If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Therefore, do not lose heart . . .


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Not Politically Correct

By Mary Lindow



Do you feel like that the world is just getting worse and that people are even becoming more inconsiderate?


If I’m not careful, I can become weary and “wary” of people and just shut down and shut them out.


One expression or idea shared on forums or Twitter accounts can be perceived as not ‘PC’ — politically correct — and often, bullying and verbal abuse bust out in full bloom as opinions and “snarky words” battle for “top of the heap”.


Yet, The LORD reminds me that I still have so many other opportunities to “do good”, to speak openly and to help those in trauma at home, with wayward parents or those who have Prodigal Children.


To keep a calm demeanor and continue to plant seeds of hope into scorched souls is perhaps not a popular headline, but these efforts add value to other’s lives in the long run.


The world in its current state of tension… is broken.  But!  God has a plan to restore it.


While I have to ultimately trust him with his timing on this, I must in the meantime, commit to do my part.  Hey!  What can I actually do?  It’s a frightening world out there!


The Heavenly Father wants to draw more people into his family through our genuine warmth and transparency. He himself, humbly offers healing and hope to those who want relief from their current struggles.


I’ve learned that The LORD chooses to do some of His best work through — (guess who)?




Through people we see food banks supplied, sick people healed, disaster reliefs coordinated, struggling families helped.  All that and much more is ultimately inspired by God.


One act of kindness today contributes to the healing of this world, whether it be in my family, neighborhood or other places that I engage with people in relationships.


God is watching, and He can honor and amplify the effects of faith expressed through our good and kind work.


Today is a good day to find a way to help the broken and weary person that absolutely will cross your path.


One kind word…. Start there.


“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day,”   Corinthians 4:16.




In His Shadow,

By Mary Lindow ©




” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow





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06.10 | 06:30

Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

22.09 | 15:11

Powerful prayer we need to be declaring and decreeing more today than ever before. Bless you.

28.08 | 06:14

Woman in Peach painting Artist Credit is Pam Herrick!

13.08 | 21:22

GOD is sitting on HIS THRONE
TEARS are streaming down HIS Face
FOR Lack of knowledge MY PEOPLE shall die
HOW come you Believers are so shy?

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