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On A Day . . .


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On A Day

By Kathy Mote



On a day when my daughter was experiencing a lot of pain in her neck, her head and her jaw, my heart cried out to the Lord, wanting to ask Him to release her. In my limited heart and thinking, my desire was for her to be excused from her trial by fire. I began to ask Him to release her, but in His presence I realized not having any confidence in what He was doing in her didn't honor or agree with Him. That is why my heart was hurt.


My Father answered me saying, is that what you would ask Me, to excuse her? There was understanding and revelation in those words, and they hit me full force with a renewed view of His mercy toward her. There are no limits to His love and His plan for her.


What He showed me was He is building her into a warrior who trusts Him and that little warrior's heart will abide with Him forever. To be set free, truly free, from the things of this earth is to give Him our life, our desire for life and everything in our life.


This is how He is releasing her, and He is gentle as He does this, always encouraging and bringing comfort to her. She is becoming a powerful overcomer right before my very eyes as she trusts Him from a deeper and deeper respect for His will for her.

I was almost bowled over by how deeply He cares for her. I wept as I thanked Him from the bottom of my heart for what He is doing in her. He said I just agreed with what He is doing in her.


The next day, I saw her at breakfast, and she was radiating courage, faith (His power working in her) and a much better outlook I hadn't seen in her before. I asked her how she was feeling. Her response was spoken in dignity and confidence, something I had not previously heard from her. She said, I slept fine on the palm of His mighty hand and I trust Him.


As for myself, I was deeply grateful that He didn't give me what my too small heart wanted, which was to excuse her from what He is making her. He is indeed releasing her!



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Why Are You

By Kathy Mote



Why are you, as God's Beloved, facing so much hostility? Even before you stood in the Lord's presence, the world accused you of what God was doing in the Earth. That is the cup of Christ's sufferings in your hand, and you hold it because you are called to Him. As you stand with Him and walk with Him, you are being changed by Him. You are evidence of what He is doing in the Earth. That is why the world hates you so much.


Humbly is the only way to wear this, it is the robe of righteousness, and it is worn in the heart. You are living, breathing, walking, talking proof of God, and that upsets their apple cart! It upsets how they see themselves and they resent you for it.



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By Kathy Mote



The Lord said Religion has espoused the hearts of many and many have espoused their religious thinking.


Had the Lord not shown me the principality of religion speaking from the third Heaven, I would not have understood what He meant by this. This loud and outspoken principality has been speaking over the earth for all to hear for generation upon generations, declaring our right to speak, reciting our 'rights' to us and sowing her thoughts of rebellion like a blanket thrown over us.


Without hearing God in a heart made alive to Him, what she says makes perfect sense to the fallen nature and carnal mind, and all of humanity hasn't been able to see through or get past their own thinking. Jesus is our way out. He is our deliverance, and our Champion. But without Him, many have espoused their own understanding rising to speak their own thoughts on God's Word, not seeing it was His promise to save them. They have made the Bible a religion without hearing Him, and thus they have missed the promise of Him and rejected Him.


So there she was, orating loudly and forcibly with the whole world hearing her and rising to agree with her. She told all the world of their right to speak, and she promised them that with enough faith in what they were doing, they would have and walk in power. What a tangled trap this is and many have fallen for it, some even thinking that the words in the Bible have power in them, so they chant them. This thinking romances the fallen nature and many are deceived.


The only way out is romance, to know God's love for us personally. To hear the Lord's voice in a heart given to Him ends all debate on who is Lord and puts to rest the need to walk in power. I speak to the Remnant who know Him in their heart and hear Him. Keep your eyes on Him and your heart set on remaining in His presence. Be always aware of Him.


He will draw those around you who don't know Him. Speak as you are led to speak, but know that speaking of Christ unless you are sent by Him is not what will draw them to Him in the warzone we are living in. He will romance them. Powerfully. Deeply. He will call them by His Spirit, and they will answer Him.


adopt or support (a cause, belief, or way of life).


take to one's heart



side with

be in favor of

ally oneself with

stand behind

fall in with

stand up for





approve of

throw one's weight behind




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Standing Face to Face

By Kathy Mote



Standing face to face with Him changes how you live your life. As you listen to Him, you face Him, receiving from Him what things He would give.


