If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

This is what the Lord said . . .


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This Is What The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



This is what the Lord said. I will cast down every high and lofty thought man has ever had. I will bring My Beloved to a high place Myself and there I will open My heart that you might see My face and know My name. As you are etched on the palm of My hand, I will engrave My thoughts of you into your heart. This is how you will know Who I AM, that you and I will be as one heart, that nothing in this world will tear us apart.


*To be etched or engraved on the palm of His hand means all that He is doing is bringing you to Him. All that you are is in His hands. He is creating His image in you, and He won't quit until it is finished. This is how He makes us whole, to fill us with the beat of His heart. It is His heart's desire and intention to make us one with Him. We are the work of His hands, His masterpiece, His creation, the expression of His love given. He said, “You have no idea of the goodness I have intended for you, no concept of the love will pour into you.”





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As I Awoke This Morning

By Kathy Mote



As I awoke this morning, I heard the sounds of the Lord cutting great cedar posts to build a house. The Lord said, I Myself am building a house, for the Cedars of Lebanon are all hewn down. I will raise them up who are cast down, and great will be the glory of My house.


Lebanon refers to the mountain of God, what God Himself is doing in the Earth as He reveals His heart. All of creation will know what was hidden in God's heart for them from the very beginning. He said, I have brought you to a high and lofty place that you might see My face.


Cedars of Lebanon were planted to symbolize power and life, but they were hewn down to build houses for the Kings of the Earth. All of man's glory will be as nothing before the glory of the Lord as He is revealed.


Every great thing man was meant to be is felled and cut down that God would build His home in them. Every thought man has is being humbled before God. God said to be humbled is to see Him. The Lord said, I Myself will build My dwelling place in their heart and nothing will compare to it.




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said you have to lose your religion to have relationship. You have to stop thinking your relationship with Him is your doing. What you are 'doing' is responding to Him. He is present to change your heart as He draws you to Him. Even 'your faith' is your response to Him. Your trust is your response to His presence.




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I Am Not Trying to Convince

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, I am not trying to convince as many as I can, I am bringing those I conceived in My mind and created in My heart into My arms.  You will never convince the carnal mind that I am real. You cannot reason with them to change how they think. Those who know Me in their heart hear My voice as I call to them. It is those who will rise.




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Hide His Word in Your Heart

By Kathy Mote



When He said to hide His word in your heart that you not forget, He meant what He said to you. Your relationship with Him is as personal as it gets. It is what defines your knowledge of Him. Why would He tell one who is embraced in His arms to memorize scripture when the scripture point to Him. What He meant was hold dear every word spoken to your heart. What you are is dear to Him, and that shows you who you are.


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I Have Seen God

By Kathy Mote



I have seen God bring His desire into my heart simply by desiring it. He is powerful to bring His will to pass. I have seen Him bring comfort to my heart simply by being near me. I have likewise experienced healing, just because He said, You're alright. How does this happen? Do angels minister His desire? Does the Holy Spirit bring it about? But these are carnal questions thought of in a carnal mind that wonders how, and by what means and when. I only know He is powerful to bring what He desires to pass. He is the living God and all things answer to Him.


Art by Greg Olsen



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I Do Not Face My Circumstance

By Kathy Mote



I do not face my circumstance. My circumstance does not determine what I am. I face the Lord and I wait on Him. What He says to me is what I am as I trust in Him. This is between me and Him. This is not my faith struggling to receive my will, this is His Word coming to pass and me abiding in His presence, snuggled into His arms. This is His faith working in me to bring me to Him as I trust in Him. This is Him making me as I am.


There have been things that rose up against me, bringing grave consequence with them. I turned to the Lord to inquire about His will, and He said, “Don't worry about it.” They came to nothing. I don't know where they went. The worry of them left my heart and they obeyed Him, just like that.



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By Kathy Mote



Everywhere the Apostle Paul went, He was met with violent resistance. Every town he visited to preach what the Living God told him to say, the people rejected him. The reason was, what Paul said went against their understanding of scripture.


Not knowing God's plan for all of humanity, what they believed was based on them being a physical nation. They had no concept of the full intent of God's promise. They believed something in their carnal mind, and nothing would convince them otherwise.


But God's heart and desire for all of His creation is beyond our imagination. To accept and receive the Son of God as Lord and Savior is our only invitation. In our carnal thinking, we assume that was the prayer we prayed to 'get saved' and so we give it no further consideration. But to walk with Him, to be one with Him and to hear Him speak to us, we are to continually accept and receive Him in our heart. That is what God intended.


Like the people in Paul's day, our beliefs are based on our intelligent assumptions. But if becoming as He is and being one with Him is our destination, then what are we doing quoting scripture at Him? Is He not Lord of His own promise? If surrendering our heart is calling Him LORD, then why do we make a religion of the promise, but not trust Him?


We do not fully understand what is in the heart of God for us. He created us as an expression of His love. To bring us to Him is His desire. That is how He is making us as He is. But we walk as carnal people when we concern our hearts with the things of this life. To be with Him and to call Him Lord, all is to be given to Him.




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You Cannot Have Faith

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said “you cannot have faith or receive without surrender.” Think about what you believe! If you believe you receive what you desire, that is what you are doing, not what He is Lord of. You give Him your heart to call Him Lord. You stand in His presence to hear His voice and know His desire. That is what He is doing in you. That is what He is Lord of, and you believe in Him.


You do not declare your own desire and believe He will give that to you. That is not Jesus living and breathing in you, making you as He desires. The Bible says we cannot imagine His thoughts toward us. That is why so many struggle in fear. Simply put, Jesus brings God's will to pass, and to receive, we accept and receive Him. By Christ Jesus is how God's Word lives in us, so we abide in Him.


Operating solely by the Bible, we have treated Him like the enforcer of our religion, a religion based on our understanding of the plain English of what the Bible says. For Jesus to be Lord of our desire for our situation, we have to surrender our heart to Him. That is why it is written, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done. His Kingdom is where He rules. We give Him our heart. We give Him all, that He would rule in us.


In calling Him Lord, you are giving Him control, declaring your trust in Him. Jesus is Lord and He is the Word. To accept Him as Lord, to be as He says, to be in His presence to honor His Lordship and receive God's will to give us Life in Him, we give our heart to Him.






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