If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

You who are called to Him . . .


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You Who Are Called To Him

By Kathy Mote



You who are called to Him are the cream of the crop. You are being refined as pure gold that is so pure His Light shines through. You are being refined until the gold is living oil. You are becoming as He desires, bright and pure. To this process of being brought to Life, there is no end. He will always embrace you like this.


What you are seeing in yourself is His desire made manifest. What He is doing in you brings you to Him, and voicing and expressing His desire is your response. That is your obedience, to come as you are called.


When you pray, it is His heart you express. As His heart is revealed in you, that is what you feel. As it lives in you, you are one with Him. His desire is what is living in you and moving you, breathing through you. This is how we honor Him when we pray, "Lord we honor You. Thy Kingdom come that it be in us as it is in Your presence."


The Lord said, To Live is to be in My presence, My Life breathing through you and you breathing it in and exhaling it. Life is not by the flesh, but by My Spirit. It will move you as it moves in you. Chase after My desire to embrace this. Desire Me and stand in My presence. That is when My desire lives in you and I agree with it. That is when your prayer is heard. That is how I bring it to pass, when I am in it.


Art by Liu Yi




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The Lord Asked Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord asked me to share what He taught me about the sword and the power of the Lord....


One night in a vision, the Lord stepped up to the path I was on. He looked down at the sword in my hand and said, That is Mine, and I'll have it. As I bent to lay it at His feet, I heard a huge, dark and menacing dog barreling up behind me.


I stood and looked the Lord in the eye, braced for violent impact, but the devil had gone flying, bouncing far away from me. That taught me to live my life standing before the Lord. That His Word belongs to Him was the next lesson I learned as I continued to stand before Him. I also learned that everything answers to Him. (I learned this as I answered to Him.)


He said the sword of the Spirit is the Holy Spirit, and it brings His Word to pass as He wills. He moved across the deep making it take shape and form as God created the Heavens and the Earth. Man taught me to speak scripture to agree with God to war against the devil and declare God's will. The Lord taught me to stand with Him and trust Him. What a beautiful life this is now.


Jesus is powerfully present to protect, provide and bring His promise of healing and Life to my heart. My heart is filled to obey as He reveals His heart. I receive His will from Him as I trust Him. It is not warfare, it's more like being hugged. As for the devil, he doesn't come around as I stand with the Lord. He's so disgusted, he doesn't look.


You can quote scripture all you want, and you can believe what the scriptures say, but the reality of Jesus being your Lord is you don't walk with a scripture, you walk with Him. He is the Living God.


Trusting Him in your heart is how you agree. You 'agree' by obeying Him. To agree is to give consent, not to enforce. The Life and power He has to raise us is not something that we declare, it is something we receive. Being changed as we are drawn into His presence is the most accurate description of healing I have ever heard.


The sword of the Spirit is the power of God, and it cuts deep in our heart to separate us from carnal thinking and bring us to Him. We are to take Him in, not take Him in hand. The power to bring God's will to pass is the Holy Spirit, and He honors what the Lord says. The sword is not something that we wield.



art by Elisabeth Ladwig






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If You Are Finding Yourself

By Kathy Mote




If you are finding yourself in almost continual warfare, it is not time to fight, it is time to abide. The Lord is refining your heart. The more you surrender your heart to Him, the closer to Him you will stand.


Art by Liu Yi



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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said His children are in for an eye opening revelation of Him.



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You Can Only Trust Him

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said you can only trust Him as much as you know Him. Trust is personal. It isn't something you do without Him. His presence is how trust works. The more intimately you know Him the more you are able to trust Him. You cannot trust Him intimately without intimately knowing Him. This is the one heart thing He has been explaining to us.


You have to know Him as His child to trust Him like His child and that bond is what He is building in us. What we have been doing without Him is trusting the scriptures about Him, and that's different than walking in His presence.



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We Have The Tendency

By Kathy Mote




We have the tendency to think that our life on Earth is all there is. Not knowing anything else, we only know what we see here. The Lord said that is like thinking the bus station is the entire journey. That's why He tells us not to get too attached to life 'here'. There is more in store for us than what we will know here. There is more life to live once we leave here.


This is the place we form and grow and learn of His love for us, to walk with Him and love Him back. This is the place we learn who He is, who we are to Him and how to respect Him. We will face Him when we leave here. The minute we leave our flesh behind we will be present with Him face to face. When we see Him we will know Him as He knows us. That is when we will see what this life is. This life is not all there is, HE is.


He doesn't tell us these things because knowing who we are and knowing who we are to Him is a matter of the heart being awakened to Him and not knowledge in our head. What is important here and now is making and living by our heart decision to trust in Him as we learn we belong to Him. That's how He is equipping us to come face to face with Him. You wouldn't walk up to a stranger and call them Dad. That's what He told us to call Him. By His Spirit we call Him Abba, Father.


Art by Elisabeth Ladwig



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Instead of Focusing

By Kathy Mote



Instead of focusing on what you are doing about your life, focus on what He is doing in your heart. Instead of planning and plotting your response to insult or hurt as you deal with others, find His love for you instead. We have the tendency to react to the people we deal with instead of responding to them from our place in His arms. I am continually brought to abide in His presence as He reminds me, It's just you and Me, Kid.






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