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UK: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine — Confirmation

By Veronika West



Last night, a powerful confirmation of the Word I posted concerning the Prophetic Timeline of The United Kingdom; “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine!”


Video Broadcast:  See around the 5m 40+sec. mark.


 See around the 5m 40+sec. mark.



Text Source:  U.S. Coronavirus News


News Headline:  ““A stitch in time saves nine” – Boris Johnson warns country must work together to suppress the virus or face more restrictions later”


“Boris Johnson has warned that Britons must follow the rules set out to curb the spread of coronavirus — or face further restrictions.

The Prime Minister was speaking during a live televised address to the nation on Tuesday night.

Mr Johnson said the country can “succeed” if everyone follows…”


See the two links listed below of Prophetic Words I gave on a “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine!”… and “A Nation’s Flag torn in Two; A Silver Needle and Golden Thread!”


Well British Prime Minister Boris Johns refers to the ongoing challenges with the virus using this phrase, “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine!”


It was a powerful sign and confirmation that the battle that is unfolding cannot and will not be won in the physical, but rather in the spiritual, and that the only answer and solution can only be found in a “nation turning and returning to its first love.”


See first link for; “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine!”


See November 9, 2019, HKP Word:


“UK: 2020 The Call: A Nation Saved!”


“An urgent now Word for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: ”The Call; A nation saved!”


“Watch!” says The Spirit of God, “for a new movement of praying women will arise in this land! See, They shall come from the north, south, east and west and like a needle and thread they will move together as one.


Yes! A new and greater move of My Spirit and Word is now taking place over this land.


Watch Ms Beloved and pay close attention, for a work of divine restoration and reformation will now take place in this nation and that which has been torn and that which has been divided by the spirit of Leviathan, shall surely be woven back together with the golden threads of love, repentance and unity.


For truly I say this day, a nation shall be set free from the chains of bondage and it shall be saved from judgment through the relentless cries and the petitions of praying women.


For now I say again… Watch and pray! Stay alert and vigilant! Bow down and humble yourselves and repent, for My Governing Hand of Justice and Righteousness is now moving upon the hearts of the people in this land.


So stay watching and praying for a battle is raging… Look up and see! For a remnant is now rising, a mighty Army is now taking its place.


These are the fearless and courageous warriors called for such a time as this, My Esther’s and Deborah’s are now emerging in the midst of a great birthing in these four lands.


As a divine convergence now takes place in the heavenly realm, so it shall begin to manifest in the earthy realm.


Listen! For the sound of many trumpets herald the beginning of A New Kingdom Era in this nation and in the nations of the earth.


I say to you, it is time for your eyes and your ears to be opened to a new move of My Spirit and to a new sound that is going forth across these lands, a move and a sound that will re-calibrate and realign the hearts of the children to the fathers and the hearts of the fathers to the children.


Watch! Even now there is a sound of the cry of new life and new beginnings, a shifting of the atmosphere and a great shaking loose of every demonic structure and stronghold of wickedness in this nation.


Yes! High places are being uprooted and thrones of evil kings are being overturned, for now I AM building and establishing My Kingdom Government in the nations of the earth, a Kingdom that shall never pass away,” says God.


I received this powerful word a week ago as I was in a time of prayer and intercession…


Now as I heard these words The Spirit of Revelation took me back to the vision I shared recently see; needle and thread/ Word and Spirit come together.


See also HKP post:

“UK: Can A Nation or Flag be Repaired?”


A Stitch in Time Saves 9!

This vision was so clear and yet so powerful when I received it but when it came it was given to me by The Spirit of God as a matter of great urgency!


Hence why I shared the vision straight after I got it, and I also felt that the vision was given as a sober warning and as a timely encouragement to the many who are fervently praying, prophesying and preaching the Word of God over our nation at this critical time of transition!


But a week ago I was praying asking The Spirit of Revelation to give me specific strategies in prayer and to reveal to me a heavenly timeline concerning our nation!


As I prayed, immediately I heard The Spirit say, “A stitch in time saves 9!”


