If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard . . .


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Eye Has Not Seen

By Kathy Mote



Eye has not seen because He is not finished. Would it shock you to realize what finished means? He will soon reveal what we were meant to be when He is finished creating in us all that He intends for Himself....we will not be better human beings living apart from Him, but part of Him, living, breathing and being in Him, one heart shared and beating between us.


Like hardware too limited to integrate with software too advanced, our brain cannot comprehend it. That doesn't sound very poetic, and I'm sorry to say, it doesn't do it justice. But eye has not seen for a very good reason. As He is above us, what we will be is above us. He is the only one who can finish us. To trust Him totally is what He is doing in our hearts to prepare us for this. It begins and is made complete by being one with Him.





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In A Vision

By Kathy Mote



In a vision, I see crushed rose petals. Being crushed and undone, they were deeply, sweetly fragrant. The Lord's face as He scooped them into His gentle hands and lifted them to His face was absolutely breathtaking. He loves crushed petals.


Most people don't understand and therefore don't appreciate being crushed. They don't see the point and they resent being reduced to this level. Feeling vulnerable and undone is unpleasant to us in the moment, but in that moment we find the sweet fragrance of trust, and that is most pleasant to Him.


Let me humbly share why. We are not filled with our own confidence, nor are we confident in ourselves. Being emptied of self, we find our self in His glorious presence, filled with the comfort of His confidence in what He is doing in our heart. Or should I simply say He is happy that our confidence is in Him. It is His desire to fill us completely not with our self, but with His heart for us and His Life, something we cannot imagine the beauty or splendor of.


I'm not suggesting to glory in being crushed. That's not even possible. I'm saying reach deep and trust. Or better yet, let go to find it. He is creating something beautiful in your heart.





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The Refining of Your Heart

By Kathy Mote




The refining of your heart is painful and difficult. What can you do but surrender. Yet, how can we be made one with Him if not by our surrender. It takes trust to surrender, and trust is a true expression of worship. It is how His Spirit in us enables us to honor Him.


We could never be made right except by surrender. Being made right is His presence in us. I used to roll my eyes at people's unending debate over what was right and what is wrong. To debate is to argue and prove you are not right in Him! You have to keep your focus on Him.


So here is what I have learned today, and this is what I am hearing. He is refining every heart to move them forward and draw them closer. Being refined means having one desire that flows through your heart, leading you to Him. One living, breathing desire for Him is what He is giving you. That desire for Him is the only way to surrender all else, the only way to have a heart made right with Him.


The Lord sent me to say, Trust Me, I know what I am doing. I will not leave you behind. I will move you forward. It is in My heart, not yours, what is in store for you. I will bring you to it and it into you.


I must admit, these are not the words my own heart wanted to hear. In this moment, I want to hear, "I will sweep you into My arms and dance you in a circle, kiss your cheek and tell you that because I love you, you are fine as you are".


But when I desired my own desires, He said to me, Trust Me, I know what I am doing. Being emptied of your desire to have your own way is painful, but being filled with trust as you surrender is not painful. I am lifted into His arms as I trust Him. This is the way to be made into what He desires. I would say at this point that humility and surrender are the most powerful of His desires for us, for they bring us deeper into His presence.




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By Kathy Mote



Everyone who was ever sent by Him heard His voice and obeyed Him. We come along thousands of years later and read about it, thinking that because they were sent, we are sent also. Those who were sent were obeying His voice, and like they were, we must obey in His presence also. We have been acting as

though His authority works in name only. Obviously He doesn't think so.




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Reading the Bible

By Kathy Mote



Reading the Bible isn't being sent, hearing Him and obeying is, and that is done in His presence. We speak as we hear Him speak. We act as He leads us. We seek His face always to honor Him. His heart beats within our heart. We are His body, moving and breathing as He sends us. We are consumed with love for Him, seeking to please Him always. We are in this Earth, filled with His Light for no other reason than to be with Him though His authority works in name only. Obviously He doesn't think so.




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “Those who declare they have been given power have gotten a whiff of something they are not walking in. To walk in power is to walk in obedience and that requires communion.”


Where the Lord takes you is in Him, and to be in Him you must be made as He is. This means He will heal your heart of pride and carnal thinking. It's terrifying to see what is in your own heart. It tests you being made able to surrender. This isn't being told you're right, it is being made right, and it is very humbling. Being made right is when every thing in you reflects He is Lord. It costs. But it gives more than you can imagine.




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Before I Begin

By Kathy Mote



Before I begin this post, I would like to say the picture represents how tenaciously we hold to our own understanding. We hold to the idea of having understanding. We cannot walk in our flesh without having understanding. But to walk in His Spirit, we give our heart to Him. To do this, we have to intimately know Him. We have to hear Him.


Secondly, I would like to share that if someone had walked up to me ten years ago and said Jesus talks to us outside the pages of the Bible, I would have walked away from them, even though every life changing and meaningful conversation I had ever had with Him took place with my eyes closed.


Having said those two things, I would like to share what the Lord has been showing me. The time has come to see Him. We will need to see Him in order to be established in Him because of the day we are in. This is a bond between our heart and His that He is present for, participating in and committed to keeping us in. As He speaks, we hear Him and follow Him. Those who have this close bond with Him will not be shaken. Those who do not share this bond of love with Him will be completely shaken.


The reason this is so crucial is He is coming again, and all things are being shaken. We who are called to Him are not standing on the fringe, we are gathered to Him, and hearing His voice in our heart, we know Him. We will walk with Him, and be shown His will for us as He draws us close to Him.

He said in any war there are casualties, and we are not to be among them. In every major move of God in the earth, there were key people who were raised up to stand in covenant with Him, and they stood before Him, hearing Him and being devoted to Him. He brought His will to Earth through them. Abraham was one of them. Moses was one of them. Noah was one of them. Paul was one of them. His Remnant are called to be one of them.


The most powerful place you can be is in His presence, in the center of His will for you, totally yielded to Him, trusting Him. What He is doing in the rest of the world does not shake your place in Him, or the heart you have for Him as you abide in Him.



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You Have No Power

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “You have no power beyond your obedience. Speak as I speak and go where I send you.”


I'm going to explain this as clearly as I know how. The enemy has staked out his territory. He has always done this within the parameters of his mandate. What the Lord is doing is taking back the territory by revealing His Lordship. Him drawing near is causing a great shaking. The enemy gives way with shaking and grumbling, attitude and resentment.


We who are with the Lord have no place in this world but the Lord, and in all the things we say and do, we must be hidden and abide in Him. We must be obeying Him, our hearts and desires yielded to Him. We have no power to declare war against the devil without the Lord's leading, for beyond this point in time and place, the stakes are way too high. Let me explain.


We aren't seeing the Lord shake down demonic activity on a small scale in the natural realm in our personal lives, we are seeing the Lord shake, rattle and bring to silence the principalities that rule large scale in the Spirit Realm. This is global.


The Lord isn't playing. The devil isn't playing. We can't be playing, but walking in obedience and wisdom. Where He goes, we go, we are His body. That's going to take all the courage He will give us as Lord of what He is doing. To walk in that courage and wisdom will take complete surrender. Taking captive every thought on who you are and what you are here for. This is no time to allow our ego to wander.

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