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A River of Peace and Prosperity . . .


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A River of Peace and Prosperity

By Pastor Debra Lowe



Here is a prophetic word that The LORD spoke to us in October 2009.


God always prepares us ahead of time, making sure as we hear His counsel we prepare our lives in His Word.


Many times we have to be reminded, so He speaks more than once to get and keep our attention.  This was eleven years ago.


“I will give My People a river of peace and prosperity for the wealth of the nation shall begin to flow to them.


As My People learn to remain stable and fixed trusting in Me for their support, the world around them is beginning to shake in fear.  Fear that has torment.


Yet, My People will be unafraid, those who receive their comfort and help from Me.  Their hearts will again rejoice and flourish like the grass!


All will see the that My Hand of blessing is upon them.  I will continue to bless those who have a humble heart that tremble at My Word.


My People need not be afraid of sudden disaster or destruction that comes upon the wicked, for I AM their security. In the midst of turbulent times My People will experience a supernatural calm.


Now, the humble in Me will be exalted and the mighty will be brought low.  This Holy Remnant of Mine shall carry out the work of the Kingdom as never before.


This Holy, Humble Remnant are those who press past the veil and have known Me as Father.  Their constant intimacy has raised a stirring in My Heart.


I will entrust to them the power of the ages to come.  They love My Presence more than their ministry, than their goals and more than their ambitions.


They will be able to hear Me in a moments notice, they are prompt to obey, they will not be shaken, no, not even when sudden disasters come.


They are stable and fixed trusting in their God!  They will learn that I AM their treasure.  There will be a notable difference between the children of this world and My Children as notable as the difference between the Israelites in the land of Goshen and the Egyptians.


I shielded and protected My Children from all of the plagues that came upon Egypt.  I AM the same God, I change not.  I will be a refuge and place of safety, from all plagues now.


When My Children came out of Egypt they came out with all the precious possessions of the Egyptians, after years of shame and dishonor.


I gave them double for their shame and so it will be for those who trust in Me, instead of shame and dishonor, they will enjoy a double share of honor.


They will possess a double portion of prosperity in their land.  They will feed on the treasures of the nations.


My People will know Me as their shield and their exceeding great reward!  Know Me, for it is those who know their God that will be strong!”


“Thus says The LORD God: Remove the [high priest’s] miter or headband and take off the [king’s] crown; things shall not remain as they have been; the low is to be exalted and the high is to be brought low,”   Ezekiel 21:26.


“After these things, the word of The LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram, I am your Shield, your abundant compensation, and your reward shall be exceedingly great,”   Genesis 15:1.


“Therefore humble yourselves [demote, lower yourselves in your own estimation] under the mighty hand of God, that in due time He may exalt you,”   1 Peter 5:6.






Debra Lowe



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Latest comments

16.07 | 12:28

Awesome messages! It makes my heart happy to hear all these things from the Lord!!

17.06 | 08:44

Love u mom ;)

17.04 | 13:33

I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

Anne Marie Hamel

03.04 | 10:46

Overflowing with thanks to our Papa to receive a full belly and a glass of cold water from Him through my sister's heart and words.

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