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God's Desire and Design . . .




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God’s Desire and Design

By Kathy Mote




God's desire and design is what we are seeing come to pass before our very eyes. His Word is what is returning to Him and He is not coming empty handed. He is bringing us with Him. He is making everything perfect, and everything is being made perfect by Him. Our hearts are made perfect by the perfect knowledge of Him. This is His presence in us, bringing us to Him.


No, His Word is not scriptures, those were written after the fact. That we think quoting a Bible verse is bringing God's will to pass is the product of not seeing Him, being brought into His presence. WE are the workmanship of HIS hands and it is time to see we are being made one with HIM.


We are being created in His image, just as He said. His Word (desire for us) has come in the flesh and He was with Him from the beginning. That means He was always God's will and desire for us. That is by Who and how (and why) we are created. We will know Him as we accept HIM, and that is the point.


Where did all this declaring and waving our fist in the air come from? Fighting the devil over what was given to us instead of abiding in Him with thanks is the product of carnal thinking. Trying to control how things turn out instead of trusting Him and abiding in Him as we obey Him is the result of not receiving HIM. How silly the thinking of man is.


Please allow me to share one more thought that the Lord has revealed. The scriptures will leave you with a wrong impression when taken out of context, which means out of His presence. HE is what they refer to, and they describe the Life and power in HIM. His presence is the context all scripture should be seen in. Since HE is who fulfills them, better to be found in His presence. That's how He fulfills them.








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Our Father

By Kathy Mote



Our Father told me that Satan's problem is that he considered himself sovereign. (Because of the power he was given to accomplish God's will in all of creation.) That is the pride that tempts every heart, to rise up, denying Christ and the need for Christ.


We only come into God's presence by Christ, which is to acknowledge that He is Sovereign. To be humbled is to see Him and those are God's terms for every heart to come into His presence. How utterly perfect His heart and ways are as they are revealed to us. How perfectly beautiful it is to accept Him.


Being accepted in the Beloved ends all our struggle. We are overcome by His love, for we are not conquered, our fear is conquered as we come to Him. His love is perfect because He is perfect. Faith is His love working in us, making us the perfect reflection of Him.







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To Walk In Authority

By Kathy Mote



To walk in authority is to bow to authority. It is done in a humbled heart because humbling our heart is how it is done (accomplished).



The definition of done is finished, lacking nothing to be complete. Perfect. Being as it was meant to be.



Done is defined as to have accomplished something in the past, and as we acknowledge the Truth, we honor Him. That is walking in authority by His design. It is obedience to Him as LORD, the result of the knowledge of Him in our heart.



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I Would Like To Share

By Kathy Mote



I would like to share what the Lord has been revealing in my heart. The perspective we gain seeing Him changes how we see everything else. The concept of who we are, and who our enemy is is made clear. The point of all this, and what God is doing in us here is made known in a heart humbled before His throne. His objective in all of creation is what He is doing in every heart.


He told me that the 'anti Christ' is pride, declaring itself. Pride rises to take the throne of every man's heart. That is the Lord's place to rule, and it is precious to Him. As Lord, He is making our heart the perfect reflection (without any shadow of conflict or resistance) of His love for us, bringing us to the Father made whole and complete. It is His presence in us that makes us whole, and we won't enter His gates without it.


To create His image in us is the point of all of creation. To make us whole is the point of what He is doing in our heart as we learn to trust Him. As we trust Him, we honor Him. Every battle fought and won is for Him to be victorious as Lord in our heart. He is the dread champion of Heaven, bringing victory to each of us as He brings each one of us to His heart.




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “Do not rise up! Stay humble. Keep humility like a garment around your heart. Let humility guard you and dignity remind you of who you are and whose you are as the time of your deliverance draws near.”



The point of being delivered is not to be free of what humbled you, but that your heart remain confident in His will for your life. What taught you humility did not waste your life, it made you who you are. It brought you before your Father's throne with a pure heart. Humility is a reminder of whose you are. Let it guard your heart.



