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America: The Prophets, The Prophecies and

The Prophetic Birthing’s

By Abel Praise



The prophets are seemingly taking a tongue lashing in The Nation of America and the world, because of the prophecies concerning the second term presidency of Donald Trump.


Some are recanting and apologizing, some are in awe, some are questioning their faith, amongst the many questions in the hearts of the people.


There are key principles regarding prophecy I have always shared in private teaching sessions with leaders over the years, that I feel led to share that is key for understanding the times unfolding before us.


Prophecy reveals the intent of The LORD, as well as veils the ways of The LORD for the fulfillment of that Word, awaiting those who will seek the wisdom of The LORD, to undertake the journey that Prophetic Word requires for fulfillment.


The Scriptures records,


“It is The Glory Of The LORD to conceal a matter, but it is The Heart Of Kings to search it out,”   Proverbs 25:2.


When the King Beltshazzar saw the handwriting on the wall in the place writing out his judgment, “mene mene tekel upharsin”, in Daniel 5, have you ever wondered why that Word didn’t take effect immediately and all by itself, even when it was written by the hand of an Angel?


That Word of Judgment required the unsealing anointing upon Daniel to “interpret”, which in actual terms, release the authority of that Word, for it to become effective on the earth.


When The LORD gives a Prophetic Word, especially Words that reveal Ordinances from The Courts of Heaven, those Words always require not just an announcement, as we like to do — mostly in a bid to generate public attention.


Those Words call us into a journey to contend for the Authority to birth that word into the earth.


In The Book of 1 Kings 18, the prophecy of ‘a season of no rain’ the Prophet Elijah had prophesied had had its toll on the Nation of Israel.  The LORD then spoke to the Prophet Elijah; “Go show thyself unto Ahab, and I will send rain upon the earth”.


This was the simple prophetic Word The LORD had given Elijah, however, this Prophetic Word took Elijah on a journey.


Elijah set himself on course into the Nation, met Obadiah on the way, who told him how he had been put on Ahab’s most wanted list, and how he had saved some of the prophets.


Obadiah proceeded to tell Ahab that he had seen Elijah.  Elijah then asked for the showdown — for the gathering of the prophets of Baal.


Ahab gathered the prophets of Baal unto Mount Carmel and asked the people of Israel to make a choice, after having stood between two options for a long time — either in worshiping Baal, or The One True GOD of Israel.


This led to the challenge Elijah made unto the prophets of Baal — to call on Baal to answer by fire, which will mean an altar being raised unto Baal, or to stand and see the victorious power of The GOD of Israel as he was poised to raise an altar unto The GOD of Israel.


Why was all this necessary for the fulfillment of that simple prophecy?  The simple word The LORD said to Elijah, “Go show thyself unto Ahab and I will send rain upon the earth”.  You will see that in a moment.


The Scriptures records how the prophets of Baal failed, and how The LORD answered Elijah by fire, receiving his sacrifice — hence Elijah rebuilt the righteous Prophetic Altar of The Nation Israel and went on to prosecute the prophets of Baal.


It is after this victory, having contended against the prophets of Baal that have usurped The Prophetic Altar of the Nation of Israel, that Elijah then prophesied to Ahab saying; “Get thee up, eat and drink, for there is a sound of the abundance of rain.”  (1 Kings 18:41).


Isn’t that stunning!  Elijah didn’t release that Prophetic Word until he had stood against the demonic altar of Baal that had usurped The Prophetic Altar of the Nation of Israel, and rebuilt the Prophetic Altar of the Nation.


Elijah knew very well, when the Prophetic Word revealed the intent of The LORD, and how he had to labor for the Prophetic Authority that Word must ride on, to be fulfilled.


Even then, after having spoken to Ahab, The Scriptures records that Elijah went forward with his servant to pray for the rain to come.


This we know by The Scriptures, he stayed laboring in prayers, sending his servant to go and check, until the seventh time when he saw the sign — the little cloud like a mans hand arising out of the sea.  Then Elijah knew that he had not only announced the Prophetic Word, he had birthed the Prophetic Word.


Then Elijah, seeing the clouds thick with rain, said to Ahab, “Prepare thy chariots, and get thee down, that the rain might not stop thee”.


It is very fashionable in these times to run forward and announce the prophetic will of The LORD, for the attention and social influence it may bring.


Elijah may have run out to Ahab as The LORD had told him; “Go show thyself unto Ahab and I will send rain upon the earth…”  [And nothing would have happened if he didn’t labor for the Authority for that Word, by standing against Baal and its prophets that have mesmerized Israel and stood against the counsel of The LORD in previous times].


However, as a student of The Spirit Of The LORD, Elijah knew, that it was a call to co-labor with The LORD for the birthing of that WORD.


This is what I have always taught as the missing link in Prophetic Ministry.  It has never been more obvious than it is now — the birthing process of prophetic words.


Without this, we may announce the intent of The LORD, leaking significant prophetic intelligence, without having labored to see The Prophetic Authority released for that Word to ride on.


Another significant experience of this in The Scriptures is, the experience of The Prophet Elisha.


In The Scriptures, in 2 Kings 3:1-27; The Kings of Israel, Samaria, Judah, were to go to war against The King of Moab.


King Jehoshaphat insisted on hearing The Mind Of The LORD from a Prophet.  The three Kings came to The Prophet Elisha to seek The Mind Of The LORD, and Prophet Elisha called for a minstrel and he told them to go that they would be successful, saying it was a ‘light thing’ for The LORD to do, and gave them a sign.


The Prophet Elisha asked them to dig up valleys with ditches, saying that they will neither see rain nor wind, but the trenches will be filled with water, supernaturally, so that they, and their cattle will have sufficient water to drink; as a sign that they will be victorious in battle.


The three kings went on to make a meat offering and the sign the Prophet Elisha spoke of was seen, just as The Prophet Elisha had said.


The Three Kings went to battle and were fighting and winning significantly.  Suddenly, The Scriptures record that The King of Moab, seeing that he was running at a loss, went back home and took his eldest son who was to reign in his stead and sacrificed him at the wall — a blood sacrifice of his heir.


Immediately after that, Scriptures record in 2 Kings 3:27 that a great indignation arose against Israel and every man went back to their own land.


Can you believe that?


The Prophecies had gone forth with an undeniable sign, yet a man offered his son to a demon, releasing authority to a demon that empowered hordes of demons to be unleashed to stand against the Prophesied Word of Victory.


Can you see a parallel between the experiences of Elijah and Elisha in The Birthing Process for Prophetic Words, and how even the enemy attempted this principle, to contend against the Prophetic Words The Prophet Elisha gave.


I have said time and time again, the prophets were not wrong concerning the intent of The LORD concerning two-time presidency for Donald Trump.


The good news is the prophets are now waking up to the reality of The Birthing Process of those Words, and like Elijah, are on their knees praying and sending out the servants to go and see.


Do not underestimate what the prophets in the labor war-room can birth!




By Abel Praise

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Awesome messages! It makes my heart happy to hear all these things from the Lord!!

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Love u mom ;)

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I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

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Overflowing with thanks to our Papa to receive a full belly and a glass of cold water from Him through my sister's heart and words.

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