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Unbelief Gives Birth to Indecision

By Dana Jarvis



Harden not your hearts, hear The Word of The LORD.


The Church is distracted.


I heard The LORD say clearly, “Be careful which banner you are raising and what has captured your attention!”


The Church’s message has been muddied.  The Church’s mission has been compromised.


She has become distracted by the darkness and the battle and the waves, and she has lost her focus and turned away from Jesus, her Bridegroom, her first love and she has bowed her knee to the idols of this land.


She’s looking like the world.  She’s acting like the world.  She’s walking like the world.  She’s talking like the world.  The Bride needs that resuscitating spirit of God to raise her up.


“I will make My Dwelling place among them and walk among them, and I will be their God and they shall be My People.


Rise up Remnant!  Come out from behind those four walls!”


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Picture a city surrounded by a wall of fire.


How can you enter that city?  Only by going through the wall of fire.  Everything that can be burnt will be burnt up by God as you enter through that wall.


Only what cannot be burnt will go through the fire.  Our God is a consuming Fire,  (Hebrews12:29).


Who can dwell with the consuming fire?  (Isaiah 33:14).


Many ministers have thrown water on it to quench it, but it is time to allow this wall of Fire and not only that but the glory in the midst.


“And I, says Jehovah, will be to her a wall of fire all around, and will be the glory in her midst,”   Zechariah 2:5.


Jerusalem was a city without a wall.  She was naked and vulnerable, and open to attack . In those days, a city without a wall would be like an army without guns.


Now, with broken down walls, God Himself would be a wall of fire to them.


Many times people build walls around their hearts to protect them, but the Remnant of the Most High lives without walls.


Walls are designed to contain, to keep out, to mark boundaries, to hide behind.  We will not be a people who will be able to contain the things of God.  The four walls cannot contain the glory that is to be poured out and yet to come forth.


The Remnant Church is called to be a Church without walls.


The established Church has become an institution that lives almost entirely behind walls.  While there may be a lot of activity and noise going on inside, they are a people that is hidden and contained.


Their walls denote their boundaries and of course they ever seek to enlarge the boundaries but the irony is that as these men’s kingdoms increase in size, they have an ever decreasing spiritual impact on a dying world.


You are either seeking to increase His Kingdom, or you are seeking to increase yours, either corporately or personally, but you cannot do both.


You cannot have your own walls and the wall of fire.  The wall of fire is promised to those without walls.


Our God is a consuming fire.  He seeks to set us ablaze with His love.  He seeks to burn the chaff off of lives.


He seeks to purify and refine and He does this through fire.  This can only be achieved in those who have had their walls broken down.


All of their own ambitions, hopes and dreams demolished by an all consuming God who shares His glory with no one.


God does not build us a wall.


God is the wall…  a wall of fire around us and the glory within us.


brokenness Blog - www.forthebrokenhearted.net


She sat at the tomb where He was buried and waited for Him.


I mean she really waited for him.  And wept.  Her faith, her commitment, and her devotion inspires me so very much.


I really get it.  I can totally relate to her.  I have tasted of the bitter, but I saw how God made things sweeter.


I have been in a broken mess but God stepped in and made something beautiful.  He exchanged his beauty for my ashes.  The ashes of brokenness, the ashes of hurt and fear, the ashes of defeat.


I’ve been broken.  I’ve been desperate for God.  I’ve been plagued with demons that haunted me and tried their best to take me under and drown me.  Those demons of depression, hopelessness, fear.


The enemy will never cease in trying to defeat God’s children; but this just further confirms who we belong to.


I’ve had some intense pruning and sanctification.  I have walked through such fire when it felt like the devil himself had his hand on the thermostat and left me tell you it was getting turned up.


But my King, my Saviour walked onto the scene.  All I knew in that moment was abandon and complete surrender.


I then knew what it was to trust him at all costs, cling to him with all that is within me, and know he would deliver me from the hands of the enemy.


In my deepest wounds I saw his glory and to this day it always dazzles me.


I share all of that to say this:


If God can deal with other people’s mess, then so can we.  It is not done in our own strength.  Embrace the broken, the unloved, the outcasts, the poor, the fatherless, the widowed, and the oppressed — and love them back to life.


Love them back to Jesus.


Own your personal story and truth, then vow to love God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength (Mark 12:30-31).


Accept what is true about you through HIM and live and thrive through His truth.


God’s love doesn’t make sense to the natural mind.  We need supernatural intervention to even grasp the tiniest bit of His Love — because it extends far beyond our natural human capacity.  We truly need Him in order to love like Him.


Rebuke and correction is necessary as we seek to grow in God and as we teach others to do the same; but instead of rebuking every single thing in a person, consider how we might apply some love to that situation.


Consider how we might apply some healing and deliverance to that situation through Christ.


Just as God our Father did for Mary Magdalene.


Everything God makes is beautiful.  Nothing He makes or creates is ever less than perfect in His eyes.  Our entire lives and our stories are for His Glory alone.


Grace makes all of the difference.  I don’t have a thing to boast about apart from Him.


Love conquers all.  Always remember this.  God is love.  His Word says that if we do not have love, we have nothing and are nothing.


Mary Magdalene’s faith and love for her Savior is admirable.  I wanted to highlight her because she is an unlikely pick; and God loves to choose the unlikely to show the display of His perfect love and goodness.


Let that infuse you with some hope!


He is making you new.  Allow Him to do it, dear soul.  Endure the process and the frequent tests and trials of your faith.


Conquer fear, conquer hurt, conquer pain, conquer unforgiveness, and conquer whatever else so that you can become one of fierce faith.


Be strong!  Be fearless!  Be bold!  Be courageous!  Be different!


Be Fierce!


brokenness Blog - www.forthebrokenhearted.net


Unbelief gives birth to indecision.


God has given you the land, but it seems the devil has locked the gate.  Delay is the handiwork of the enemy, but God can open any gate.


Pharaoh delayed Israel, until God said enough is enough.


This will not continue any longer and with his mighty hand, He brought them out and took them into their destiny.


In Exodus chapter 4, Pharaoh was told “let my people go!” but he refused.  He delayed them until chapter 12 when the yoke of delay was totally broken and they were free forever.


Your Chapter 12 is on the horizon!  The time is now!  That Kairos moment!


If you can’t fly, Run!  If you can’t Run, Walk!  If you can’t walk, Crawl!  But by all means, Keep moving!  You come to far to turn back now!




By Dana Jarvis

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Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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Powerful prayer we need to be declaring and decreeing more today than ever before. Bless you.

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GOD is sitting on HIS THRONE
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