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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said it isn't enough to accept His will, filled with grief and misery as we surrender our heart. What He is doing in us is a healing so deep, it will enable us to first embrace and then become His desire. We will accept His will like it was a most precious and life changing gift, lifting us into His presence and enabling us to remain. Because it is.






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We Have Behaved

By Kathy Mote



We have behaved as if we are entirely the product of our own choices, that we are as we are by our own thoughts and design. We have seen the Bible as what we were given to practice the things of God, but there is no LIFE in them. The LIFE the scriptures promise is given to us in Jesus Christ.


The Lord is bringing us into His presence, and this will change our mind. Those who will not humble their heart to hear Him are those who will not come. He is separating the sheep from the goats. He has been preparing us for this for some time. He said it will boil down to who is in Him and who is not. Those in His presence will be alive to Him and those who are not will be dead to Him, which means rejecting His Lordship, and not in His presence hearing Him.


This is quite reasonable, considering eternal Life is being alive in Him. Being in Him was always a matter of Life and death. To accept Him is to accept this and that is our choice. Those who are in Him will spend eternity in His presence, quite literally embraced in His bosom and filled with Light.




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We Are Taught To Pray Like This

By Kathy Mote



We are taught to pray like this. Our Father in Heaven, (You are our Father) Hallowed be thy name (we respect that you are LORD) Thy Kingdom come, (You rule and reign) thy will be done (we accept your will) on earth (in our lives) as it is in Heaven (in your presence).


The Lord taught me this one day as I was brought before His throne to settle my heart about something very difficult to me. As I stood there, He showed me this, then leaned He forward and asked me what I wanted to say. I smiled at Him, and I turned to go, completely settled in my heart and mind. He scooped me up, and snuggled me under His chin, whispering, It will be alright. He set me on my feet after kissing the top of my head.


The thing that had been so burdensome to my heart and mind was not what I left the throne room with. As I found myself back in my own kitchen, I knew nothing of where it had gone. Evidently I left it with Him and He made it to honor Him. It was never seen or heard from again. On Earth as it is in Heaven is a powerfully freeing thing, but not so powerful as learning to honor Him. We remain in His presence as we honor Him.



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The Truth

By Kathy Mote



The Truth of what I am about to share will be deliverance from the wilderness of heart that so many have been wandering through. That's why it will be so hard to hear. It will change everything. My apologies, but I must obey Him.

What you are able to understand in your mind as you read the scriptures is not at all the reality of knowing and walking with Him. Reading and 'standing on' scripture as you understand it is a vulgar misrepresentation of the Life He gives you as you know Him.


He is the promise of Life and Life is in Him. We are invited to accept HIM. What so many have failed to realize is that accepting Him into your heart is how to enter in. Quoting and standing on scripture as we understand it is not the LIFE we were given in Him.


The wilderness of heart so many have thrown themselves into as they tried to receive the scripture is caused by not receiving HIM and trusting Him, which is to enter into His rest. Such a sweet thing to be brought into His arms. That is where Life and power and comfort is. That is our deliverance. How you know, and walk in, your place in HIM is by knowing Him. What a miracle the Life and power in His presence is. The carnal mind wasn't meant to comprehend the Life we receive by knowing Him.




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May You Experience

By Kathy Mote



May you experience the love and the Life and the power of Christ to raise you, though it is too great to fully understand. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. That is His work in you as you were brought to the Father by Him.


Ephesians 3:19

For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily; He dwells in you and you dwell in Him. He lives and moves and breathes in you so that you might live and move and breathe in Him.


Colossians 2:9

By this we know that we remain in Him, and He in us: He has given us of His Spirit, and we follow Him being made alive by Him. By His Spirit He dwells in us as we abide in Him. This is Him being given to us and us being given to Him that we might dwell in all the fullness of Him.


1 John 4:13

These are the words that describe what it is to be alive in Him, and aware of Him. They don't do it justice at all. There is no comparison between mere words that promise Him and the reality of experiencing Him.





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