If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

So let's get this straight . . .

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So Let’s Just Get This Straight

By Kathy Mote



So let’s just get this straight. God did not give you Christ's authority, and Christ did not step down to make you Lord. He sends you by His authority (His power to rule), and His authority is what you obey. His authority is what you honor and the devil is subject to it. As you honor the Lord's authority, the Lord has His way.



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The Carnal Nature

By Kathy Mote



The carnal nature is all about self, and in their carnal thinking, people have consumed their portion on their flesh by walking in the flesh to declare themselves as powerful. But our portion is the invitation to become one with Him. As they fight and war with the devil, they entirely miss the point.


What we have done in the past is to declare we have power over the devil and over circumstance but we have not done this in His presence where HE is Lord. This is not declaring His Word, being delivered and set free and being changed into His image is declaring His Word. More than what we declare with our mouth, what He declares in us is what we become.


As we fight and war with the devil, we declare our own defeat, for warring with the devil is what we are delivered from. We are called to set our eyes on and walk in the things that are above, for that is where our heart is. We have been walking in our carnal nature, the very thing we are delivered from. The Lord's presence is what the devil flees from. Walking in His presence is not something we are called to argue about.




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The Power of the Lord

By Kathy Mote



The power of the Lord to save you is the same power that will transform you in His presence. The body of believers has made a grave error in the past, rising with their fist in the air saying, "I am powerful! What they should have said was, HE is powerful. Had they done this they would have honored Him and remained in His presence to be changed.




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If You Could See Into The Heavens

By Kathy Mote



If you could see into the Heavens, you could see where you stand. You would know the beauty of your obedience to Him. It is dignity far beyond this life, and beauty this world cannot respect. The reason is this world is a self-oriented place, and power is king to the fallen man.


The carnal nature is naturally war like, and obedience is anathema to them, something they vehemently dislike. But oh, how beautiful you are to the Lord, and all of Heaven can see that in you is His beating heart. This is something the angels have waited for, His will made perfect in the Earth.




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The Lord’s Invitation

By Kathy Mote



The Lord's invitation to enter into His presence is His promise and declaration that you will be transformed by His power.


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I Remember

By Kathy Mote



I remember when my checkbook register kept coming up wrong. A few dollars here and there turned into a few hundred dollars off, even after going over it again and again. After many days of frustration, I found what the culprit was. One of the keys on my calculator was no longer making contact, so when I entered $1234, the screen showed $124.00, the decimal being automatic.


That was many years ago, and digital is how we roll now, but the Lord reminded me of that today. The knowledge of Him we have trusted for so long isn't all there is to Him. Our 'calculators' have a flaw, causing us to think we see when we don't see, which means we don't see at all. As the Lord takes us deeper to know His heart, we will see Him as He desires to be seen. Having a closed mind is a dangerous thing to operate by. If we are not careful, we will do what the Pharisees did.


There are many today who will find they have a closed mind, believing what they always believed, but what they believe was in another time. And let's be honest, we heard what we believe from man and we stick with it because it makes sense to our mind.


The Holy Spirit is a promise of what is to come, and as we listen, He will lead us to the Truth in the Lord's heart. The revelation of the Truth that is being released from the Father's heart is what we have been waiting for. The knowledge of Him that is being revealed is the herald of His imminent return. His invitation to love and be loved is a call to know His heart. The world will never see anything more powerful.


One who loves Him with their whole heart is the fiercest warrior Heaven and Earth will ever see. Knowing His love puts all warfare to the test. Living in the Lord's presence puts the devil on the run. Trusting the Lord sets the devil's teeth on edge, for it declares his defeat in our heart. The deep bond we have with the Lover of our soul will reveal that we are in Him as He returns.



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As the Lord’s Will In Your Life Is

By Kathy Mote



As the Lord's will in your life is between you and Him, then so is your response to Him. Our circumstance is a means to an end, and it is so easy to be distracted by it, because we don't know the glory that is to come. Your child like trust brings your heart to Him and it is your strongest defense against resenting the situation you find yourself in.


