If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

The Lord has been showing me . . .

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The Lord Has Been Showing Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord has been showing me something about intimacy that changes my perception of how we will be. We are all members in particular, all intimately joined with Him, connected with Him, His heart in us, our heart in Him. Like cells in a body, we are His body, each of us joined to Him. He relates to us individually, and for our part, we relate back to Him.


Like a couple walking hand in hand on a beach, we are not aware of each other, we are aware of Him. In His presence, it's simply each one of us with Him. This is where it becomes difficult to explain. Because we are flesh, limited thinking is our thing. We don't understand what it is to be Spirit who is not limited to matter or space or time. God is Spirit. He isn't here or there, He is ever present, and Heaven is 'where He dwells'.


I have been shown many times that we are not here to focus on other people (yes, they are still there, and yes, we answer them as He would have us do, but in our heart, we answer to HIM.) Other people are not the source of our relationship with Him, and that relationship is how we live. He is our source, and like oxygen, we need Him in every breath we take in. As He breathes into us, we are filled with His Life. This is the Lord's proper place in our heart.


The point I am trying to make is we see things far differently than He does and we do not see what He means. We have not seen what it is to be "enraptured" with Him as we will at His return. When we do, we will not be focused on each other, we will be aware of Him. For all of eternity this is how we will be, gathered to Him, gathered completely into Him, and oh, what sweetness that will be. It's what enraptured means.



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Instead of Rapture

By Kathy Mote



Instead of Rapture, the Holy Spirit has been saying Enraptured. Great joy is coming.






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Looking Back Over My Life

By Kathy Mote



Looking back over my life, I see that every detail, every one, prepared me for this moment, and every moment that is to come.



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By Kathy Mote



Beloved, when you judge someone else, just remember, you don't know two things that are vital to righteous judgment. You don't know God's purpose in it, and you aren't God who's in charge of it. You won't judge someone else as you give Him this respect.


Painting by Greg Olsen



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There Are Those Among the Lord’s

By Kathy Mote



There are those among the Lord's Beloved who are called to stand with Him in a very important time and agree with Him. What they are agreeing with is His authority to rule and His right to His own Word. The Lord has placed them where they are, and as they obey Him, He will show them the utmost respect. But these have never known the respect of man. In fact, they will barely know how to act. But stand they will, with their hearts full of respect for Him, and as He raises them, pride will not be found in them.


The authority the Lord is establishing in the Earth is something that man cannot touch. No one speaks to God's creation but Him, and no one knows His heart for all of creation lest He show them. Those He shows are obedient to Him. In every thought and deed, and every word they speak they obey Him. They stand on His mountain (what He is doing in the Earth that cannot be moved by man) with Him because that is where He brought them. God is establishing His authority in hearts He has brought into His presence.



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Have You Ever Had A Conversation With God

By Kathy Mote



Have you ever had a conversation with God as He was having a conversation with what was in your heart? Nearly every conversation I have had where God spoke to me, it was initiated by Him, and it was for His purpose, be it for comfort or correction. Many times what He has spoken to me was a direct response to where I was or how I was, not what I said or what I did. I don't say or do anything He doesn't tell me to. He is merciful and wise, gentle and kind, and He can see what is in your heart and remove every obstacle that stands between His heart and His objective in us, which is to make us as He is. Thank You ❤️


Art by Orit Martin



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I Wanted to Come On Today

By Kathy Mote



I wanted to come on today and say something about how stupid wearing masks is. Cotton masks stop nothing, but they will give you a bacterial infection in your lungs.


The other thing I wanted to do was ask if there was any connection between covid and the three chemicals they have been painting the sky with for years. The Lord told me not to.


My response was not as it should have been. I asked if it was because Kathy Mote can't say anything. He said, No, because Kathy Mote is given to Me and I say what Kathy Mote says.


I reacted like a brat, looking at not one but three things in my life I don't enjoy that were also given to Him. The Lord said, Do you have a problem with My decisions in your life? I said I didn't, even though there are days that I do. He asked me again and again I refused to complain.


He asked me a third time, and I denied myself again. Then He asked me why I accepted His will. I do not argue against what He has done in my life and I do not wish for my own desires. The reason is, once you start to go that way, the end result is ending up like Lucifer did.


There is a reason I felt led to share. Many are wrestling with their thinking on the subject of what God's parameters should be. We read the scriptures without seeing Him and come away seeing what we think, and having no idea of the glory to come, we are stuck in our flesh.


But there are things that we do not see as we read, like the fact that no one really had the ability to follow Jesus except those He called personally. Did you ever think about that? The reason is He is in charge of every detail of the lives given to Him because He is Lord, and most people want to live the way they want.


The Lord is sure digging deep, down onto the bedrock of how we think. As I answered His questions today, the bedrock I found was beyond reason and religion. That is where His Lordship is established. So when He asks you why you lay down your will to follow His, 'Because You are God' ends all argument in you. It also puts an end to anything Has against you.



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It Is Inevitable

By Kathy Mote




It is inevitable that what humbles you is what you desire with all your heart to be rid of, but what you don't see is God's hand in it, or rather, that it is God's hand working in your life.


Think about it. What humbles you brings you to Him, and like a restraint, keeps you from running away or ahead of His heart being fulfilled in your being. It is like a back brace, correcting your heart posture, teaching you to stand before Him, showing you that you do not have control, He does, and He will have His way in all things. He does not negotiate His Lordship over you, and His place in your heart is what He is teaching you.


We always say it is His will to heal, but what we refer to is on such a carnal level. Being carnal, we think healed means physical wholeness. He is spiritual, so to Him it means being made one with Him, that His desires be reflected in you and shine from you. That is when you walk above all that comes against Him. Still being carnal, we don't fully know what this means, because what we want is a better physical being.


What about the nine who walked away, you say? I have often wondered that myself. Why include that in the scripture? Because when they got what they wanted, they walked away only having what they wanted. This gave them almost nothing. Less than nothing. Because without Him having His full desire in their heart, they will leave this life not knowing Him, and not be gathered to Him.


So. What is the point? To know Him and be made one with His heart, to be transformed by His presence and to become the expression of His desire. That is what we were created for. He said your surrender brought you to Me. Now we will see what I do with one who belongs to Me. Now it is time to see what comes after this, now that I AM Lord of it!







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When You Judge

By Kathy Mote



When you judge what is of God by what you can believe, you are not seeing God, you are seeing your own beliefs. It may be reasonable in our own thinking to understand what we believe, but we are not invited to believe only what we can see and understand. This is what happens with just a measure of trust, we see and hear Him as we accept His love.

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