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"Deliverance, Surprise Exposures and Destinies Released"

By Ella Onakoya



On July 28, 2020, I had three vivid dreams that lasted all night and were messages of importance to the Body of Christ. These three dreams were separate encounters and were assignments that dealt with different issues. The Lord is doing a deep work of deliverance and releasing destinies that have been stagnant. He is also on course to reveal the hidden things of darkness.


A Dream of God Shutting Demonic Screens and Demonic Gateways to Illnesses


On the night of July 28th 2020, I was in worship and prayer when I was pulled by the Lord into a sleep where I had a dream encounter. In the dream, I entered a room where I saw a woman who was extremely sick. She laid on the couch and was unable to get up. The atmosphere in the room was heavy and oppressive. As I entered the room, I saw and felt waves of darkness in the room. I saw that the waves of darkness were coming from a television that was turned on.


The television was playing a horror film and I discerned that the sickness and oppression the woman had was caused by the waves of darkness emanating from the horror film she was watching. My assignment in the dream was to shut off the demonic television screen so the woman could get well.


In order to shut off the television screen, the Lord strengthened me to walk through the waves of darkness in the room that tried to prevent me from reaching the television. I turned off the TV screen and the waves of oppression in the room disappeared. On completing this assignment, the Lord pulled me out of the dream and I woke up to pray for anyone suffering from oppressive sickness to be healed and for all demonic screens in lives that are opened to be shut in the name of Jesus.


Many times, dreams have layers of meaning. In this particular dream, while I felt that we are being warned to beware of watching movies with demonic roots in them that could release atmospheres of oppression, I believe the dream was also highlighting actual demonic screens in the spirit world where demonic portals are opened to oppress the saints of God. There is authority in the name of Jesus to close these demonic screens.


Last year, I was ministering at a church in London when I gave a word of knowledge about the Lord wanting to heal people with neck problems. A lady came forward for prayer and became healed after I prayed for her. She testified that before she had the neck pain, she had a dream where someone put a curse on her that her neck would be broken.  


She woke up with pains in her neck that were not there before. She was unable to move her neck freely. The dream she had seemed like movie screen that was played out in her life where her neck became painful and stiff. The power in the name of Jesus had shut what was released through the demonic movie screen in her dream and she became healed and delivered from the curse.


For those of you who are oppressed because you have watched unclean visual screens that allowed demonic access into your lives, I encourage you to repent of that act. In the name of Jesus, I close the demonic screens in your lives, and in the lives of Believers who have no known open door to sin but are experiencing attacks of the enemy through demonic screens opened in the spirit world. I release the atmosphere of Heaven into your lives to replace all waves of oppression.


I do believe that God wants to empower Believers to change atmospheres and shut demonic screens that have been opened in lives and nations in order for many to experience their freedom. You can read about how God wants to empower you to release deliverance in my book Empowered by the Anointing.


A Dream of Exposure


"He reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him." (Daniel 2:22)


In my second dream, after I had the dream of the demonic screens being shut, I fell asleep again and had another dream where I was given important documents. I opened the documents and was surprised at the information, which they contained: exposure of grave misdeeds that many people had been unaware of.


In the dream, I knew I had to hand over the documents to the authorities who could appropriately investigate them. I took the documents and entered a car where some men were waiting to drive me to where we could hand over the documents to the authorities. As we drove, we stopped by a building where I felt we could get help with finding out where the nearest police station was located so we could hand over the documents.


Alas, when we arrived at the place where we felt it was a safe to find information from trusted men who would direct us to the authorities, we were met with men who were not as innocent as they looked. I trustingly showed them the information and asked for the directions to the nearest police authority to hand over the documents. Their demeanor became menacing as they looked at the information and saw what it contained. They encircled us to prevent us from escaping with the documents we had.


Miraculously, the team of men I had arrived with and I escaped and drove off, and we continued to look for where we could hand over the information. I woke up from the dream with a very strong sense of urgency that things are not what they seem.  


I am not one to advocate conspiracy theories at all, but such was the vividness of the dream, and the unexpected exposure of what I saw, that I awoke feeling that things are not what they seem to be, and there is evidence that Heaven knows about that needs to be exposed. When I woke up, I did not remember the exact details of the misdeeds I saw in the documents, only that acts of certain people need to be exposed to the authorities and it is very vital that this should occur.


I strongly urge and encourage both individual and corporate prayers to be prayed, in the Body of Christ, for crucial evidence of high level misdeeds to be discovered and brought to light and to be released to the relevant authorities. May hidden deeds of darkness be brought to light!


As I write this, I think of the book of Esther and Haman's intricate plans, to destroy Mordecai and the people of Israel, coming to light and being exposed. May Heaven's light shine on hidden things that need exposure and the righteous justice of God to be released in the season of God's vindication.


A Dream of Destinies Being Revived


In my third dream that night, I was on an assignment to help activate destinies and anointing’s that had been dormant for a long while. In the dream, I saw a man who had experienced a powerful encounter with God when he was saved as a child but was not walking in his destiny.


My hand began to tingle with the anointing that felt like electric currents, and as I put my hand on his palm, he began to bubble up speaking in glorious tongues and laughing joyously in the Spirit, as God's powerful anointing enveloped him. I sensed all that had been stagnant in him was being released as he came into agreement with Heaven for the fulfillment of his heavenly destiny.


I woke up from the dream praying for destinies that had been unfulfilled, represented by the man in the dream, to be released in the Body of Christ. There is a powerful move of God's Spirit to release unfulfilled destinies into fulfillment through His anointing.


Saints of God, be encouraged as the Lord, through His mighty move, removes atmospheres of demonic oppression, releases anointings for fulfilled destinies and brings exposure to hidden deeds of darkness that need to be exposed in this season of God's vindication.




By Ella Onakoya

Harvest of the Nations

Email: ella_koya@hotmail.com

Website: www.harvestofthenations.com



ElijahList Publications

528 Ellsworth St. SW

Albany, OR 97321


email: info@elijahlist.net

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