If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

To Have a Right Heart . . .


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To Have A Right Heart

By Kathy Mote



To have a right heart is to care deeply about what the Lord wants in your heart. It is the act of desiring Him, and following after Him, wanting nothing but His love. He is your oxygen, your way in and the way out. This is being taken where you would not know how to go.


We are being brought into true fellowship with the Lord. To Him, fellowship is being one heart with Him. Knowing His heart is the way to hear His voice in yours. I'll bet you thought it was the other way around, that you have to hear Him to acknowledge He is Lord, but that is leaning on your own understanding as He proves Himself. That is not trust.


How His Kingdom (where He rules) works is you accept that He is Lord, and then being your Lord, He brings you into His presence to hear His voice. That is how you know His will, but most importantly, it is how you become as He wills.


This is why our one command is to love the Lord with all our heart and mind. That command is our invitation to know Him, and it is how He will have His way in us. The very act of caring that deeply for Him is giving Him your heart, and He has His way in what is His. He will make you to be the same as His heart, for to fellowship is to live and breathe as one heart.



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I Have Been Hearing

By Kathy Mote



I have been hearing a psych eval for the entire world, and everyone in it who thinks the world revolves around them because they are so important. But the problem is they don't feel important at all, and they don't feel loved. Being without Him, they know nothing of love. They thrash and bash and try to control, hoping to feel the comfort of having control. They do what they have to manipulate those around them. This is how they make everything about them. But not being satisfied, they bite and devour everything good that they don't have. They are consumed with jealousy, they just can't help it.


They hate themselves, they surely do, because in their anger, they are unable to hear or receive. So I am releasing this Word that they will not hear. The Lord who sent me knows their heart, and I rejoice that He will speak to them in a way they cannot deny. He will tell them He is most important of all, and everything revolves around Him. This is the best news a broken heart can hear, that He is LORD and there is Life and love and order in Him, and He will heal them by His Spirit.



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As I Obey The Lord

By Kathy Mote



As I obey the Lord, His authority pours through me. It is not my intention to take it, but it moves powerfully to make a way for me as I obey Him. This is not about my life, but His presence being established in the Earth. His standards are established as I adore Him. He establishes His Word as I accept what He says to Me.


This is not reading the Bible and quoting scripture as I understand it, this is intimate relationship, and He is present to fulfill His will in it. The reaction the world around me has to His presence as I walk with Him is profoundly different than what it used to be. Before He brought me to complete surrender, I was rejected everywhere I went since my birth. As I live here belonging to the Lord, I reject the world's opinion of the Lord and of me, for it is irrelevant.



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In The Past Months Of My Life

By Kathy Mote



In the past months of my life, I have felt undone, like I have been waiting, waiting, waiting in a void of not knowing what's next. I went limp in this void, trusting whatever He would do in His creation, and acknowledging that I am His creation, I surrendered all to become what He would make of me.


I surrendered my 'life' and all hold I had on it as far as I knew to...we always hold on, no matter what we think, for that is 'living'…up to a certain point and then the void becomes losing the will to live...He stops us just before that, and that is the vast nothingness I teetered on the brink of...trusting, trusting, trusting Him...I saw Him rescue me just in the nick of time just as He said He would, and being emptied, He gave me a deep revelation of Him.


In the deepest trust, it no longer matters what will come, whatever that is, you will be in His arms. Above all things, I know His love for me, a deep and unfathomable bond with Him that He Himself created in me.


So here I am, as He promised, realizing a paradigm shift to surpass all paradigm shifts ever given, something there are no words to describe. Each of us are as a cell in His body that He will purify and fill, then gather and embrace to Him, each one of us precious to Him and being made perfect by Him, we will be all for Him and all of Him.


He is not building a church, or a building to live in or any such carnal thing, He is creating in our heart a living Bride to hold and be held, and as He pours His love into us, that is how we are made perfect and that is how we receive.

It is not by any other means but knowing His heart that we are gathered into His arms. The bond of love is built on living trust. The closer you get to Him, the simpler the Truth is. What we are is the expression of His love being poured into us, taking us beyond the human condition.



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It’s Only As You Surrender

By Kathy Mote



It's only as you surrender that He will redeem your hurt and gather your heart. He will not take what is not His. As you surrender your heart, you give Him your life and receive the Life He gives. He's always been there to heal, you just have to receive to enter in.






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Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

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Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

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I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

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Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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