If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

We don't fully understand . . .

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The Lord Said We Don’t Fully Understand

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said we don't fully understand yet what He means by 'made perfect' in Him, but that is what He intends to do in us. It means brought completely into His presence and filled completely with the fullness of Him to be changed and transformed, made completely without flaw, without weakness, nothing lacking of Him in us. We will be His completely perfect one, and all that we are will be in order by His perfect love being expressed in making us.


I thought of flowers, and how perfect they are, but the Lord said, No, flowers are not perfect. They do not endure. My Beloved will reflect My Light and endless Life which is My desire in her and she will endure.  (Remain in His presence forever.)




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This Is What The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



This is what the Lord said. Soon you will come against the enemy with a powerful force that will take from him his aggressive stance. You will silence his voice and set his agenda adrift. I will bind his hands, tie his feet and close his mouth so that he will not retaliate or speak. I will shine a great light that darkness cannot diminish as I declare victory over your enemy no foe could dispute or argue against. I have given dominion to you. This is what few can know and walk in or understand, for it is only done by My hand, and you must be My hand.


It is to the Beloved that go the spoils of the victory at hand. Only the meek and beautiful will walk in this, for it is in My presence. It is not for you to rule the Earth, it is Mine. All authority is given to Me, and I am present to protect you in it. This is how things will go, and how things will be, that where you set your foot is where I will be in a show of splendor, for where you are, I will be declared. This is the enemy's defeat.




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When We Are Brought Into The Lord’s Presence

By Kathy Mote



When we are brought into the Lord's presence to know Him as God, the Word of God, and the will of God for us, it puts an end to our carnal wandering. We stop walking with the Bible and start walking in His presence, hearing Him. The wisdom we find being in His presence surpasses walking by our carnal understanding of scripture.


I say carnal because Life is spiritual, and has to be experienced, not read about and perceived in our thinking. Even as the Holy Spirit quickens our understanding, we open our heart and He brings us to an interaction with the Lord that is an intimate and personal experience. We are called to a far deeper communion with Him than understanding scripture and the Lord is bringing us closer.


The devil fights against us realizing this because once we are over our carnal thinking by knowing God face to face, and hearing His voice, it's game over for the devil. In God's presence we are out of the devil's reach, being healed by knowing our place with the Lord as we are gathered into His arms to hear Him speak with us. Game over, devil. We will no longer be frozen in time, limited by what our minds can perceive.



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I Have Come To Realize

By Kathy Mote


I have come to realize that about 1/5 of the 'followers' on this page are fake profiles that, I had assumed, facebook has heaped on me to bury me. This effectively keeps me out of the feed of many of the people who have requested to follow what the Lord tells me.


I used to be upset about this. But the Lord has shown me something and I would like to share. He is Lord of what happens in my life, and although that may sound hard to fathom, I live my life honoring His Lordship over all things concerning me and I trust Him.


One of two things happens as I call Him Lord of all that happens to me. Either what is happening changes as He is Lord of it, or my heart changes as He is Lord of me. At no time does anything happen to me He does not mean to, and at no time am I without His hand on me, protecting me. At no time do I face anything without Him, and in no circumstance do I fail to obey Him. (He is present to help me.)


So back to the fake profiles, most of which are other religions made to look Christian who have not one mutual friend or reason to see me. I asked. He answered me. I am at peace. I don't need large numbers on this page to release what He speaks to me.


I speak as He speaks, I stand and agree with Him, and He releases His word into the hearts of those He desires to hear by His Spirit. They don't actually have to read it to receive it, we are in covenant. That is what He told me.

To teach me this, He asked me, So let Me get this straight...you knew a guy who knew a guy who was related to a gal who was married to a guy who was in the upper room when My Spirit was poured out? That's how you received Me? I said...No. I heard Your Spirit and opened my heart to receive You.


The larger the following, the more people interact, the more humanity I am exposed to and that's not always pleasant. Some of the people who find my page are not entirely comfortable being there. They are hostile and aggressive and it stresses my heart terribly.


So I want to share that even in circumstance that appears to be adverse, the Lord is indeed having His way no matter what it may look like. What warmed my heart so much to know is He accomplished His will while protecting me from stress, from pride, from ambition and from humanity who aren't always fun to interact with.




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There’s A Big Difference

By Kathy Mote



There's a big difference between being brought into God's presence as He speaks to you and you working on understanding scriptures...a big difference. We need to deeply desire the Lord's presence. We need to hear His voice. We need to listen for Him, and listen to Him. As He reveals His heart, He will change us. He is building warriors after His heart, and they are filled with His Life blood. They hear His voice, and follow His lead. They have been raised and healed by His presence in them, and He's just getting started. May your desire for Him be as hot coals as you read this.





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For Someone

By Kathy Mote



For someone who is still struggling with the concept of walking with the living God as opposed to living by their knowledge of the written texts that promise Him, imagine the difference between reading a romance novel (not the cheesey kind or the explicit kind, but the kind that describes the romance of relationship) and actually having a real and personal relationship. Not the same at all, is it.


He is not here to explain the meaning of each scripture verse by verse, the Holy Spirit will do that to teach you the many expressions of God's heart hidden in them, but they will lead you to Jesus, who is God's will for you. Jesus gives you the Life that the verses were trying to teach you about. You may very well consider the Bible a promise note, and a guide to help you along the way until you find Him who brings you to God. God did not give you a book and say, Do it your way. He will draw you to Him and fill you with all the fullness of God, dwelling in you richly.





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