If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

May You Experience . . .





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May You Experience

By Kathy Mote



May you experience the love and the Life and the power of Christ to raise you, though it is too great to fully understand. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. That is His work in you as you were brought to the Father by Him.


Ephesians 3:19


For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily; He dwells in you and you dwell in Him. He lives and moves and breathes in you so that you might live and move and breathe in Him.


Colossians 2:9


By this we know that we remain in Him, and He in us: He has given us of His Spirit, and we follow Him being made alive by Him. By His Spirit He dwells in us as we abide in Him. This is Him being given to us and us being given to Him that we might dwell in all the fullness of Him.


1 John 4:13


These are the words that describe what it is to be alive in Him, and aware of Him. They don't do it justice at all. There is no comparison between mere words that promise Him and the reality of experiencing Him.



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Do We Realize

By Kathy Mote



Do we realize what we have done? We pull out scriptures and promises in scriptures like we were playing cards with God. This is what we will say today and this is what we will stand on. This is what we will trust to come about. But do we realize, He fulfills His purpose in us as He is LORD of our heart. Only as we are in Him do we have a clue to the Life and power in what He does.


If He is Lord of us then we should honor Him. Let's find out what HE has to say about what is going on and get behind what He says to us. This is the life of trust we are called to as we call Him Lord. What He is doing in us is what He is doing in the Earth.


We have been living a carnal life thinking carnal thoughts, papering our walls with what we think the promises will look like. It is time to live a Spiritual Life in His presence. We are called to see His face and know His will. We have to hear Him to abide in Him.


The closer you are to His heart, the clearer your perspective of Him will be. There's something we seem to have missed as we stand on scriptures instead of knowing and honoring Him. He is the living God, and we are called to abide in Him.



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Don’t Tell

By Kathy Mote



Don't tell Him what His will is.





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All Things Accomplish His Will

By Kathy Mote



All things accomplish His will. That is what the Lord said. I have learned to be still in all things and wait in Him as He brings about His will. This is not having a passive heart, it is the deepest faith I have ever known, and it honors Him. It stems from a deep and continual communion with Him in a life of surrender and trust, and in my heart they are becoming the same thing as all things received are given back to Him.




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He Isn’t a Religion

By Kathy Mote



He isn't a religion you read in the book, He's the living God and He is waiting for you to notice. You cannot control what you 'receive,' you accept Him as Lord, and when you do, you accept His will. He IS Lord, after all. He will fulfill His Word, but that is not what you have understood in your head. His will is far bigger then that. If He was limited to what you could understand, that would make you God instead of Him. We mistake His patience for consent. What if this life was just one big test, to see whose knee will bow and whose heart would break.






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10.11 | 06:23

Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

08.11 | 09:41

Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

08.11 | 08:11

I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

06.10 | 06:30

Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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