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America: The Season of the War and Swords in the Nations

By Abel Praise



Within the past week, I have published four prophetic articles on His Kingdom Prophecy detailing what The LORD is revealing and the understanding we must have as The Body Of Christ going forward.


With America’s influence in the nations — I have been inspired to write these articles seeing through the American Glasses into the nations; and these very much concerns America as a Nation as well as every sphere of America’s influence in the nations — so they are about the unfolding season in the nations.


In private conversations before now, I have repeatedly said that The LORD made known HIS will concerning a two-term presidency for Donald Trump; and also continued to reveal the unfolding process of HIS will concerning the elections; emphasizing that we had to war through this process to see The Will Of The LORD accomplished.


Understanding that, our labors in intercessions will determine the victories gained in the heavens and on earth; that will bring about the decisions made in righteousness and justice in The Courts of Heaven.


These ongoing prophetic processes, I revealed when I shared the dreams showing the American elections of Donald Trump winning, but the victory given to another.


Also, another dream I had seventeen days before the elections, showing the family of Joe Biden and a woman signifying the harlot bride, standing at the presidential podium on election night.


Also, another dream I had on election night, where I saw the spirit of abortion; laying claim to a legal right to rule.


Another dream I had as tabulations were ongoing showing The Media gave Joe Biden it’s Throne.  By the end of the day, I had the dream that media announced Joe Biden ‘winner’.


Also another dream, where I saw a man calling and asking them to get more Mail-in Ballots, so they can get an overwhelming lead; and seeing a Court Room, already arranged and they were waiting to hear litigation; and the case Donald Trump will brings forward.


These prophetic revelations were processes that we were to labor through to gain victory in.


It was made clear to me that our labors in intercession through this season is what will determine how and where the scales tip — as matters are being decided in The Courts of Heaven and Earth.


This morning I had a very short and profound dream.  In the dream, I saw very blurry, the USA ‘Presidential Elections Results’ board as is shown on television.


I didn’t see the faces, but I saw two people.  There was one believed to have scored the higher number of votes; but there was the second, believed to have scored a lower number of votes.


In the dream, I saw that the victory was now given to the one who scored the lowest number of votes.


However, after that, I was now to drive somewhere, as there was a sense of great anticipation that something was now beginning.


I knew in the dream that The Season Of The War and The Swords was now beginning, as The LORD had been speaking to me concerning this — and even had three dreams within the past week showing that we were advancing into a Season of War.


I woke up with a sense of hope in my heart, pressing on to understand deeply and clearly, if The LORD was showing me who the rightful winner of the elections — is despite the fraud — or if we have arrived at the point where decisions have been made in The Courts of Heaven to rightly proclaim the true winner of the elections in the earth?


I put that to you to pray through…


This is very significant seeing the rattling in The Spirit going on, and the unveiling scrolls at this time.


However, this is something that calls for even deep attention.  The day I had the dream showing the spirit of abortion as a pregnant woman having a child in her womb of death (who claimed to have gained the legal right of rule) there was a final scene in that dream.


In it, I was amongst a number of people going for War; as though after the Electoral Season, we would now have entered a new Season for War.


In the dream, the woman who personified the spirit of abortion in the dream, wanted to join those going for War.  Then I turned and said to her, she shouldn’t go to war, that she will get shot if she goes.


Three times over the last week, The LORD had shown me dreams concerning War; the Season of War and the Season of The Sword.  To a certain degree, I understand the Season of The Sword as a time for the battle of territories within the earth.


The HKP Word; “Presidencies and their Spheres of Influence”, I wrote to establish foundational understanding about political offices and the Spiritual Thrones and Spheres of Influence they are given to function in.


In it, I made reference to a number of Scriptures including Revelations 6:4;


“And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword”.


This speaks of the Sphere of Territorial Leadership; and the battle for the territories of the nations of the world.


I explained how the electoral process in the earth and in the Courts in earth decides leadership, but The Courts in Heaven determines what Spiritual Throne and Sphere of Influence is given to the political leader — and that Throne determines what Sphere of Influence the season of their reign will impact on the earth.


In the dream I shared about going for war, I stood prophetically to forbid and stop the woman who personified the spirit of abortion — who wanted to go to war — in actual terms, wanted to gain a right to lead in war.


Yesterday, in my Prophetic HKP Word, “America, The Nations, The Aborter and The Minister of Destinies”, I shared how the spirit of abortion desired to sit over the Throne and Sphere of the Destinies of those unborn and alive, and of the destinies of cities, territories, nations and spheres.


This morning, in a profound dream, I was saying “Something is now beginning…”  I was very aware that The Season of War and The Swords is now beginning.


In the dream, I was to drive a gold colored Honda car around from place to place.  Cars signify ministry.  Furthermore, the make and specification of the car determines what office and ministry anointing one is given for such time.


I understand Honda are the ‘Horns’ and a significant Revelatory Ministry has been given to me by The LORD for this season of the wars, as the Scroll of War begins to unfold.


I understood that The LORD is giving me insight into the Scrolls and The Books of War now unfolding in this time, as well as administrative wisdom to decode and release significant understandings, so we march in the order we are called to, in this time.


I woke up with a great sense of hope in my heart concerning what The LORD had shown me about the Election Results and who the rightful winner is, and a cry in my heart for the nation of America.


As things are shaping up for a new season of War and Swords in The Nations; that America as a Nation will not have an Achan-Delilah spirit in its camp.


The Nations have now come into A Season of The War and The Swords.


The LORD is revealing to every man his place; the battles for the territories of nations is shaping up both in the heavens and the earth.


We will discern our formations, and our camps; however; we must pray out the Achan-Delilah duo from our camps.


We must repent in areas our thoughts, words and actions have given Achan-Delilah a place in our camps.


I am reminded very clearly of the part of the dream where I resisted the strange woman who wanted to go to war with us saying to her to not go.


The Achans bring perverse things into the camp that give demons legal right of presence; that unsettles the atmosphere in the spirit; while the Delilahs are there to strip marksmen of glory and strength.


Pray that righteous marksmen will arise in the territory you are a part of; and you will discern your formation and place in it, because the land under which you lay your bed will be fiercely contested in this season by forces of darkness.


May you not be asleep while the land under which your bed rests is bought and transacted by evil in high places.



Please also see this related sample prayer for your use:


“A Prayer to Oust the ‘Achan—Delilah’ Duo From Our Camps!”

I come before The Father Of The LORD JESUS CHRIST in The Name Of The JESUS CHRIST.


I acknowledge the Gospel and advancement of The Kingdom Of The LORD JESUS has been entrusted to unto The Body of Christ; of which I am a part of; and called to be a warrior in The Kingdom.


I bring repentance on behalf of myself, family, The Body of Christ in my cities ans nations; for every way thoughts, words and actions have given Achan-Delilah a right of influence in The Camp of The LORD.


We return full authority of leadership over the Camp Of The LORD to The LORDSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST to rule, lead, align HIS Warring Church for the times we are in.


I submit myself for the workings Of The LORD JESUS CHRIST to bring me into every way THE FATHER OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST has preordained for me to be part of HIS warring bride in this season.


I ask Dear LORD JESUS that my prayers and testimony be received for righteousness and justice to prevail and be established; through the mighty name of The LORD JESUS.




By Abel Praise

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Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

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Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

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I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

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Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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