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America: A Vision of Trump and A Burning Bush

By Veronika West



Trump;  The Burning Bush;  The Mantle of Grace and the Government of the House of David Laid Upon His Shoulders to Deliver a Nation From Bondage!


Two days ago while praying for President Donald J. Trump and the future of America, I was suddenly caught up in a powerful vision where I saw President Trump standing on a what looked like a podium.


He had his right hand in the air and it looked as if he was taking an oath.


Now as I looked at him, I could see that he was wearing what looked like a very expensive suit which was dark blue in color and he also wore a red silk tie around his neck.


Now as I looked again at President Trump, suddenly I noticed that he was not wearing any shoes.  He was standing barefoot on the podium.


Now as I looked again at his bare feet, I immediately began to inquire of The LORD as to why he was barefoot.


Donald Trump and the Burning Bush


Suddenly the vision shifted, and I saw Donald Trump not “President” Trump — as he had not yet been elected as the President of America — and he was standing before a Burning Bush on the mountain of The LORD.


As I looked at him in the vision, I saw that he was wearing a smart suit and he had a pair of shiny black shoes on his feet.


As I looked at him standing before the Burning Bush, suddenly The LORD showed me Moses…  and how Moses had stood before the Burning Bush on the mountain of The LORD and God anointed and appointed him to go into the Land of Egypt to bring the Nation of Israel out of bondage.


It was there at the Burning Bush that the very nature of Moses was changed and his a destiny was revealed.  Moses was mantled by God as a Mighty Deliverer who would carry a Mandate to set the captives free!


A Nature Changed and a Destiny Revealed


Now, as The Spirit of God showed me Moses, suddenly I began to see a powerful prophetic parallel unfolding before me, where I saw how God was now raising up Donald Trump like Moses.


I saw that this Deliverer ‘Donald Trump’ would not only have his nature changed, but that the Destiny of Donald Trump that was being revealed in the vision, was that he would to be used mightily and strategically by God to bring Freedom and Liberty to a Nation, but that was held captive by the powers of the enemy.


The Fortunes of Zion Will Be Restored


Now, as this powerful parallel unfolded before me, suddenly I heard The Spirit of The LORD speak to Donald Trump saying, “Take off your shoes, for the ground you are standing on is Holy!” and as Donald Trump bent down to take off his shoes, I saw two Archangels of The LORD appear beside him, one to his left and one to his right.


As I looked at the two Archangels, I saw two Flaming Swords of Fire being lifted up over the head of Donald Trump and the tips of the two Flaming Swords came together to create what looked like an archway over Trump’s head.


As I looked at the archway, I heard the word, “TRIUMPH” and saw what looked like small Tongues of Fire begin to fall upon his head like soft rain!


As I watched Donald Trump standing barefoot under the fiery Archway of Triumph before the Burning Bush, I knew by revelation that The Glory of The LORD was falling upon him.  He was being divinely empowered, enabled and commissioned by God, to go forth into the land to restore the fortunes of Zion.


A Cloud of Witnesses Making Intercession and Prophetic Proclamation


Now, as I watched this taking place, suddenly the vision shifted again, and I saw now ‘President Trump’ standing for a second time before the mountain of The LORD.


He was still barefoot, with both Archangels still standing beside him, one to his right and one to his left, and as I looked at President Trump, I saw that his head was tilted down and he looked as if he was standing, waiting as if he was about to receive a knighthood.


The atmosphere in the vision was heavy.  I felt the glory of The LORD in that place, and I could tangibly feel the weightiness of The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD.


As I looked again at President Trump, suddenly The Spirit of The LORD brought Moses up before me once again, and I saw how Moses had also come for a second time before the mountain of The LORD, after he had delivered the Israelites out of the land of Egypt, and how Moses had ascended the mountain were he was given The Law of 10 Commandments.


As I was being shown Moses again, suddenly a Cloud of Witnesses appeared in the sky above President Trump, and as I looked at the Cloud of Witnesses, I saw the late and great Kim Clement and the late and great Billy Graham looking down upon the President, and I saw that Kim Clement had a rod in his hand, which lifted high into the air.


Then I heard these words, “My Court’s in session!”  And then, “Watch!  For a great cloud of Witnesses now stands to make Intercession and Prophetic Proclamation in this hour for a Nation that is being weighed in the balance!”


Grace, Grace Triumphs Over Law and Judgment


As I heard those words, suddenly I saw the tip of a Silver Sword appear in the vision.  As I looked at the Sword, I heard these words, “And the Key of The House of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open!”


As those words echoed loudly in The Realm of the Spirit, I saw the tip of the Sword touch President Trump first on his right shoulder, and as the tip of the sword touched him, the number 5 (five) appeared above his shoulder, and then I saw the tip of the sword touch his left shoulder, and suddenly another number 5 (five) appeared on his left shoulder.


As I looked at the two fives (5), I heard these words, ”Grace!  Grace!  For The Government of The House of David shall be laid upon his shoulders!” and then I heard these words,  ”Grace triumphs over The Law and Judgment!”