As I heard those words, I inquired of The LORD again and he repeated it: ”A stitch in time saves nine (9)…”


Not knowing or understanding what I was hearing, I asked The LORD to break it down, and no sooner I had asked The LORD he said these words to me, ”A prayer in time will save a nation from judgment.”


As I heard those words, I was shown the number (9) and the vision of the Needle and Thread was brought before me again..!


I began to pray in The Spirit and The Holy Spirit quickened to me that ‘women usually perform needle work’.


And as I began to press further into that thought, The Spirit of Revelation showed me a picture of the hands of many women coming upon the flag that was torn in two, and as I looked at the many hands coming together.


I heard The Spirit say, “This nation shall be saved from judgment through the prayers of praying women.”


On hearing those Words, suddenly I saw The Silver Needle and Golden Thread in the hands of women, coming together over the torn flag and a work of restoration and reformation began to take place.


I watched how the needle and golden thread (Word and Spirit) moved in perfect precision, the beautiful thread was weaving back and forth and back and forth through the torn fabric which was the divided land of Great Britain and Northern Ireland…!


Tears began to run down my face. A spirit of travail and weeping rose up within me as I watched the divine handiwork of the great redeemer moving across the nation.


Then again I heard The Spirit say, “Daughter what good is The Needle without The Thread and The Thread without The Needle? What good is The Word without The Spirit and The Spirit without The Word?”


As I listened and continued watching The Spirit of Revelation then quickened to me..,’ Exodus 9…,10,11 and chapter 12….


I grabbed my Bible and I began to read Exodus 9 through 12 and as I read I heard Him say, “My Divine Timeline!”


The numbers 9, 10,11 and 12 were immediately shown to me as prophetically significant on God’s timeline for the nation….”a stitch in time saves nine (9)!”


Interpretation…. A Prophetic Timeline..!


Exodus 9. ….”Judgment/ Birthing”


See Exodus 9:4…. Says, “The LORD shall make a distinction” …. between the livestock of the Egyptians and the Israelites.


On reading the word, “distinction”, The Spirit of God immediately said to me, “This is the hour of Divine Distinction in this nation.”


I see the hand of God bringing a divine separation between that which is good and that which is evil and defiled, that which is of His Glory and that which is of the works of darkness.


A great separation has begun you take place in our nation. I see the finger of The LORD “mark” out the boundary lines of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


He is setting all things in order, a clear distinction is being made between the United Kingdom and the European Union.


I see the words, “taking inventory”. I believe the nation is now in the midst of ‘being weighed in the scales. His Plumb-line has fallen upon our nation.


God is taking inventory of our nation; the books of our nation are being inspected. I see “Golden Scales”, and I hear the Words, “Divine Tipping Point!”


Then The Spirit of God highlighted to me Exodus 9:5… which says…,”The LORD has set a time….”


Immediately I said, “LORD, what time?” The LORD quickened to me “Rosh Hashanah.” Literally meaning, “Head of the year… The Feast of Trumpets/ The Day of Judgment.”


We have just celebrated this Hebrew festival. This is a highly significant festival on the timeline of heaven for our nation at this time.


Exodus 10. Prophetic meaning; “authority and power”


Both the number ten (10) and the chapter is prophetically significant for our nation… See the Word I gave on the number (10) recently; significance of numbers 10 and 111;


See also HKP post:

“UK Brexit: The Eleventh-hour Rendezvous”


The number 10… Prophetically speaks of Gods authority and power. We see in this chapter (10) God displaying signs of his great power and authority on behalf of the Israelites before The Spirit of Pharaoh…”Let my people go!”


Exodus 11. Prophetic meaning; “disorder/ chaos… 11th hour before freedom breakthrough!”


I believe again both the chapter and the number (11) are highly significant on the prophetic timeline of our nation…


The number 11.. Prophetically speaks of the 11th hour, we are currently in the 11th month of the year…


Could we be here? Right now as a nation in the 11th hour before our greatest breakthrough unto freedom?


The Spirit of Revelation highlights to me that at this time and in this very hour we need to be pleading The Blood of Jesus over our nation as The Spirit of death is passing over…. (please share this with your prayer groups)…!


Exodus 12. Prophetic meaning; completeness, divine order and government.


This number (12) has again and again been highlighted to me as powerfully significant on the timeline of our nation.


