If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

There is power in the name of Jesus . . .

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The Power is in The Name!

By Dana Jarvis



It is not our talent, it is not our words, it is not in our abilities, it is not even in the building, the power behind us is the Name!


The Name above all names!  The name of Jesus, the revelation of who He is!


The name that will shatter the chains, crumble the walls and move the mountain into the sea, the name that will cause the lame one to walk and the dry bones to get up!


The Name that causes the devils to tremble and creation to sing.


Say The Name!


*  *  *  *  *  *  *


In the midst of the chaos that can feel such hopeless, and the headlines that stir such fear, God is releasing His strategy for Change, Prayer and Hope.


God is not hopeless about any situation going on right now and when we align with heaven we will have a powerful strategy to combat the enemy when he has overplayed his hand.


God is waking up The Church at a critical time.  More and more people will realize that they can no longer sit idly by and remain silent.  Muzzled by the enemy of our souls!


God is speaking out his truth and hope for us to share.  We need to view ourselves as change agents in the earth.

You have been chosen for such a time as this to release The Kingdom around you.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *


The devil lives to agitate and stir up religious spirits among the church and hinder the mighty move of prophetic healing in all areas of life; spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing.


He may have been able to pull the wool over the eyes of a vast number of Christians for quite some time now, BUT

The Spirit of God is on the move mightily


The Remnant is on the rise refusing to back down, the prophetic power of healing and Deliverance is on her tongue.


Join the ranks of God’s Remnant, take hold of The Kingdom of God by force, be about your Heavenly Father’s business, and win the lost in great numbers.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *


Fire motivates.  Fire kindles fire; it is the nature of fire to set ablaze….


On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit visibly descended in holy flame upon the men and women gathered in the Upper Room.


Empowered by the Spirit, they began to spread God’s holy fire that very day.  For decades The Spirit’s Fire kept burning and spreading.  Persecution could not quench their fire, it only served to fan the flames.


Pentecost lit a flame that by God’s grace will never go out.


The LORD says, “Be aglow with My Spirit!  Make the most of every opportunity!  Fan into flame the gift which is in you, the tendency of Fire is to go out.


Watch the fire on the altar of your heart.  Whatever the cost, you must keep the flame of the Spirit burning on the altar of your hearts.”


God has created our spirits flammable.  We are spiritually combustible.


Our nature is created to be set ablaze by the Spirit.  We are spiritually most blessed, most victorious, most usable when we are ablaze.


We are most Godlike when we glow with holy flame — the flame of the indwelling Spirit of God.  It so seals with the mark of God that others are unable to ignore it. God supplies the fire, but you must keep it burning! His Holy Fire is flowing.


He is stoking the embers of your heart!


There is a Fire in your heart, a Fire in your eyes, and a Fire in your words.




By Dana Jarvis

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06.10 | 06:30

Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

22.09 | 15:11

Powerful prayer we need to be declaring and decreeing more today than ever before. Bless you.

28.08 | 06:14

Woman in Peach painting Artist Credit is Pam Herrick!

13.08 | 21:22

GOD is sitting on HIS THRONE
TEARS are streaming down HIS Face
FOR Lack of knowledge MY PEOPLE shall die
HOW come you Believers are so shy?

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