The Golden Altar Rises in the Land


As I heard those words, suddenly the vision shifted slightly and I was taken to the foot of the Mountain of The LORD where I saw a large multitude of people who looked like they were celebrating.


A sense of great Victory was in the air.  I could hear the sound of laughing, shouting and cheering… but as I drew closer in the vision, I saw a huge raging bonfire and many were dancing around the fire with their hands lifted high into the air, and in a ritualistic way, it looked as if they were worshiping…


But as I stood in that place, I could feel the spiritual atmosphere was heavy with Demonic Oppression and Satanic Witchcraft, and as I looked again at the people, suddenly I saw what looked like a massive boiling pot (a cauldron) which was sitting at the center of the bonfire.


I watched as vast amounts of gold coins and precious jewelry was being thrown into the boiling pot by those who were dancing around the fire.


And I heard these words, “Watch and Pray!  For billionaires and millionaires have thrown their gold and precious silver into the boiling pot of perversion and corruption, that they may build a golden altar to the gods of Baal and Moleck!”


As I heard those words, suddenly I saw the faces of George Soros, Bill Gates and the faces of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris come up before me, and I knew by The Spirit of Revelation, that what I was being shown was a powerful demonic plan and plot of the enemy, to build and establish an altar of the Antichrist in the Nation of America in this hour.


As I looked at this taking place, I began to cry out to The LORD to have, “Mercy, mercy on the nation of America!”


A Remnant Rises With a Roar


As I cried out to The LORD, suddenly the vision shifted again and I saw what looked like a circle of white light that surrounded the people who were dancing around the bonfire.


And as I looked at the circle of white light, I heard these words, “Watch!  For My Radiant Remnant shall arise and shine in the midst of the darkness!”


As I heard those words, suddenly I could hear the sound of the Prayers of The Remnant begin to rise, and as I listened, the sound of the cries of The Remnant turned to a roar that got louder and louder such that the mountain of The LORD began to shake and tremble.


Then I saw the great Cloud of Witnesses appear once again over the mountain of The LORD and I heard these words, “Watch!  As a Divine Convergence is now beginning to take place as heaven touches earth.


For The Scales of Justice will be shifted as the sound of the roar of The Remnant rises to touch the Prayers and the Prophetic Proclamations of the late and great reformers!”


A Divine Convergence; Our Apostolic and Prophetic Agreement

Shifts the Scales in the Courts


Then I heard The Spirit of Revelation speak to me saying, “In this hour and season, I AM calling for the Apostolic and the Prophetic Council in the earth to come into Alignment and into Agreement with the Prayers and the Prophetic Proclamations of the Apostolic and the Prophetic Council in Heaven.


For the power of this Agreement and Unity, will shift The Scaled of Justice in The Courts of Heaven, for the Nation is now at a Divine Tipping Point!”


Look to the Hills to Where Your Help Comes From


Now as I heard those Words, my eyes were drawn back to the Circle of White Light and I saw The Remnant begin to Rise and Shine in the midst of the darkness.


As I looked at the faces of The Remnant, I saw that their eyes were fixed, looking up to the Mountain of The LORD, and I heard these Words, “I lift up my eyes to the mountains — where does my help come from?  My help comes from The LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth!”


As those words deeply penetrated my heart, suddenly I was standing again on the Mountain of The LORD and I saw a Mantle of Gold falling upon the shoulders of President Trump and as the Mantle of Gold fell upon him, I heard these Words, “Double Portion Anointing!  Grace, Grace shall triumph over Judgment!”


Then I saw President Trump turn and begin to descend the Mountain of The LORD, and saw him stop and look down at the multitudes who were gathered at the foot of the Mountain.  He could see that a Golden Altar had been erected and that those who had built the altar, were cheering and shouting.


Suddenly, I saw President Trump take hold of the heavy Mantle of Grace that was upon his shoulders and he threw the heavy Gold Mantle at the Golden Altar that had been erected, and I watched as the the Golden Altar was smashed in two.


Then I heard these Words, “My Grace and Mercy shall triumph over Judgment, for My Love covers a multitude of sins!”


Then I heard, “Who are you, O great mountain?  Before Zerubbabel for you shall become a plain!  And he shall bring forth the capstone with shouts of ‘Grace, grace to it’!”  (Zechariah 4:7)


As those Words went forth across the Nation, I saw the Gold Mantle of Grace cover the Nation like a thick heavy blanket and I watched as satanic strongholds and demonic altars were being dismantled, demolished and overthrown under the heavy weight of the Mantle of Grace that was now resting upon the land.


Then I saw The Remnant begin to dance upon The Blanket of Grace and as they danced, I saw the Gold Mantle/ Blanket turn to a River of Gold that began to flow forth upon the land and I heard these words, “Rivers of My Glory shall flow forth upon this land bringing Revival, Restoration and Reformation!”


God is Not Finished With President Trump Yet!

As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw President Trump again, just as I had seen him in the first vision, when he was standing barefoot upon a podium with his right hand lifted.


And as I looked at his bare-feet again, I knew by revelation that he was Standing on Holy Ground and that God was not yet finished with President Trump, and that the Assignment and Destiny of Donald Trump was still being fulfilled!




Blessings to you all.

By Veronika West

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