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Are Our Hearts Hot or Cold?

By Sandi Holman



Hearts in Snow


Have you had an opportunity to need a heart checkup lately?  (Almost every day…)


Jesus warned of our era.  He said,


“Many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another.  Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold”   Matthew 24:10-12.


So, let us honestly ask The LORD to examine us: Is our love hot or cold?


A measurable decrease in your ability to love, is evidence that a stronghold of cold love is developing within you, or has already become a stronghold.


Not so long ago, I had an experience that cut me to the core of my being.  I felt that I had been stabbed so deeply I would never recover.


I never saw it coming.  When our trust is betrayed and you realize you have been deceived about someone’s commitment, you have to stop and thank God that HE revealed their true character and gave you grace to say, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.


Betrayal, and loss of relationship or friendship, is so hard.


As I said those words, the tears were still flowing, and I did not ‘feel “forgiveness’… but I learned a long time ago, you walk out Calvary forgiveness until when you hear their name or see their face, you see Jesus.


Another’s thoughtless cruelty and self-serving actions may have wounded us deeply, but instead of forgiving the wound or going to them according to Matthew 18, we go to others with our murmuring and emotional cries.


Stop!  Don’t let the wound begin to develop into a root of bitterness, and cause defilement.


“Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see The LORD: looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled,”   Hebrews. 12:14-15 KJV.


What is growing in us is certainly not love but bitterness, which is unfulfilled revenge.  But remember, God says, “Vengeance is mine!”   (Deuteronomy 32:35).


Every time you refuse to forgive or fail to overlook a wrongdoing or habitual behavior that shows weakness in another, your heart not only hardens toward them, it hardens toward God.


Take care not to believe the lie that you are still open to God, beloved because the Scriptures are clear:  The key to release is do not keep rehearsing in your head what they did or how the betrayal wounded you.


You may not like what someone has done, but you do not have an option to stop loving them.


Always be willing to set a goal to guard your heart and don’t let a stronghold of cold love develop.


Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life,  (Proverbs 4:23).


“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”   Proverbs 4:23 KJV.




By Sandi Holman

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Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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Powerful prayer we need to be declaring and decreeing more today than ever before. Bless you.

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Woman in Peach painting Artist Credit is Pam Herrick!

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GOD is sitting on HIS THRONE
TEARS are streaming down HIS Face
FOR Lack of knowledge MY PEOPLE shall die
HOW come you Believers are so shy?

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