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The Truth about Halloween . . .


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The Truth About Halloween

By Doug Stevens


In Britain and parts of Europe, during the medieval period, there were sects or groups of followers of an occultic god called “saman”, the god of the dead.


These followers were known as Druids.  These sects were made up of leaders called “priests” and other hierarchy, along with the general body of followers.


Although the practice of Druidism was well known, the sect was a secretive one.  The identity of the members was closely guarded. Druidism is still practiced in England and parts of Europe today.


The popular tourist attraction Stonehenge located in England is still used by Druids today as a place of ritual practice at Halloween and at the annual solstices.


On the last day of October, these druid priests would disguise their identity, and go from house to house demanding that the household turn over one member of the family.


This family member would then be taken and sacrificed n a bloody ritual. If the demands were not honored, the house would be marked in some indelible manner.


The threat was made that evil spirits would come at some later time and do some evil to this household.


What actually happened was that others of the druid sect would then come to that house secretly and sometimes burn the house to the ground with the entire family in it.


Other times the family may be found murdered. This is where the practice of “trick or treat” began – making demand for human sacrifice!


Today children are disguised by their parents in what is believed to be innocent tradition and are paraded from house to house making the “demand” for a treat, otherwise tricks may follow.


While it’s true that these threats of tricks may rarely if ever be carried out, we are teaching children to embrace a tradition which they will pass on to their children that has it’s roots in Satanic ritual and bloody human sacrifice!


Many times the families which received these threats would light a candle and place it in some fixture with a face painted on it in a window or just outside the door in hopes that they might appease “saman”.


This is where the present day practice of placing a lighted candle in a pumpkin, which has been emptied, and a face carved in it on the front porches.


We know them as “Jack-O-Lanterns”.


Even to this day this, this high holy day of the followers of witchcraft, Satanism, and the occult without exception includes, in fact, demands human sacrifice be made.


It has been told many times by those escaping Satanic covens that they have witnessed and participated in human sacrifice of children and some adults.


This is to appease “saman”, the “god of the dead”.


The name saman was given to followers by spirits during rituals performed centuries ago.  This name is only to camouflage who they are really worshipping – Satan!


The word “Halloween” stands for “all hallows eve”.  This was always a holiday or “holy day” for followers of the occult.


This night was looked upon as the high holy day of the kingdom of darkness.  You might be interested to know that it is recorded in church historical documents from the medieval period, that in an effort to discourage the Christians from participating in this occultic celebration, the church leaders “created” an alternative “holy day” to be observed on the 1st day of November called “All saints day”.


Isn’t it interesting that the church finds itself hundreds of years later in the same boat?


Thousands of Christian people in America decorate their houses in Jack-O-Lanterns and ghost and goblins, dress their children up as witches and devils still involving themselves in this same occultic ritual.


We can’t seem to stop ourselves from giving candy to these little ones when they come to our door.


We feel somehow that we would be slighting them if we don’t give them some kind of treat.


If you want to give children candy, do it some other time and just as a gift of love rather than as an alternative to being “tricked”.


Our children are lured all too much by the occult and music with Satanic and occultic themes on secular TV and MTV’s videos!


We should be showing them an example of separateness not just watering them down so they are more palatable.


But, you say, I might offend my neighbors and unsaved family if I don’t do something.


If you cannot take a stand against things that are obviously Satanic, you will probably not even recognize, and discern the things that are masked in light, but are full of darkness.


I want to encourage you first, to cleanse your own household from involvement in holidays and traditions that are not from God, and secondly, to be bold enough to share the real truth about Halloween with others.


Remember, we do all things in love so use kindness and wisdom, but tell the truth.


You never know when the words of truth spoken from your mouth may turn a child’s life or the lives of their parents around by speaking the truth in love!


So… you don’t have to be a “PRUDE”, just speak the TRUTH, “DUDE”!


If you would like to do more study on this subject for yourself, go to your public library and look under Druidism, medieval, and other related subjects.




By Doug Stevens

Copyright 2011 – TCIC Publications





Blessings!   Jo Ellen Stevens

Arise Shine!

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