If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Scripture Says . . .


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Scripture Says

By Kathy Mote



Scripture says we will be known by our love. I've never seen anyone fight, fear, hate, war, control, slander, gossip, argue, disrespect, debate or struggle and love at the same time.



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This Morning

By Kathy Mote



This morning, the Lord woke me up at 4:30 am, saying, Come and look at the warfare that comes against you by coming against My will. As I got out of bed, I settled my heart to trust in Him and accept His will. My mind settled. My heart settled. My feet were swift to obey and do His will. My pride was left behind me, and so was my will. Neither of them serve Him and nothing keeps me from Him.


I realize only now that was putting my armor on. I showed up fully prepared to see His will done. As I obeyed Him, the enemy fled from before my eyes. I see no enemy now. I see the Lord, and He is powerful to bring about His will. My fierce and powerful dread champion. He will have His way in this world, but He will have His way in me first.


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When We Fight and War

By Kathy Mote



When we fight and war, we are ignorant of His will. We don't wrestle against flesh and blood. Not our own, and not someone else's. When the devil comes to fight and war, we trust in the Lord, surrendered to His will. That's not doing nothing. That's not being passive. Trusting the Lord is the most powerful move in warfare there is. It brings Him to the fore to take action. It takes courage to defer to Him, knowing the Lord is powerful to have His way. Our trust is how His will is given to us. As we honor His Lordship He honors our trust.


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I Was Struck This Morning

By Kathy Mote



I was struck this morning by an undeniable fact. What is in the heart comes out the mouth whether you are good or bad, right or left. It grieved me to see my Spirit filled Christian brethren being pushed and pushing back. What a world we live in! We are way past the days of live and let live.


I said, Lord, so many in the world are taken with evil, and the evil in them runs so deep. The fight in them is real. If they had not been overrun by the devil, they would not be like this. He said, Yes, they would. They speak evil because evil is in their heart. Evil is drawn to them, not the other way around.


So this is what I am sent to say. Remember Who you belong to, and show respect. Look at your own heart, and check it for disrespect. It is gut instinct to push back when you are pushed, but whether you are right or left, arguing shows disrespect.


The first one you disrespect is the Lord by not trusting Him to bring about His will, then you disrespect yourself by not accepting His will. Those you argue with are last on the list. You won't convince them of your opinion, right or wrong, they won't receive. You could make someone a steak dinner, but if you throw it at them, they won't eat.


The Lord has been keeping me safe. I hide in the folds of His garment, waiting for His justice. I accept His will in what I say and for what's going on in the world, knowing His agenda is powerfully moving. I respect Who I belong to, and I respect whose house I am in. Facebook is not my home. It belongs to someone else. My page is a privilege, and I won't act out on it. I have made my choice to war against evil by trusting, not warring. When we argue and fight, we become what we detest.


The Lord took me to Revelation, a book I do not go to often. He said, I AM ruler of all the kings of the Earth. Revelation 1. Grace and peace to you from Jesus Christ. He is the ruler of all the kings of the world. “I am the Alpha and the Omega—the beginning and the end, I am the one who is, who always was, and who is to come—the Almighty One who gives you the power to overcome till the end.”


Perhaps we miss the point of what God is doing in the Earth by assuming His will is for us to enact our version. Scripture says all the world will be grieved upon seeing Him. That is powerful. I think everyone called to Him should humble their heart before Him. His will to dramatically change each heart won't be brought about by fighting and arguing, it will be brought about by His appearing. But when He comes, what will He find us doing?




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Trash Talked God’s Called And Chosen

By Kathy Mote



The devil has always trash talked God's called and chosen, demanding they hold a standard of Christ's heart he has never known himself. Out of resentment he holds them accountable for a standard he has not held or respected himself.


I have always felt embarrassed, whether I was guilty of what he accused me of or not. But the Lord healed something in my heart today and the devil can no longer accuse me before man. It just doesn't stick. The devil can't humiliate one who obeyed the Lord, they answer to the Lord, not him.


The devil has always resented the anointing of God and those who live with it pay dearly with their pride. It is the Lord's will that those called to His presence walk humbly to obey. Humility gives you dignity and strength. That is your identity when your identity belongs to Him. That is something the devil cannot touch.


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I Am Sent To Share Something

By Kathy Mote



I am sent to share something about warfare that cuts to the chase, cuts down every attacker and stops every attack that comes against your peace in God's will in your life. Standing in the Lord's presence and trusting in Him is the final act of warfare that puts an end to all the devil's wiles. It is the ultimate place of protection.


Lest I am not clear, I am not referring to trusting Him for something that you desire. I am referring to accepting His will and trusting Him to bring His will to pass in your life. This goes above and beyond thinking He will bring about your desire, it is remaining in Him as He enforces His desire. As you trust Him to be Lord, you do not stand alone. All of creation agrees with Him that He is Lord. You are hidden, abiding in the folds of His garment, safe and secure, and that is exactly His desire.




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By Kathy Mote



Something I have learned is when your reaction to someone is pride then you are defending yourself from their pride. Maybe there's a better way, but what I do is walk away.



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I Look For Many People

By Kathy Mote



I look for many people to hear His Word as I speak it for His Word to be heard. The Lord said, "That's not how it works..."


I said, Well, how DOES it work? This is what He told me. To release His Word is to let go of our desire to own or control any part of His Lordship, knowing He is Lord of His own message. That is how we are able to agree with Him.

When we humbly obey and speak as we hear Him speak, we trust Him to fulfill His own desires in those He calls to hear, and He is released (not hindered) from speaking His Word (message) into every heart He calls to Him in all the earth.


He is moving us into covenant with Him, and He is moving through that covenant unhindered in all the Earth. He said like a wife we will honor Him, and like a Husband, He is protecting us.







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