their desire to live. I have prayed for many this way only to see Him raise them up. He is powerful to bring about His will.





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We Were Taught

By Kathy Mote



We were taught by man that being in God is a matter of standing against the devil. They were afraid of the devil when they said that. Being in His presence is more like falling before Him, leaning into Him, needing Him and wanting Him and being held by Him. The Truth is, He brings us into His presence and holds us in His mighty arms. He protects us, He comforts us. He keeps us from harm in His mighty presence.



Bringing me into His presence is something He did.... I am grateful to be gathered in His arms.

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