We are in a set time/ appointed time/ kiaros time. A nation that is in divine transition and distinction.


A nation that is being aligned with the divine plans and purposes of God, a nation being reordered and restored, a nation being redirected and awakened.


A nation being reset with the heart of the father and re-calibrated and reformed with The Kingdom Government of Heaven.


The Holy Spirit took me to Exodus 12:12, which says, “I will execute judgement, I AM The LORD”…


This was immediately significant to me because our nation has called for a General Election on the 12/12, December 12th.


Yet again… God is speaking loudly, informing us through this 12:12 that “He will display His Glory and have the final say through a demonstration of his sovereign power over the nations”…!


Lastly, the 12th chapter: verse 51 speaks of the freedom of the Israelites from The Spirit of Pharaoh…! The 12th chapter clearly speaks of God’s completion and government..!”


See second link for: A Nation’s Flag Torn in Two… A Silver Needle and Golden Thread.


See October 22, 2019 HKP, Website Word:


“UK: Can A Nation or Flag be Repaired?”


“A powerful vision concerning the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


”The nations flag torn in two, watch! A remnant that rises with a cry of repentance, restoration and reformation; a silver needle and golden thread; The Word and The Spirit come together to heal, restore and reform a nation divided and torn apart by the serpent spirit Leviathan!”


Agreed! It’s a mouthful of an introduction!



But friends please read on… For the birthright and destiny of a nation depends on the persistent, unwavering and steadfast prayers of a righteous remnant that must now arise.


The vision…!


Six or seven months ago I was in a time of prayer, when I was praying not specifically for the nation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the time, (but I was praying concerning a personal matter relating to a decision I had to make), when suddenly a powerful vision opened up to me, where I saw the British flag of the Union Jack, come up before me.


As I looked at the flag, I knew immediately that The Spirit of Revelation was about to speak to me and reveal something to me regarding the destiny of the nation, so I watched intently in the vision.


Suddenly I saw the flag of the Union Jack being torn in half. The flag was completely torn into two separate pieces!


As I looked at the flag ,which now lay torn in two, my heart began to cry out…”Oh God have mercy, please do not allow the destiny of this nation to be destroyed!”


As I cried out, suddenly I came out of the vision, but I remained praying, asking The Spirit of Revelation to show me more… But He spoke nothing more to me at that time.


Can the flag be fixed? Now is the time!


Well, months past by and at different times I would be reminded of the vision, and again I would ask The LORD to reveal more, but He was silent.


Then two days ago, something happened (for the sake of time I will not share what) but the vision was brought back to me in a powerful way, but this time, The Spirit of Revelation would not give me rest concerning the matter.


So I began to pray fervently, asking The LORD to reveal and to remove the burden that I was feeling and carrying in my heart.


I cried, “Father, tell me how can The Flag can be fixed! How can a divided nation can be restored?”


And then suddenly today, everything changed — 21st October 2019. 21… 7+7+7 at exactly 7.00 a.m., I was suddenly caught up in the realm of The Spirit where I saw again The Flag of the Union Jack being torn in two.


Now as I looked at The Flag I began to cry out with a loud voice, ”Let the restoration and reformation of this nation begin! Let the spirit of Leviathan that has divided and torn this nation apart be brought down low!”


As I cried out in the vision for the nation’s birthright and destiny, suddenly a bright light shone down from above and as I looked again, the light began to get brighter and brighter, illuminating the place where the torn flag was lying.


Then suddenly as my vision was expanded, I saw a multitude of people lying fully prostrate on the floor before the torn flag.


I could hear the sound of many praying. Some were wailing, some were weeping.


Now as I looked and listened, I knew by revelation that these were the precious Saints of God, a righteous remnant who were rising up for such a time as this.


These were the hidden and set apart ones, God’s faithful watchmen and intercessors who were now in deep travail, crying out day and night with one voice for repentance, restoration and reformation to come to a nation that has been divided and torn apart!


Prayers of Gold that carry the weight of His Glory

As I continued to listen intently in the vision to the sound of the cries of the remnant, suddenly I saw what looked like thousands upon thousands of Golden Threads coming out of the mouths of those who were lifting their voices in deep travail and intercession for the nation at this time.