It seems lately that life is so hard. Difficult trials, and devastating disappointments seem to derail our life. I am impressed strongly to say, it is all preparing you for glory that is to come. I hear the Lord say, I will end your suffering, and oh, what an end it will be. I will cause your heart to sing.


The weight and responsibility you are learning to walk in now will turn to gladness. Soon it won't feel like a burden. But something will happen in your heart. Sudden surrender will bring sudden delight.




Occurring without transition from the previous form or state, abrupt: a sudden turn.




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Our Father in Heaven

By Kathy Mote



Our Father in Heaven loves us so much, that He turns His face away from what tests and tries us. His love is so powerful and active to bring His will to pass, that when we are broken, His heart is broken for us. There are things that do not occur in His presence, like rebellion and the suffering of His children. But some things have to happen to make us who we are.


Some of the thoughts we have of ourselves have to be removed and we have to learn the Truth. We have to learn humility in order to hear His heart. It is not in His nature to witness these things. This does not mean He abandons us, oh no! Even though He takes no pleasure in our momentary suffering in this life, nothing happens without His permission. That is a hard truth to know.




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What We Can Perceive

By Kathy Mote


What we can perceive when we read the Bible is not to be compared to the revelation it will be when the Lord fulfills it. How He brings His Word to pass usually hits people right between the eyes. Reading about Life is not at all the same as experiencing it.


The Holy Spirit is given to us to lead us to Him, and in His presence He reveals His heart. What the Lord reveals to your heart is what you know and it changes you. Being as He says is agreeing with Him. Scholars have been trying to interpret the Bible for centuries, but God's heart and intentions are clearly hidden in Him until He reveals them.


The Bible was written thousands of years ago by people who heard the Lord and spoke of their dealings with Him. The Lord doesn't speak in chapter and verse, man did that to keep track of what God said to them. Yet His most precious promise to make us perfect by filling us with the perfect (intimate without flaw) knowledge of Him has yet to be filled. That is what He created us for.


There are things that have been hidden, buried in scripture since the beginning that we will see come to pass as He raises us by doing them. That is when we will have true revelation of them, when they are seen living and moving and breathing in us. The Lord said how to agree with Him is not to quote scripture, but to become as He said. That is His power bringing us to Him.




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The Devil is the Perpetrator

By Kathy Mote



The devil is the perpetrator of every evil on this planet. So what is the devil's purpose in God's plan for us? The vicious and troublesome nuisance continually comes against us, showing us how completely we need the Lord. It is only in God's arms that we are safe from harm of all sorts.


The devil is the poster child for what happens outside His presence. He also teaches us the foolishness of acknowledging him, for he is here to rile us. Just being exposed to him reveals our weakness, which is that we need to be filled with God's desire and made one with His heart.


It is God's plan that we be filled with all the fullness of His heart. That is what He will do with every one of us as He finishes what He started with 'Let there be Light'. I can't imagine what that will be like, to be made one with His heart and become the full expression of what He loves.


This takes us far from rebellion and walking in our flesh to live this life, and invites us to surrender our heart to Him and remain in His presence to find what His thoughts toward us are.


The devil didn't mess anything up. As difficult and ugly as he is, he is part of the plan. As we are being filled with all the fullness of God, we are not dealing with the devil or fighting him to be called before the Lord, we are yielding our heart to God and being made as God desires.


This is not something you can learn without Him, or teach someone else. It's not something you can absorb by reading about Him. We will be filled with the love of God that displays His nature, character and heart's desire. The only way to be filled with His glory is to be the work of His hands as you are embraced in His arms.



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Awesome brother. May it be as you have testified of God's word. Thank You! God bless you!!!

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i really love this page it has helped me love god <3

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So beautiful.

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As I read your page, the end of the seven years kept off the page to me. 31st is the 7th year. The shmita.

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