If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

While on a Search . . .

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While on a Search

By Kathy Mote



While on a search for an image, I ran across one by Rassouli entitled, 'And man made God in His image.' The very idea of it offended me, so I passed on by. But the Lord keeps bringing it back to my mind. That is exactly what we have done. Each time we misinterpret scripture, we misunderstand in our carnal mind what we are only called to know in our heart.


Each time we see ourselves instead of Him, we miss the point of the Life He gives us as He brings us to Him.


Perhaps that is the battle Paul spoke of so often, that we fight and war against our fallen and carnal nature just to trust. But as I see His beautiful face and hear His voice, I know I am l am loved. In His presence, my weakness, my enemy and the battle to trust is far behind.



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I Constantly Choke Down

By Kathy Mote



I constantly choke down the urge to war against the ignorance of what God is doing in the heart of man. In trusting what He is doing, I do not war, which is what He is doing in the heart of man.


Becoming one heart with the Lord is not at all the same action as fighting the devil to stand. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other, since one is Life and the other is the actions of one who is dead. One is of faith and one is of the flesh. Our walk with Him is a relationship based on accepting His love for us. That is why He came.


In being embraced, I no longer war in my flesh to be right, or to be made right with Him, I yield to Him and trust Him. In our flesh, we miss the point. Not being in His presence, we don't understand. He came to make us one with Him. We don't do that by warring in our flesh to enter in, He does this in us by bringing us into His love.



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Being Faithful

By Kathy Mote


Being faithful means He does not change simply because we did not come.



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The Lord Has Been Giving Us

By Kathy Mote



The Lord has been giving us what we need to come to Him, to hear Him, and to commune with Him. We have been calling it surrender, and not understanding, we have felt undone. We didn't realize that humble presence we felt was His presence preparing us, giving us a right heart, bringing us to Him. Union with Him is no casual affair. We are being made to enter in with a right heart.



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When We Speak of Being

By Kathy Mote



When we speak of being or not being worthy, we are speaking of seeing ourselves, not Him. We speak in terms of our own ability to achieve or our nature to fail, but that is just us not seeing Him and not being aware of Him. That is why He continually extends the invitation to love Him with all of our heart.


It is His love in us that changes us, making us alive to Him. It is not a matter of being worthy, it is a matter of knowing Him. His love changes us as He makes us as He is. It's what keeps us with Him.



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As We Are

By Kathy Mote



As we are, we cannot love as God loves. Without Him, we cannot be as He is. Without His love to bring us to Him, we cannot approach Him as one who is invited to Him to fellowship with Him.


The love we are capable of is merely something we feel. His love is so deep, we weep in the presence of it as we are made aware of Him. His love is so powerful, it heals. It is His presence, and He changes us as He is revealed. The deeper His love enters our heart, the more deeply we are healed.


Like leaving His thumbprint on our heart, His love changes the flow of our desires. In all things we lean toward Him, following in His presence. The pull toward Him is powerful to guide us and keep us from error as He teaches us to respond to Him.


The love our heart is capable of is not the same as God's love. It is not 'good enough' to see or hear Him or approach Him, and not being the same as Him, it is not capable of fellowship with Him. But His love, revealed to our heart, is His invitation to come to Him and to be with Him. It teaches us how to behave as His children as we are called to Him, and as we live our life before Him, we learn to stand before Him.


The fallen angels don't understand His love for us. They don't consider us worth anything and being jealous, they seeth. But the angels that honor Him standing in His presence day and night carry out His desires for us. They minister to us to honor His heart toward us, for we are precious to Him. For every fallen one there are two who stand, twice the size and filled with His power, and day and night they protect us.


Knowing these things, our hearts are filled and we rush to be embraced. Our heart's desire is actually His desire revealed that we be taken into His presence and be as He is. This is not our lofty dream to be powerful, and it is not about selfish desire. It is not something our own heart can dream of, or imitate or by works, acquire. His love is His presence, and it is His invitation to enter the bond of the most precious relationship there is, to be one and the same heart with Him. He is creating in us the most precious bond with Him as He calls us to Him. Those who hear Him do not resist.



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If You Cannot Accept

By Kathy Mote


If you cannot accept God's anointing on someone else's life, you cannot walk in God's anointing on your own.

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