If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Standing with the Lord . . .

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Standing With The Lord

By Kathy Mote



Right now, standing with the Lord is the loneliest place in the world because so few stand before Him. He is establishing what is in the depth of His heart, and nobody knows but Him. Those called before Him truly stand in this world alone. He is aligning our hearts as we stand before Him that we would be able to rightly hear Him. He keeps singing that song to me that goes, "Hey 19, no, we can't be together, no we can't talk at all..." 


The heart that acknowledges He is LORD the way HE desires is the heart that can hear Him. This is the heart that knows Him as LORD. This goes beyond mental consent, and it is deeper than the bond of love by which we hang on. This is not our idea of what knowing Him is like, it is His. This is His presence, unhindered and unfiltered and that is what we are being brought into by Him.



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What God Is Saying

By Kathy Mote




What God is saying is what God is doing. His Word is the expression of His desire. You can count on what He says. Every promise made is a promise fulfilled, and He is faithful to His Living Word. His Word is His bond and Jesus honors the Father's will. He said, I am not a man, that I would lie. I am never false.


Every promise He ever made is a promise He will keep. So how do we receive? Not walking in His presence, we have declared scripture to receive, one promise at a time. We don't receive that way because that isn't calling Him Lord of our heart and being brought into His presence. He is the promise. What He meant is so much more than our mind can conceive.


I'm going to say something that has weighed heavily on my heart for a long time. People think I am against the Bible. I am most definitely not. I love every word the prophets wrote of Him. But knowing and quoting what is promised is the wrong approach to walking with WHO did the promising. You have to receive HIM. He is Lord. All the promises God ever made describe what happens in His presence, the miracle of Life is Him. You live your life honoring Him and being embraced by Him.


What the carnal mind is unable to grasp by receiving promises is the promise is HIM. The relationship the heart was invited to walk in is in His presence. It's what every altar call is about. The act of opening your heart to Him is how you receive. The promise of Life is Him, and He will fulfill every promise as you give your heart to Him.



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In A Vision

By Kathy Mote



In a vision that is recurring over and over again, I see a street tough sports car with an uprooted stop sign thrown through the windshield. In a movie from long ago I didn't even see was a scene like that, and I looked it up. The car belonged to a man that was hired to be a bouncer in a rowdy establishment.

The rough and tumble troublemakers who frequented the place didn't want the bouncer coming in and changing things for them. But the owner of the establishment said enough is enough. The owner hired the toughest bouncer in the business. No one was tough enough to run him off.


God's prophets stand in the midst of rejection just like this, speaking His heart to people who want only to walk in their flesh. They want power and interpret scripture using common sense. They want the promise grabbing religion they have always had.


The prophets are beginning to see their lives differently now. Turns out all that rejection made them tough. They stand in the midst of unfriendly fire that would devastate anyone else. Their hearts have never been welcome in this Earth, so the earth is no loss to them.


This post is a message to them. Few in number, but mighty in the presence of the Lord. They will release His Word as they obey Him, and He stands powerfully in them. He is the hedge around them. Popular opinion matters not to them.


The devil is gunning for the prophets because they will bring a halt to his partying days in the Earth. With no one to understand, not even those who will be saved, God's heart will be released by those who are called to speak something no one understands yet. I would say let this encourage all you who stand, but you don't need any encouragement. You are well trained to do as He says.



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Many Have Thought

By Kathy Mote



Many have thought they can come before God and tell Him what His Word means. They tell Him, chapter and verse, what they receive. He does not answer them. What is offered to them is Him. What they are invited to receive is Him. I have had many conversations with Him. He does the talking. I say, Yes, Lord. In this relationship where He is Lord, I am given far more, receiving all that is given with a humble heart.



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By Kathy Mote




Wow...Suddenly the meaning of surrender went from 'stop struggling to find your own way' to 'be embraced'. His heart, His nature and His character are being revealed. Love is what He is revealing in us. As we see more of Him, we will 'see' less of ourselves.


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Another Facet

By Kathy Mote



Another facet of how 'Faith works by love' is that to know He loves you makes you trust in Him. Love is a bond making two one heart. His nature is to be faithful to His own heart's desire.


His love for you is His invitation, revealed to your heart, and your response is to love Him back. Love engenders surrender...the act of not struggling aginst Him as we are embraced. Surrender is the act of trusting His love for you, and that is what He is faithful to.


Faith is His Word, meaning JESUS, working to bring you to Him...I realize this was a walk around the park, but He is not a book, and His heart is filled with living wisdom and Life. Jesus is His Word, the living expression of His will, and He was sent to make us one with Him.


He said there is no circumstance or condition, opposition or foe that surrender to Him will not release you from. In His presence you rise above all else.



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Don’t Deify the Bible

By Kathy Mote



Don't Deify the Bible. Jesus is the Living Word of God. When He reveals Himself to your heart as God, He is bringing you into His presence to hear His voice. As He is revealed, your heart will recognize Him. In His powerful presence you will know Him as Lord.




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You Can Only Know Scripture

By Kathy Mote



You can only know scripture in your head. That knowledge, when acted on is called religion. Revelation of Him takes place by His presence being made known to your heart. That is knowing Him and hearing His voice. There are some who don't know the difference yet between heart and head. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the difference between reading scripture and knowing Him face to face can be likened to the difference between reading a romance novel and being embraced.









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