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The Lord Taught Me Something . . .


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The Lord Taught Me Something

By Kathy Mote



The Lord taught me something and asked me to share. In a time when I felt His presence very strongly, I looked up to the Heavens as if to thank Him. He said, “Don't do that. I'm right here.”


I looked around me, not sure what He meant, and He spoke again. “You don't understand. I am as close to you as the breath you take in, closer to you than the breath on your upper lip.” As He said this, I felt a precious weight in my own heart. I pressed both hands to the center of my chest, cherishing the very thought of being held this close to His heart.


He holds us in His arms. We live on the palm of His hand. Our thoughts are limited to what we can see and hear, and we can forget to pay attention and honor Him, but He never leaves us alone. We are never far from Him. He never misses a thing. He is attentive to us, and He holds us dear.


He speaks to me as if we are close together as I go about my day. He whispers encouragement when I am afraid. He cautions me about using too much salt, and comforts me when I lean into Him.


He teaches me wisdom beyond what I know, telling me of things to come. I don't have to worry about anything, only trusting Him and listening to Him. I hope you are encouraged to listen for His voice as you read this post.


I pray He would teach our hearts to listen for Him. One thing I have learned is to listen to His 'No', accepting it with thanks. Once I was choosing a chapstick, trying to decide which color was best. He said patiently, “You don't need one of those.” I put it back. Even though the one I had was nearly gone. At home, in the drawer, I found 3 more I had forgotten I had.


How many times in our life would we be spared inconvenient and even dangerous things, and how much sweeter would life be if we would learn to be quiet and listen, drawn to hear Him speak.



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I Would Like To Share

By Kathy Mote



I would like to share what the Lord showed me about the still, small voice. It is the same voice that made the waters divide and caused the void to take shape. Still and small means quieting, humbling, bringing you to His peace.


Your own heart quiets before Him to rest as you hear Him. It is a humble, peaceable voice leading you in a perfect way. Still, as in humble. Quiet, to lead you to rest, being confident in Him. He is perfect as He leads you to walk with Him this way. That still, small, peaceable, voice reveals His heart and leads you to walk in it with Him.



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I Have A Praise Report

By Kathy Mote



I have a praise report. ♥️ I ordered some flannel pajamas on line to sleep in, but when they sent me an email confirming my order had shipped, I realized I had accidentally selected the wrong size. No way would they fit.


Too late to change the order, I thought I would have to send them back. My heart sank thinking of all the trouble this would be, but the Lord said, It'll be alright. I didn't know how, but I believed Him.


Right on schedule, my pajamas arrived, and as I opened the box, I saw they had accidentally sent me the right size! Not what I ordered, but what I should have, and they are perfect! I am now the delighted owner of beautiful, warm, fuzzy, peach colored long johns to snuggle up in.



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I Am Coming

By Kathy Mote



I am coming to the conclusion that our biggest deterrent to understanding what God is talking about is knowing what the words He uses means. Not being face to face with Him, we misunderstand. He is Spirit. We are flesh. He created us and He is not finished.


The Sword of the Spirit is His Spirit and is powerful to bring change. This is what 'moved across the waters of the deep and separated them. He wields His sword (not us) to bring about His will. It is our lot and privilege to honor Him. The sword is not Bible verses. When you meet Him face to face you do not think in terms such as this, you are humbled in His presence and changed as you hear His voice. What He says heals.


The Word of God is Jesus, who is the expression of God's will come in the flesh. Word means declaration, decreed and established decision, judgment. God said Jesus is it and all authority in Heaven and Earth to accomplish God's will is given to Him. It is by Him that we are saved. Again, not Bible verses.


The glory of God is His manifest presence proving He is God and there's no mistaking it. Trust me, on Earth, we haven't seen it. We do not give it to Him. I think when we say we give You the glory, we mean 'credit.'


