If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

The Lord Showed Me . . .

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The Lord Showed Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord showed me a pair of well worn work boots over five years ago and said, Only one man was called to fill these, and he will accomplish My will. This was one year before Trump was put in office. It was then the Lord told me what His will would be accomplished in Trump's second term.


This is not political, but spiritual, and it will bring about the Lord's will. It is being done to refine the hearts of those who desire to remain in Him. There will come to every heart a cleansing and a refining. Humility will win the day in each of them. That is how they will remain.


Our support of this man is not about what kind of person our President is, his manner or his faith or his beliefs. It is about God accomplishing God's will. Before the Lord became involved in the political arena, most of us were not involved much in politics. The heated debate that is escalating right now is between those who hear God and those who don't. This is about Life and death taking precedence in the Earth as we are being prepared for Christ's return.




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The Lord Has Been Preparing

By Kathy Mote



The Lord has been preparing me for what is to come mere moments before I need it. What wisdom I need to remain in His will to accomplish His will He provides, and I am grateful. I am being asked to share several examples of this.


As I slept, He spoke to me, saying, Now, your post on president Trump isn't about politics, it's about My will, but it has reached 800, the place where many will hear who do not understand or agree, and they have come running. When I awoke, sure enough, the disagreeable had attended en masse. I deleted all the vulgar remarks, the accusations and the hurtful insults and blocked the perps. It took half an hour. Being dead to Him, they don't see or hear or understand.


Earlier in the same day, I saw a vision of a lady wearing a dress of crushed pearls that reflected the Light. The Light shone brightly, repelling darkness like a weapon, and those who move in darkness were cast quickly aside.


Darkness cannot stand against the Light, and we are not to be embroiled with it. Within the hour, the attack against my life, my heart and my obedience reached a fever pitch, coming against me full force. I resolutely set my face toward Him and obeyed Him. He was a shield around my heart as every attack against His will fled.


I obeyed the Lord with my eyes on Him, never once arguing, engaging the enemy, becoming upset or counting the cost. The Lord had prepared me with the strength and determination I didn't know I would need with the image of the woman wearing crushed pearls in my head. The Lord always prepares us as we walk in obedience to Him. He will have His way in us.


He said, Great temptation and testing is coming to all. I have seen to it. I will test and refine every heart. Yet every heart that is set on Me will be established and not fail. I will keep them in their place before My heart, for I am above all things, faithful. No one who has lain down their heart before Me will be cast aside from My presence, and I will keep every one that is Mine. But know that in every heart that stands before Me, darkness will fall. You can count on it.



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In A Vision

By Kathy Mote



In a vision, I saw a tall, slender woman. She was very beautiful. Light radiated from all around her. Her long dress was made of crushed pearls that glinted in the Light that she lived and moved and breathed in. As she moved, she made walking seem effortless. Her heart was intent on being as the Lord said.


Demons came flying against her as she moved through the atmosphere, and one by one they were flung away from her. She knocked them out of her way as she moved with purpose. She barely noticed them. They were not a distraction to her.


The Lord said, The footprints that you leave are beautiful. As you walk the enemy is expelled. You are the consequence of your enemy, and his consequence is swift, great, terrible and sure. Where you are, he doesn't operate in the realm. Where you move, he doesn't. As I am swift and sure, you are swift and sure. You tolerate no argument with My judgment.




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote




The Lord said, “You will not be overcome by any thing that has come against you, you will overcome everything that has come against you.”


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President Trump

By Kathy Mote



President Trump was placed in office by God. He was raised for one purpose. He was placed there to do what no one else ever could. He hasn't accomplished what God put Him in office to do yet. That will take place in his second term.

So to the Captain of the guard, run your race on swift feet. The Lord be with you as you accomplish His will. May He be pleased.


Evil will be exposed in this country on an unprecedented scale. This will give the body of believers enough breathing room to rise as well. It is the perfect scenario for leavening bread. God help us. The Anti-Christ is pride.


The Lord said, Your enemies rise up to overcome you, but not by Me. I have put them in their place that they would rise against Me. I have set them up like bowling pins and I will knock them all down together. This isn't about politics, it's about My plan coming together.


In all these events, the Remnant will grow fewer and fewer. Only the most precious among them will lay down all that their life is on earth to hear My voice. To them, I AM most precious and nothing else matters. They will usher in My return. My second coming is upon you.


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By Kathy Mote



Something I have noted recently are those who think they walk in God's authority despising those who obey it.




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So What Does It Mean

By Kathy Mote



So what does it mean, to discern. By God's definition, it means to know something that He knows (that you do not) by His Spirit revealing it to you. It is to perceive by Him. It is not figuring something out, it is something being revealed.



It is being given the grace to walk in wisdom that would ordinarily be beyond your means as you follow what He reveals. It is given to guide you to a protected place under His arm, making you safe, far away from harm.


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You Will Not Change

By Kathy Mote



You will not change God's judgments because you are unable to bear them.


You will not change His will by desiring yours. You will not limit God's thoughts because your heart cannot understand.  It's time to hear His judgments, not declare our own.


It's time to stop assuming His heart is as limited as our own. It's time to hear what is in His heart, that He might change where our heart is. It's time, it's time, it's time to abandon our ways and walk in His. To do this, we must hear His voice. That's the kind of relationship He wants with us.


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