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Voting and the Golden Calf Moment . . .


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America: Voting and the Golden Calf Moment

By Abel Praise



Several years ago, I was tasked by The LORD to prayerfully watch the ongoing presidential elections in a country.


As I committed to doing that, The LORD visited me consistently with revelations, visions, dreams, instructions on how to pray to steward the birthing of His Will.


On the day of the presidential elections, I had a profound dream that opened me up to another level of understanding about our elections and process of choosing leaders and the impact they make in the heavens.


In that dream, I saw people lining up and coming out to vote.  When they all came out, they were all carrying something, some carried food stuffs of different kinds, others carried clothing, shoes, treasures and personal belongings of some kind — each of which had significant value.


As they carried these to the ballot box, they began to pour these personal belongings and treasures into the ballot box of the person they were voting for, such that the sum of the treasures and personal belongings each one brought; created a significant weight of treasure for the one they were choosing and submitting to his/ her leadership.  [End of dream].


I woke up with that dream, stunned.  Over the years, I understood the prophetic meaning each of those treasures submitted at the ballot box of the one they choose to lead over them represented — it was more than just the items and personal belongings.


The belongings were a representation of virtues in the spirit they were laying at the ballot box [altar] of the one they were choosing to lead them.


I was even more stunned at the prophetic meaning of what the items they brought represented.


The one who brought his watch, as his vote, was a watchman; and by his vote, he was bringing the watchman authority over the territory he sits over, in submission to the one he was submitting and choosing to lead him — which practically means — he was giving authorization to the spirits which the leader he is voting for represents — to come into his territory.


How can I make this simpler to understand?


The principle of voting, by your thumb and/ or signature, utilizes the principle of ‘laying on of hands’.


The same way The Scriptures teaches us that virtues is transferred by ‘the laying on of hands’; is the same way, by your vote, you are transferring virtues to the one you are voting for [Acts 6:6; Acts 8:17, 1 Timothy 4:14, 2 Timothy 1:6]


In like manner, we also understand the principle of transfer of Corporate Anointing, by The Ministry of the Presbytery.


When millions of people converge, bearing different virtues in their spirit, voting, thumb-printing, laying hands on a man, they are releasing virtues into that person — virtues sufficient to attain unto the weight of a Throne in The Spirit — and with the Seal of their Signature — they come into agreement by their own will — to be led and ruled by that Leader; and the spirits [righteous or perverse] that leader is in submission to.


Get this, when The Israelites were to leave Egypt; Moses insisted to Pharoah, that he must let them go with treasures so they can make offering unto The LORD.


The Scriptures reveal Pharoah stubbornly resisted, however, The LORD moved to execute judgments across the households in Egypt; and the families in Egypt gave the Israelites such great treasures; that there was a mighty transfer of wealth to the Israelites.


When The Israelites erred in building the golden calf while Moses was in the mountain with GOD, how did they do it?


They brought out of their treasuries — they voted — each bringing a measure of their substance, which in this circumstance was their vote in choosing a leader — and the sum of the treasures they laid at the feet of the spirits they were seeking to serve and make ruler over them attained unto the weight of a golden calf — a spiritual throne of perversion  [Exodus 32:1-6].


Likewise, when The Ark of The Covenant was to be built, The Scriptures also records that it is by the same process.


The people brought out treasures of themselves — voting — and the treasures they brought out corporately attained unto the weight of a Throne in The Spirit — that was to be The Ark of Covenant — The sSgnet of The Rule of The LORD over them  [Exodus 25: 1-8].


Voting is a deeply spiritual process.  While the process of seeking Justice remains — as it concerns The American elections — we must not fail to realize that there are millions of people who have brought out treasures — in votes — thumb-printing in transfer of virtues — and agreeing through the seal of their signature — for the golden calf to have rule over them.


Ministers all over the world, are reporting increased attacks in dreams, visions since the American elections.


When spiritual virtues that attain unto the weight of a Throne — as well as Authorization is given to the golden calf — the golden calf will seek to gain entry into all the territories that was willingly surrendered to him — this puts everyone within this territory open to demonic intimidation, attacks and perverse rule.


Personally, I had a dream this morning where I saw a beast flying around attacking people, and even seeking to take the lives of people — and it was clear this is as a result of the fall out of the elections.


Like Moses, we must now reach out to The LORD, in repentance for those who laid their treasures in their votes at the feet of the golden calf for it to be raised up in the land.


While we stand at the mountain of The LORD seeking Justice; The LORD is showing us, as He showed to Moses on the mountain — that the people have raised up an altar unto the golden calf by their votes and elections in choosing a leader.


The golden calf is a long standing idol in Egypt, seen even in the time Joseph interpreted the dream of Pharoah — an idol they had just been delivered from by the mighty working of The LORD through Moses — yet they were ready to raise up the golden calf to lead them where they were going.


When The LORD brought the attention of Moses to what the people had done; how they had corrupted themselves, Moses came down from the mountain; with his heart set to tear down the golden calf  [Exodus 32:7].


In chastising the people, and in repentance for their atrocities, Moses took the step needed for the redemption of The Nation of Israel — standing and repenting on behalf of the nation [Exodus 32:11-14].


This we must do in following this Prayer Lead; more than just bashing those who voted in opposite directions; we must take steps to abort the process that raised up the golden calf.


A beast is moving around intimidating and attacking people, because it was raised up in the land by the votes and treasures millions laid at its feet.


Take a step in repentance today on behalf of your territory;


Prayer Lead

Go before The LORD in repentance for sins of the territory you are a part of, for sins that gave the enemy authority and right to contend, rule, attack and accuse; through voting for things that represents perverse spirits of unrighteousness.


Ask that The Blood Of The Lamb — The Blood Of The LORD JESUS atone on every contending altar and voice speaking through the authority that fell into the enemy’s hands by which he perverted the purposes of The LORD JESUS.


Bring yourself, your territory in submission to The Kingdom Of The Father Of The LORD JESUS CHRIST


Ask that The Mercy obtained by The Blood Of The Lamb — The LORD JESUS CHRIST; and the testimony of your submission of your life and territory to The LORDSHIP OF JESUS; be heard as your prayers to The FATHER OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST for decisions of mercy, righteousness and justice to be made on behalf of your nation.




By Abel Praise




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10.11 | 06:23

Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

08.11 | 09:41

Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

08.11 | 08:11

I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

06.10 | 06:30

Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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