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"Jesus Is Your Amazing Door of Hope"

By Kathie Walters



What a year we have had, full of great opportunities to strengthen our faith. Someone told me the other day that they felt like they had been in a submarine that was just resurfacing.


During this time, we have all had a lot of rearranging to do. People have been moving physically, and so many have been moving forward spiritually. There has been a shaking; but you know, when Paul and Silas were in the inner jail, they shouted and praised God. The "inner prison" which they were held in was a small prison INSIDE the actual prison (Acts 16:24); it was a double whammy.


I think a lot of us would have whined and cried, but they didn't. They shouted and sang praises to God, and it caused an EARTHQUAKE. You could think, "Oh no, that's the straw that broke the camel's back." Earthquakes aren't good, especially when you're in an INNER prison. But the prison rocked and rolled and the all the doors swung open!


You can see this situation as a calamity or an opportunity. Paul and Silas chose to see it as an opportunity.


The prison guard was in a big panic; if the prisoners escaped, he would probably be killed. But Paul rose up, told him no one was escaping, and then led him to the Lord—AND his whole house. "You shall be saved, and your house" is a promise you can receive today (Acts 16:31).


A few nights ago as I was going to sleep, I asked the Lord to open a door for several things I wanted to do. I immediately saw a huge door. Then all around I saw doors—all different sorts and sizes. The Lord reminded me of these doors He had for me—supernatural doors—and He told me to believe. God makes everything available, and we need to receive it.


Open Doors in the Sydney Airport


We receive by faith and we can believe for the supernatural doors. I know we have all had stories about divine connections (doors and gates), but you know, I have really experienced physical doors being created at Sydney airport...not once, but three times. A friend of mine experienced the same thing in Australia. I've even had a door change color! When this happened I was shocked.


I will give a shortened account of one of these stories, which was published by The Elijah List on November 3, 2014:


My story begins when I arrived at Sydney airport several years ago. It was a long flight from Atlanta, and I was tired. There were so many people at the airport waiting to go through security...


I was at the baggage claim area, and I had just gotten my three cases onto my cart, and I grumbled a bit to God, "Can't You get me out of here without all the lines?" A security lady then walked up to me. "Let me see your customs declaration," she said. I handed her the white customs form and she looked it over. She made a huge red line right across it, and I thought she was mad. "Go through the door in the corner over there," she pointed to the right hand corner of the baggage claim area.


As I said, I know the airport well, and I had never noticed a door there before. I thought, "They are waiting for me, and they are going to give me a hard time because I have three cases." I walked with my cart over to the corner and through the door expecting to see some stern-faced man waiting there. To my surprise, I was suddenly in the main terminal. I totally bypassed all the security! "Thank You, Lord!" I said. I was so happy!


Again...Another Airport Door Appears


I had meetings that week and the following week; I went to New Zealand as I always do. I had a great time in New Zealand, and returned to Sydney a couple of weeks later. I flew into the same international terminal and baggage claim. I was feeling happy, because although I had three cases (someone in New Zealand makes CDs for me), I knew which door to head for. Easy.


I went through the initial customs where they check your passport and then went to the baggage claim and gathered my three cases.


I wheeled my cart toward the corner to go through the door I had been through two weeks before. When I got to the corner, to my dismay, there was NO DOOR THERE at all.


I had no choice but to go and get at the end of a very long line of people going through the security, but I was not a happy camper at all. I complained to the Lord about it. "I don't know about that, making doors and then taking them away again. Now I have to get in this big, long line."


I stood there because I didn't have a choice. After about five minutes, a security man walked up to me; "You and you (he pointed to the lady next to me whom I didn't know), go through that door there." He pointed to a door straight ahead of us. We looked at each other and both walked through this door. We found ourselves in the main terminal.


Afterwards I said to the Lord, "Why did You take away the first door and then make another door?" He didn't give me any great theological answer, "I am the door, I can be a door anywhere and any time," is all He said. But I thought about it afterwards: He can do what He likes and what He desires – He is the door, He is the key, He is the beginning and the end...He can make a way where there is no way, and make a door where there is no door! Simple really. Just need a bit of faith, which we have already been given. "To every man [is given] the measure of [God's] faith" (Romans 12:3).


The Third Door


The next time I went to Sydney airport, I checked out the first corner where the door had appeared, but no...no door was there in any way. Then I went to the other place where I had gone out the last door, but there was just a wall, and no door of any kind.


I got in the (long) line, which looped around, and I had three cases again. When I arrived at the end of the line, where it turned, suddenly there was a guy in a cap. He was standing right in front of me, but didn't seem to be a passenger. He looked at me intently but didn't speak. He kept moving his head, gesturing behind him—like he was pointing with his head, if you know what I mean. "Whaaat?" I asked. He didn't say anything; just kept pointing behind him with his head. I looked behind him and there was a door.


Now, you know there's not going to be a door in the middle of people lining up to get their luggage scanned...but guess what? There was a door. I went through the door and I came out on the other side of the main terminal, near where my friends were picking me up.


Ian's door


A good friend of mine from the UK, Ian Andrews (Ian has a great healing ministry and does online healing schools), put a post out on Facebook:


Has anyone had any strange experiences with doors at the airport in Australia?


This was my first visit to Australia and I was flying into Brisbane. On landing, I cleared immigration facilities and went to collect my luggage. I had a shoulder bag, and for a few seconds, a dog walked by me and then sat down by someone else. After collecting my luggage I was pushing my cart in the direction of the custom check. I had been pre-warned that this might take time, as usually you could expect to be asked a lot of questions and to open up your luggage. (Photo via Wikipedia)


En route to Customs, I was stopped by an officer and asked for my passport. He glanced at it and told me to follow him. He led me along a long corridor to where there was a door at the end. He opened the door and said, "Welcome to Australia." I went through the door and found myself in the concourse.


When I looked back there was no door there, just a wall with a mural. I walked around to where everyone else was meeting people off my flight, and found my greeters waiting for me.


The very same thing happened when I landed in Melbourne, with a door that wasn't there, (en route to Cairns) with an extremely tight flight connection. Later, God said to me, "I will open a door no man can shut it, and I have already done that twice!"


Watch for the Doors


So if you are waiting or moving, and want to keep moving—watch and believe for the doors; doors can be people, opportunities, a way out, a way in.


God will make doors...but it is by faith that we see them. I tell people all the time, "Keep your spiritual antenna up." God moves in your faith; release your faith for the doors you need to open for you. If you are going to advance, then you will need doors, won't you?


What kind of door do you need? Think about it. A buyer for your house can be a door. Your boss can be a door for a greater opportunity. A "chance" meeting can be a key to a door. JESUS IS THE DOOR—HE CAN BE A DOOR. HE IS THE GREATEST DOOR OF ALL. He is the door to Heaven and all of the spiritual realm.


I'll leave you with this: "And there I will give her her vineyards and make the Valley of Achor a door of hope. And there she shall answer as in the days of her youth, as at the times when she came out of Egypt." (Hosea 2:15)


This Scripture is talking about your first love. Achor means "trouble"—He will deliver you from trouble. He is the door of hope.


You can see something you want in a store window, but you have to purchase it (believe it and declare it)!



By Kathie Walters

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I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

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