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The Lord Said . . .




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said people only see Him from their perspective, but we should see ourselves from His perspective! As He said this, He asked me if I wanted to see myself the way He does. What He meant was the finished product. When He said this, my heart did this goofy little turnaround, like remaining as I am was good enough to my thinking.


But today we are not settling for our thinking. He will be revealing His thinking and taking us beyond our own thinking. He said, Don't pigeonhole yourself, darlin'. Now, go look up 'pigeonhole'.




a small recess for a pigeon to nest in.


What does it mean to pigeon hole someone?


The definition of putting someone in a pigeonhole is to unfairly think of them as having only one purpose and therefore limit them.


What does it mean to call someone a pigeon? This is what people used to mean by 'pigeon'. A person who is easily deceived or gulled; to assume they are ignorant of their place, their importance. One who does not know their value or their full purpose. A pigeon is one who is too ignorant to understand who they are, so they never grow to become who they are.


It takes more courage to remain humble as you learn what you are in His eyes than it did to surrender the mess you were. What I am saying is, as His presence in us reveals who we are to be, may our hearts be the reflection of all that He desires.



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Knowing Him

By Kathy Mote



Knowing Him is the point of your life. He is the Life that is beyond this life. He said this life is like the birthing canal. Our time here is only part of our life with Him. The moment we leave here we are face to face with Him. It is our flesh and its prejudices and opinions that separate us from Him.


Our life on Earth is as 60 seconds compared to all of eternity. All of creation has been as a few days to Him. Every person who has lived and died are waiting in Him to fulfill His promise to fill them with His perfect Life. Those who don't know Him are asleep, awaiting judgment. Those who know Him are aware of Him. This is what is revealed to my heart, that leaving this earth is not the end of our life.


We see things from a very limited perspective. Years ago the Lord showed me we were as seeds planted in the soil, and that we were growing up to see Him as He is revealed. I saw bright blue sky as I peeked through the soil. We misunderstand and misbelieve scripture, not fully seeing Him.


So this is what I know. We are here to know He is our Lord, and to help us do that, He builds the trust that is in our heart. He is always working in us. We are here to learn how to behave in His presence, which is the heart posture He is building in us. It changes everyday.


We are growing and maturing in Him, and this is what He is doing in us as He draws us to Him. His pleasure in bringing us into His presence is the standard by which we are measured.


Art by Orit Martin



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By Kathy Mote



Imagine, if you will, that you lived in a wilderness and you spend your day tending sheep. There are no restaurants and no churches to go to. No libraries, no books, and no Google to find information on. No way to contact the outside world and keep up with them. You are in a world that is silent of other people's voices.


Now, imagine that God speaks to you, loud and clear. No, not an audible voice, one that had to be Him. This is one that resonates in your soul, rattles your bones and melts your heart. This is God, and there's no mistaking Him. When He speaks, your soul heals and your heart aligns with Him. He becomes the center of your life, the focus of every hope, your pillar by day and the comfort that keeps your heart in His presence at night.


You follow Him as you hear His voice. He speaks to you of His desires for your life. You have never felt such love. You come to fully realize who you are because He created you to commune with Him. People will speak of your relationship with Him for centuries to come, He is that powerful in His dealings with you.


I have just described Abraham's life. He is one you read about in the Bible, but His life and yours are very different. In our day it is harder to believe because it is easier to rely on what was written about Him. What a blessing it is to read all that was written of Him. But is that all there is to Him? Where, in all the 'sacred texts' does it say that is all there is to Him? It says quite the opposite, but that is sadly the way that many who don't know or hear Him see Him.


So this post is for all those who need to have a wilderness moment to find Him. One last wake up call for the heart to cry out for Him. One final jolt that focuses the view finder of the soul. One more ray of sunshine inviting you to look up.


With all due respect to the Book, the Living God is not a book. In fact, the Truth is hidden in scriptures, and for a very good reason. We are not supposed to understand the Living God who created us so easily, we are invited to know Him.


Your heart has to realize He is Lord to know Him. His voice will shake your soul and rattle your bones. Hearing Him melts your heart, and there is no mistaking Him.


There is a part of His heart placed into our own heart. Scripture says He put it there when He knit you together in your mother's womb. That is the part of your heart that recognizes Him. That is the part of your heart that brings you to Him. That is why His voice feels like home. His presence is the point of your journey, and you open your heart to hear Him.


It is against the very scriptures that we read to measure God. We are not to rely on them to hear His voice. That is trusting our intellect instead of honoring Him. That is trusting our own thinking instead of humbling ourselves to hear Him.


Long ago I came to a conclusion that I would like to share. The fear we all seem to face is that we will make a mistake and be carried into error. As I faced my own fear, He spoke to my heart. He said, What are you afraid of, daughter? You just heard My voice.


So this is what I learned in that wonderful moment when He rescued me. Being rescued was what I was afraid my own intellect could not do for me. If being in His presence is the point of my heart, then let me be with my beautiful Lord. I hear His voice. He is my Lord and I have given Him my heart.


Painting by Greg Olsen


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By Kathy Mote



Something I have learned is that when you obey the Lord in all the little details of your life, the big choices to be made never come down on you. He makes them for you and you are protected.


Art by Orit Martin


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Something Is About To Be Poured Out

By Kathy Mote



Something is about to be poured out that is so astounding and wonderful, that your heart is being humbled to be able to walk in it. The Lord is bringing His Beloved to the place where their heart and their mind is literally face down, crying out for Him. This is it, the surrender of heart you didn't know to come to, to receive what you don't know to ask for from Him. It is intimacy, pure and true, with the Father's heart for you. It is not haughty. It is not proud. It will never rise against His presence, or the place it brings you to. This is beyond the human heart. Just so you know, it is His desire to reveal it.


Art by Orit Martin

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I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

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