What comes at you in this life is already surrendered to Him and what He says about them is what you keep. When He says, Don't worry about it, you don’t, and what is not His will is never heard from again.


Whatever happens, you receive what is in His heart for you directly from Him. This is the life of both a warrior and a trusting child. You continually live on the sharp edge of His will.


The devil has no place in your conversation with the God who created both you and him. The Lord's will is happening in your life, and your response is to Him. As Lord, He has the final say in what happens to you.


Living like this, being surrendered like this, hearing His voice in His presence is your daily bread. You watch the world obey His will for you and miracles are a daily occurrence. His presence separates you from everyone else, but it doesn't matter.


Surrender is trust and trust is obedience and this is how you live in Him. This is different than asking for what you want, this is hearing His choice for your life and accepting it from Him. This is a life devotedly lived in His presence and not arguing with Him.


Your prayer life is unending, an ongoing dialogue spoken by Him with you listening and learning from Him. It is awesome. He is awesome. And He asked me to share because that is what He is bringing you into.




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The Church

By Kathy Mote



The church at large has made a religion out of declaring scripture in their flesh and it's got to stop if we want to receive what those scriptures promise us in Christ Jesus. If we could see the powerful change that He will bring in us as we trust in Him, we would delight in Him rather than fight and war and declare scripture we know nothing about the Life or power or meaning of!


What we have done in our flesh is as silly and pointless as a caterpillar declaring itself to be a butterfly before it is changed...which brings me to the point of what I am told to say. Only the humble will be changed.






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It Is Time

By Kathy Mote



It is time to trust Him face to face and trust His will rather than fight to receive what we want the scriptures to mean, calling it His will. The power is in His presence as we trust Him. There is no power in standing on scripture to fulfill His will, He fulfills His promises and His will. We do not declare eternal Life, He does as we honor Him.


We have surrendered our lives but not our will.  As we trust in Him, we remain in His presence and He fulfills His will. But what does it look like, to trust His will? It is trusting His goodness and not struggling with fear.


We confuse reciting scripture with expressing our will, something we do out of dread. When we do this, we are being warlike. That's not 'fighting the good fight of faith.' It's not the same thing at all. Trusting Him is. What He wants in us is trust and obedience, and that's just to start. His power will flow as He is Lord of all.


In His presence is where we live and to remain in our place on the palm of His hand we trust Him as Lord and we accept His will. We truly, deeply and with confidence in Him, lean into Him. This is living, breathing, aggressive faith, and as Lord, He moves in it.


This is the intimate trust that comes from dealing directly with Him. Standing before Him is different than declaring what you want scripture to mean. The promises in those scriptures speak of walking with Him in the LIFE He gives. That Life is His power living and breathing and moving in us. The point is to be IN Him.


Those promises we like to stand on come alive as we call Him LORD in our heart. We do not walk this world alone, we walk with Him, and He is filling us with living, breathing confidence in Him. He is LORD.


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Do Not

By Kathy Mote



Do not be discouraged in the waiting, Beloved. He is faithful.


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It Is A Great

By Kathy Mote



I hear the Lord say, “It is a great and terrible burden to carry your identity well. You can only do this with a humble heart. (To Him, great and terrible means powerful to bring change to your life). To do this requires knowing I AM above all things, and by Me all things exist. Those who see this are content in My presence while others desire answers to questions they don't know enough to ask, searching their own heart. It is My children who will wear their identity well, those I have called to My heart. By Me is all Life and they know this well. My presence reveals this in them.”


Painting by Greg Olsen



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I’m Going

By Kathy Mote



I'm going to share a conversation the Lord and I had. Be advised before you read it, it will challenge what you believe. But this is what He said, and there's a deep healing in what He meant. It will put an end to all that challenges us to challenge Him.


The Lord said, Only My love can heal the human heart and cure the jealousy that tortures it. Only in My presence do you know who you are. It is in My presence that you know I AM God. Knowing you are loved is not the point, knowing I AM God is the point. Being in My presence is Life, and I AM all that there is. That is how I heal your heart. In My presence, you are given all there is to give.


Art by Greg Olsen



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The Number One

By Kathy Mote



The number one cause of jealousy is not knowing who you are. That is what the Lord said. To know who you are is to be brought into His presence.


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It Isn’t

By Kathy Mote



It isn't what you said or did that made the devil rage against your life. It's what you are. You are My child, called to inherit Life.





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