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Spiritual vultures were circling . . .

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Things Are Going to Fall Into Place!

By Pastor Debra Lowe



“There are things in your life that I AM about to cause to fall into place.  Some who were slightly out of order, others who were totally crooked.


I AM releasing into your life new strategies to help you overcome.  What may look like failure and the end is only a door opening to new plans to shift you into your large place.


This will be a time of acceleration in those areas where it seemed that the ‘spiritual vultures’ were circling.


The old strategies and tactics that you tried to follow, because it worked for someone else, yet they never worked for you, have finally been released from your hands.


You have cried out to Me, and better still, you waited on Me to reveal to you My steps for you.  Now stay in the position of having your neck stretched out in anticipation of the surprises and tokens that I have for My obedient ones.


Breakthrough, advancement, and improvements will arise in every area of your life that you have yielded to Me.  Many of My people will be loosed from places where they have been held captive in their lives.


Places where they sense that they have lost their purpose and their call.  Here I will renew your joy of serving and loving Me.  I will amplify your sensitivity to My Gifts.


You will begin to operate from a high place of The Spirit in your day to day lives, for you are My Temple.


As you yield daily to the gifts, you will hear me lead you in the way that you should go.  Opportunities will be easily attainable and the limits have been lifted that kept you bound, for you have been found faithful.


Barriers that kept you from stepping over into the territory that I have already given you, will be blown over.


Listen, for I will speak in the night seasons as well as when you walk by the way through dreams, visions, and by the light of My Word.


All of these precious promises I will do for you because you have obeyed My voice and did not choose your own way over Mine.


I AM promoting in-House as well as in the market places, all that have sought after Me in a dry and weary place.


Those who have pressed after The Kingdom, when others ran to the world, because of tests, trials and tribulations.


I AM always rewarding the faithful and those who endure in Me.  Shame shall be the promotion of fools, those who do not choose obedience.  Most of all, you will be revived in your relationship with Me.


Arise My love, and take part of the fragrance of your Lover.  I AM dropping to you sweet dew from heaven to refresh you for the days ahead.


As all things begin to fall in place, remember I have given you beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.


Through you I AM building up the the ruined places and raising up the places of devastation, so that I may be glorified and that you may be known as My Minister of Righteousness.”


“If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land;”   Isaiah 1:19.


“To grant [consolation and joy] to those who mourn in Zion — to give them an ornament (a garland or diadem) of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, the garment [expressive] of praise instead of a heavy, burdened, and failing spirit — that they may be called oaks of righteousness [lofty, strong, and magnificent, distinguished for uprightness, justice, and right standing with God], the planting of The LORD, that He may be glorified,”   Isaiah 61:3.


“My brothers and sisters, take the prophets as your mentors.  They have prophesied in the name of The LORD and it brought them great sufferings, yet they patiently endured.  We honor them as our heroes because they remained faithful even while enduring great sufferings.  And you have heard of all that Job went through and we can now see that The LORD ultimately treated him with wonderful kindness, revealing how tenderhearted he really is,”   James 5:10-11.


“They all ate the same heavenly manna and drank water from the same spiritual rock that traveled with them  — and that Rock was Christ himself.  Yet God was not pleased with most of them, and their dead bodies were scattered around the wilderness.  Now, all these things serve as types and pictures for us — lessons that teach us not to fail in the same way by callously craving worthless things,”   1 Corinthians 10:3-6.







Debra Lowe

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06.10 | 06:30

Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

22.09 | 15:11

Powerful prayer we need to be declaring and decreeing more today than ever before. Bless you.

28.08 | 06:14

Woman in Peach painting Artist Credit is Pam Herrick!

13.08 | 21:22

GOD is sitting on HIS THRONE
TEARS are streaming down HIS Face
FOR Lack of knowledge MY PEOPLE shall die
HOW come you Believers are so shy?

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