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Test the spirits . . .


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Test The Spirits

By Kathy Mote



1 John 4

Test the Spirits (voices)


Beloved, do not believe every voice that speaks, but test l what they say to see whether they honor God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world, speaking lies, dishonoring Christ. By this you know whether they are of God: every voice that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every one that does not is not from God.


We speak with our mouth what is in our heart. This scripture does not tell us to test God's voice by our knowledge of scripture, and although many have thought that, it is not what we are to do. We recognize His unmistakable, Life and revelation giving voice deep in our heart and we are humble before Him, brought to Life by Him. There is no mistaking Him.


The word 'spirit' used back when the scriptures were written meant the hearts that people were speaking from. It is a term Enoch frequently used that meant 'live ones', ones made alive who answer to Him.


This is another example of how far short our carnal mind falls from knowing the Truth until we stand in His presence, hearing Him. Enoch, who walked with God, called Him the Father of spirits and the Father of lights, meaning the Father of those who are made alive. We can tell who belongs to the Lord by what they say.



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Whenever I Decide

By Kathy Mote



Whenever I decide to eat something that the Lord disapproves of, I hear His Spirit say, Yuck. Like the deep fried chicken wings rolled in garlic Parmesan, He said, Yuck. That's not good for you, hon.


Today I was making a sandwich, wheat toast, mayo and turkey breast. I got the idea to shake on garlic salt with parsley, and waited for Him to say, Yuck. He didn't. But I saw Him look at me funny. So I shook the garlic salt on one piece of bread.


I thought to put more on the other piece, and there it was, His opinion of too much garlic salt on a turkey breast sandwich. He said, That's enough. I didn't react very quickly and I shook the container of the 'vile stuff', but nothing came out. I smiled as I heard Him say again, That is enough. As I ate my sandwich, I realized He was right.



How many closed doors are for our protection and to keep us safely tucked under His wing, I wonder. And how many goodbyes have we had to say as we are being kept safe, crying the whole way with a broken heart instead of being filled with trust. If we could see just how carefully He tends us and that He cares for us, we would be grateful to hear His opinion of the things in this life.





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He Is So Far Above Us

By Kathy Mote



He is so far above us. His ways are above us. He is Spirit, we are flesh. He creates by an act of His desire, and His essence moves to give those desires form and shape. He created us.


He is still creating us. Doesn't that take the pressure off? Change our perspective? Help and comfort our heart? Give us a broader view? And all the people who are waiting in Him from the beginning will be made whole and complete and raised with us at the same time.


Knowing these things centers my heart on Him, just Him, and I am filled with hope and trust. Hope renews the heart to trust. Trust rests as He brings it about.

But even in the face of knowing these things, of being given deep revelation of Him and what He is doing in all of creation to bring His desire into us as He brings us into Him, I still cried, needing a hug. I miss hugs. I do.


But I'm not a kid anymore and I will do as He sends me to do. If He calls me a warrior, then a warrior I am. I am filled with His courageous heart to help me obey. He said so, and I know it is so. As I stood before His throne, ready to be sent again, I felt it inappropriate to ask for a hug. How childish of me. I turned to go.


He scooped me up and gave me the hug that is the best of all hugs ever given in the history of hugging. It lifted my heart, energized me and filled my soul with peace. He settled me in the seat next to Him, tucked under His right arm. He said, “There now. This is where you belong.”



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I Read That The Holy Spirit

By Kathy Mote



I read that the Holy Spirit is a person. I didn't think anything about it because I always thought that to be true. But God said, He is not a person, He is My essence, the living, moving part of Me that is present to accomplish My will. He told me to look it up.




the power within the nature and character of





central part

basic quality

essential part






The essential element of a living plant used for healing, flavoring or scent.

So as God created the Heavens and the Earth, His Spirit, essence, and presence moved within the deep and void, and being present, He made it to be the expression of His desire. In other words, He gave it the form and shape He desired.


So by God's definition, the Spirit of God is His power present to shape and form His qualities in us which bring about His desire. We are filled with His desire and He is moving in us, making us as God intends, illuminating our hearts by leading us to the Truth of God's desire, which is Christ, working in us to make us as He is. Whew!


Christ came in the flesh to honor, accomplish and obey the desires in God's heart. All that God intended for us, Christ obeyed, for He is the Truth of God's will for us in all things.


One of the definitions of essence in the dictionary refers to the essential, or potent and life giving element of a plant that is the defining character of that plant. That shed a light on my understanding, but this revelation comes by His presence living and moving in us to reveal His heart. Thank you for letting me share.


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The Scriptures Say

By Kathy Mote



The scriptures say that from the beginning Jesus was with God, that He is God, and He is how everything was created, that all things that are created were created by Him. He will fill and make perfect all of creation, bringing it to the Father, for He is the Word of God.


'Word' means declaration, decree, the expression of intent and desire, judgment, proclamation, and decision declared. Jesus is the Way to God, the Truth of God's desire for us and it is His will that we should enter by Him, be filled by Him with all the fullness of God and given Life. This Life is what we live in His presence, in communion with Him, being taught of Him and healed by Him. He calls being made one with His heart being made whole.


The revelation of this is astounding. Yet it is very difficult for our carnal thinking to accept. We do not war, or declare, or enter by works, we receive and walk in all that God has for us by continually leaning on Jesus as Lord. He is the Way to, and the Truth of the Life we are given by God, and in His presence is fullness of Life. No wonder He considers surrendering our heart so important, it is how we receive.


The things we have 'practiced' are uncalled for as we stand in the presence of the Living God. As we stand face to face with Him, hearing His voice, we are the workmanship of His hands, being created in His image. In His presence, trusting Him is how to honor Him as Lord, that He might have His way. This is so simple, a child can do it, and it is how we overcome every temptation, every weakness and every challenge.



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Man Does Not Teach Me

By Kathy Mote



Man does not teach me, I listen to the Lord. He teaches me, He leads me and I obey Him, always in His presence, always listening to Him, always following His voice. I do not quote scripture to Him, I do not have to remind Him of His will, I obey His will as I hear what He says to me. He is Lord of me and He is Lord of His will, and He is well able to keep both.


God showed me family pictures on a mantle and He said, Look, these are My children, they look like Me. When I said to remind Me of My Word, I meant to look like Me, to be as I say, to be as I am as you hear My Word.


We are to listen to Jesus, always following His voice, and be as He says, obedient, trusting and surrendered to Him. This is how He teaches me to walk with Him. Thank you for letting me share.


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Awesome messages! It makes my heart happy to hear all these things from the Lord!!

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