If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Your are NOT . . .


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You Are NOT

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “You are not an orphan. You are not poor in My presence.”



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I Hear It Again

By Kathy Mote



I hear it again so I will say it again. You were not rejected, you were removed because you couldn't move forward in their presence. Now, here's where it gets complicated. They aren't called to go where you are going. Not right now, at least. So your time with them has ended. They wouldn't be able to fellowship with you as your heart and mind were being changed up and lifted. If you had tried you would have been watered down and hindered.


You would have felt worse if you missed your calling to come higher than you do in becoming separate. It was your Father's gift that you were humbled in the process. But now it's time for you to know your problem isn't that you are lacking in some way, what you lack is full perspective. Seen from God's point of view, who you were with was no longer appropriate to your assignment. Maybe that's not the right word to use, because this isn't about ministry or gifting. This is about who you are, and where you are going and how you will be living. You will live beyond this life in this life. Now you begin to see your calling.



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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “My plans for you are cosmic.”


distinct from the earth


inconceivably vast



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Do Not Take Revenge

By Kathy Mote



Do not take revenge, but leave room for God's wrath (judgment). It is written, Vengeance is Mine. It belongs to Me. I will repay.


God is the only one with the right to repay those who commit evil deeds because everything and everyone answers to Him. It is His will that evil comes against.


There have been unjust acts committed against many of God's children, but those same unjust acts have put them in the position to receive enormous blessings. The Beloved have found themselves moved into position by them, put in a place of provision and protection. Their faith in the Lord has doubled. Their intimacy with the Lord has deepened. They have come out of the wilderness leaning on their Beloved and He has gathered them. The devil got away with nothing.


Many still feel the hurt of the harsh and unfair treatment, the sting of unjust judgment, the desolation of being ejected and rejected as their rights and their place among men have been taken from them. But their place is not among men.


It is time for the justice of knowing who you are in a heart literally cradled in His arms. It is time to know the joy of having confidence in your Father's will. Your place is with Him and it's time for your heart to know it.


Many of us didn't belong where we were, and we just didn't know it. As God's children we are a faithful and heart led people. We wouldn't walk out on contracts, or abandon friends or family, so God's will to lift us was thrust upon us. Even as we are realizing God's provision and blessing, some of us are still dazed and hurting.


The Lord said, It's time to know you have been given a tremendous blessing. Your place in My arms will become obvious. You will see you are in a place of great honor. If vengeance is Mine, then you needn't worry, for all in your life is as it should be.



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So . . .

By Kathy Mote



So...I learned something today about hearing the Lord's voice. It's not only a yearning heart that hears Him, but one who seeks His preference and advice on all matters before they act. He is the Lion of Judah but He seldom roars in my heart. Twice today I missed His gentle voice. There is a big difference between, "Lord, I trust You enough to seek Your counsel in all things that concern my life", and "Lord, bless me as I do what I think is best".


Not once, but twice I would have been spared trouble and stress had I listened before I acted instead of forging ahead with mere common sense. I cried at how stupid it was to think I could hear without listening more closely than I did. As simple as this sounds, it was not so simple in the moment. So I have learned that in all things, no matter how small, the wisest course of action is to want to hear His voice.


I also learned it truly matters what you want most, to remain in His presence calling Him Lord, or make a way for yourself. Can you make a way for yourself? Yes! I can and I did! But the Lord knew things that I didn't. How foolish a wasted afternoon is, which brings me to the point. This taught me something about being His child. Love is the resonant sound that comes from His heart, and having that same deep love for Him is what it takes to hear His voice in my heart.



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Some of the Most Beautiful

By Kathy Mote



Some of the most beautiful words ever written have gone unnoticed and un-lauded by man. I salute every one of them and the hearts who carried and birthed such beauty to write them. But they will never know it and my thanks is nothing to them. The Lord who gave them such beauty is their reward, and He is enough for them.



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You Who Have Been Called

By Kathy Mote



You who have been called into the presence of the Lord, He has declared in you great things and He declared them before the foundation of the Earth. This has put a target on your back as far as the devil is concerned. What you thought was rejection has been the devil's jealous envy over what you have received. The Lord has given you more than the devil can stand. You have more as a child of God than the most beautiful angel ever created has desired to be.


The devil's purpose in your Father's Kingdom is to test and try every heart, and in the process, he only makes those called to the Lord greater than he is as they overcome in the presence of the Lord. You might think that all this is about your human life. It is not. It is about who you will be throughout the ages to come as you abide in the arms of the Lord. Your Father in Heaven has ransomed all that was in His heart to make you who He desires you to become.



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The Evil Desire to Rule

By Kathy Mote



The evil desire to rule that we see in the world is the devil's response to the second coming of Christ. Instead of fighting the devil over who will rule, we are called to submit ourselves to Christ that He might rule in us. What a mystery this is that we do not rule, but that Christ rules in us. His presence in us will be His presence in the Earth.


This does not mean we will rule the world in our flesh. Quite the opposite. I have never been told to say that. That is the thinking of the flesh. Christ will rule in us. This means His presence will be so prevalent and so powerful that He will be seen in us. Having His way in every heart is how He will have His way in all the Earth.


Jesus is coming and the devil is pushing back and we are being taught to submit ourselves to God in all things. This is to walk by His Spirit and not in our flesh. All the devil can do as we stand in the presence of the Lord is struggle, and falter, and fail. As it is our inheritance to overcome the desire to rule, it is the devil's lot to be cast down by the authority and presence of the Lord. What the Lord has in mind is a new heavens and a new Earth.



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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “If you know that the desire in your heart to be near Me is the travail known in every heart, and that desire is My own that I put there to draw you into My arms to make you to know My desire, you are one up on everyone else. That is the promise I made both to Myself and to the creation that is the expression of My heart. To draw you into My arms to reveal that you are a part of My heart is My first desire for mankind. To do this I will make you as I am.”


This is what it is to be filled with the fullness of God, to intimately know His heart. It is the religious mindset that thinks their walk with God is something they do themselves. Only those who truly know Him realize their walk with Him is their response to His presence made known to them.




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When Fighting and War

By Kathy Mote



When fighting and war comes between you, it is because I didn't command your heart, (means you didn't follow His commands) but now you will stand in peace in the face of adversity between you and your brethren with the stealth of an eagle seizing its mark and holding it in its grip.



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The Power

By Kathy Mote




The power to move lies dormant in so many people's hearts. He is who is holding them back until He tempers their heart. He does this to save them from falling to pride. He has humbled them until there is nothing left to tempt their heart. He has been sharpening them like He would a blade. He has filled them with true strength that comes only from Him. They will not falter, their feet will not slip.


Their hearts will remain before Him. He will let nothing unclean come to them, for nothing unclean comes from them. Now, they will be the talk of all the Earth. They will be His children of promise that none have seen before. His right to rule will be seen in how He has changed them, the most beautiful sight to behold in the eyes of man are the works of His hands. God's creation becoming as He desires them to become, resplendent in His arms, a reflection of His love.





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Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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