God is Spirit. He said 'Spirit' means Life, and breath of Life. He described Himself as love. What we refer to as the Holy Spirit is God's essence, the part of God that moves by His presence to make things as He wills. It's how He created the Heavens and the Earth. And us.


His presence in us is how He is creating His image in our hearts. His power moving in us brings us to Him, awakening our hearts to know Him.



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There Are Seven Trials

By Kathy Mote



There are seven trials that will come to those who inhabit the Earth. The unlikiest of which is a time of great blessing and freedom which is about to come upon us. Whaaat???


Pride will rise like the leaven in bread, making humility an almost unheard of thing in the church. But not in the Remnant who are called to Him. They will lay down their every desire just to remain near Him. Even their desire to live. He is the love of their life and they will never leave Him. He will lavish His love on them, and in His presence, they will be changed.


Those changed ones will be a true reflection of Him, and He will come and take them up, leaving the rest to repent. This is what He has been saying to me. The scriptures that promise tribulation refer to the condition and torment of every heart and they are not entirely understood. They are veiled so they don't reveal His plan to purge the pride out of and redeem every heart.


The anti Christ will rise in the hearts of those that are not in Him. The anti Christ is pride, pure and simple, inherent in every one not humbled before Him. He is the Way, and Life is in Him. Those who do not remain in Him will lament what they didn't do, and after He has gone with His Beloved, great tribulation will come to them that they may also repent and be gathered to Him. This time will be short.


Something else He said to me is the anti Christ will walk into the Holy of Holies (His place in our heart) and take His throne. This is pride overruling the Holy Spirit's gentle voice even as He would lead them to honor Him.


Seen through this lens, Revelation is the perfect name for the book written about the time when these things will be revealed. The anti Christ is not a man, but a beast, the pride in every heart that should be given to Him. Before you start quoting scriptures to refute what is being said, know I will take them down to obey Him. I have obeyed His voice, and time will tell. The Lord said that only in His presence will the Truth be completely revealed.



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The Lord Will Not Call

By Kathy Mote



The Lord will not call those who He has not made ready. He will always prepare their heart. He will not expose someone to things they are not ready to hear and walk in. He said it's like showing someone their prom dress when they are in the fifth grade. It ruins what He is doing in their tender heart today.

This is also a reasonable explanation why we aren't always given complete answers to our unlearned questions.


We will know Him fully when He fully fills us. And before you say you are Spirit filled and that's all there is, let me share, His presence is there to lead you to Him and teach you to hear Him. Receiving His Spirit is receiving Him. Our comforter, and teacher, the promise of things to come.





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When Someone

By Kathy Mote



When someone unfriends me, it always breaks my heart. My reaction is to ask myself what I said wrong. Each time this happens, the Lord patiently reminds me that it is not what I said, but what He said.


He told me what He is saying, He is not saying to everyone. Not everyone wants to hear His voice. They are comfortable not hearing Him. They are into religion for the sake of religion and they cling to their own thoughts. The purpose of reading scriptures and praying is to relieve themselves of the need of Him in their own heart. With religion, they have earned the right to drown Him out.


He said this is desiring their life their own way according to their own desire and design, something all flesh does until their wake up call that brings them to Him. What this means is, they want to live comfortably with no interference from Him. They don't know Him (not really) and they are afraid of the idea of losing control to Him whom they have not learned to trust.


Where this is definitely rebellion, it is unintentional on their part, for if they had been called to Him, they would have answered Him, being awakened to Him, for to know Him is to live unto Him. This revelation leaves me with no questions as to where everyone is. They are in process, on the palm of His hand.


Now I am on to the task of realizing that not everything is about me. Evidently this is something I need to learn to walk in His peace as I obey Him.





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16.07 | 12:28

Awesome messages! It makes my heart happy to hear all these things from the Lord!!

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Love u mom ;)

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I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

Anne Marie Hamel

03.04 | 10:46

Overflowing with thanks to our Papa to receive a full belly and a glass of cold water from Him through my sister's heart and words.

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