As I stayed watching, I saw all The Golden Threads begin to come together as one thick and strong Golden Strand which seemed to hover, but for a fleeting moment, over the torn flag.


Then suddenly I saw two more Golden Strands coming out of the heavens and the two joined with the first and then I heard these words, “A threefold cord cannot be easily broken!”


Then I watched as the three strand cord of Golden Thread began to form a large ball. As I listened to the prayers of the faithful remnant which continued to go up before The LORD, I saw The Ball of Golden Thread begin to grow larger and larger in size.


As the Golden Ball grew, I began to tangibly feel in the realm of The Spirit the weightiness of The Ball of The Golden Thread.


Again I knew by revelation, that what I was feeling and experiencing in the vision was the weightiness of the Glory of The LORD which was upon the prayers of the saints who were crying out for the nation.


Needle and thread — Word and Spirit!

Then suddenly the vision shifted slightly and I saw a very large Silver Sword come down from the heavens. I watched as the Silver Sword began to spin above The Ball of Golden Thread.


Then I heard these words, “What good is thread without a needle, and what good is a needle without the thread? And likewise, what good is The Word without My Spirit and what good is The Spirit without My Word.


Watch! For now My Word and My Spirit will come together over this nation and the nations of the earth to restore and reform that which has been divided and that which has been destroyed.”


As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw The Silver Sword become as a Silver Needle and I watched as The Golden Thread and The Silver Needle came together as one… (Word and Spirit).


A Finisher’s Anointing!


Then I watched as The Silver Needle began to weave The Golden Thread through the two pieces of torn flag. Back and forth, and back and forth The Needle and The Golden Thread moved together as one.


Now as I watched intently, I saw the torn flag slowly begin to be reconnected and restored.


Then suddenly I noticed that The Golden Ball of Thread was beginning to diminish in size, and immediately The Spirit of Revelation spoke to me saying, “Daughter of man, it is time to release a Finisher’s Anointing upon The Remnant who have become weary, for that which has begun must be fully completed.”


As I heard The Spirit speak, I immediately began to release A Finisher’s Anointing upon those who were praying in the vision.


As I released the Words which had been instructed to me by The Spirit of Revelation, suddenly I saw fresh oil and fire fall upon those who lay prostrate around the flag.


Then the sound of their voices got louder and the sound of their cries became more intense. Then I watched as The Golden Ball of Thread began to grow and increase in size once again.


As the Golden Ball grew, so The Silver Needle continued to weave The Thread through the two pieces of the torn flag.


A time of total restoration and reformation!


Now as I stayed watching this take place in the vision, I saw the torn flag being fully repaired and fully made whole once again!


A nation which was torn and divided by the spirit of Leviathan was totally healed, restored and reformed.


A time of prayer, meditation and reflection!

As I came out of that powerful vision, I began to pray fervently for the nation and for all that I was shown.


The Spirit of God led me to intercede specifically for the weary warriors….. For those who would be tempted to shrink back as the battle intensifies.


Again I began to release by faith, A Finisher’s Anointing that the work of Restoration and Reformation that has begun in the nation would be fully perfected and completed.


As I prayed, and binding and loosing as The Spirit led, it was quickened to me the story of Moses when the battle raged and his arms grew tired… (Exodus 17:12-14)…. God raised up Aaron and Hur who brought a stone for Moses to sit upon and they stood beside him and held up his arms, holding them steady until the sun went down and the battle was won.


In the vision, I saw so clearly that as The Work of Restoration began, The Ball of Golden Thread began to diminish as the battle raged, but immediately I was instructed to release A Finisher’s Anointing, and as I did, fresh oil and fire fell, which reignited and revived the prayers of the saints and I watched as The Ball began to grow in size again, as The Ball grew, The Needle continued to move.


The Spirit of God highlighted to me again that The Word and The Spirit will come together in this hour to bring to full completion and perfection that which has been started in our nation!


I see… and decree!

In this hour I see God stand over His Word to perform it.


I decree The Word and The Spirit are coming together in this nation to Transform, Restore and Reform a land and people who are divided and a destiny that is in peril.”




Blessings to you all.

By Veronika West

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