If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

The Lord Reminded Me . . .

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The Lord Reminded Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord reminded me of the maligning, gossip, hatred and rejection that I have faced from my own family. He said, That is your thorn, sis. Their unjust judgment of me takes away my confidence, my place in this world and my place of familial comfort. I am humiliated by it.


The Lord reminded me of Paul's thorn and why it was given to him. God said it kept him humble. Without it, a more fierce and fearsome, cruel and vicious enemy would devour him. Pride and arrogance that would make him deny and step away from the Lord's perfect strength in him.


The Lord told me not to fear my enemy, but to trust Him. He also told me He would defeat my enemy as I remained with Him. I am awed to find that remaining humbly in the Lord's presence is what defeated what came to destroy me. I have learned to take my eyes (most of the time) off of what I perceive as my enemies, and by that I mean those who rise against me to destroy me. I turn to the Lord and accept His will instead.


In humbling myself before the Lord, my heart, my mind and my eye is filled with Him and trusting Him. I am filled with His love and I have confidence in Him as I remain with Him, filled to overflowing with far more than what the enemy tried to steal from me.


What I want to share is, as we engage the enemy without, we do not have the victory within, which is to remain in His presence, and we face a much greater defeat by a much bigger enemy.


Here's the hard part to accept...our enemy is sent to humble us and teach us to remain in His presence. Yes, this is unpleasant, but to resent our thorn and fight against our enemy is to reject the greatest gift given to us, Life in His presence, as we become all He desires for us.



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While Many Declare

By Kathy Mote



While many declare themselves the head and not the tail, the Lord calls for humility. As those who remain in His presence are trusting Him as Lord, He declares He is the victory in them.


Those who declare who they are without trusting Him have never been humbled deeply enough to see Him. As they speak their beliefs against their enemies, they don't see who their enemy really is. Our true enemy is being dead to Him.


The pride that keeps you from acknowledging Him in any given moment is the enemy you are defeated by. It means you rose up without Him, which is to declare He isn't Lord of you. That is what He said. That is our flaw and the weakness we continually surrender to Him. Our true enemy is death, which is being without Him. That is the enemy that destroys us and our enemy is what He defeated.


He is Life and He fills us in His presence and that is how we walk with Him.


Accepting that He is Lord is not a one time prayer you pray, but embracing Him as Lord is how you remain in His presence. Being without Him is death by God's definition, but Life is in His presence. That Life issues from the deepest well of our heart, for that is where we know and respond to Him.


There is wisdom in knowing who your enemy is, but few truly know this. It is not being with Him that is our undoing. Just ask Eve about this. Not being filled with a perfect love for Him, she was distracted and led away from Him. Not being made perfect-by-perfect communion with Him, she could not honor Him or remain with Him. The Lord calls us to true victory in His presence, made one with Him. The enemy is nothing then.





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I Am Fast Losing

By Kathy Mote



I am fast losing the thinking that we will fail in any way and I know it is not us who will succeed. His hand is upon us, and I know He will approve of all He has done. I fear nothing as I trust His will for all who desire Him. He will never leave us, His faithfulness toward us is too great for that, and His love for us is too deep to forget. We are written on the palm of His hand.




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All Day

By Kathy Mote



All day I have been hearing the Lord say, Look! Where are your enemies now? Your enemies are far behind you. I have taken them out. You have nothing to worry about.



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It Takes Far More

By Kathy Mote



It takes far more courage to trust in the Lord's will than it does to fight for your own. The Lord is raising warriors, and He will defend them all.




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For Those Who Don’t Like

By Kathy Mote



For those who don't like the words surrender and obey, I have a thought for you to consider and a perspective for you to see. When your daddy asked you if you wanted to go to get a treat, did you surrender as you got in the car and obey to be with him? Or did you go willingly, hoping to enjoy your time with him? Because you knew him, you expected love from him.


If you were invited out on a date by the man you love, and that man had plans to marry you and provide for you and love you every day of your life, would you see the date as you being forced? Would you consider yourself to be a hostage being held against your will, or would you anticipate being loved and spending time with him?


You are not being taken hostage, held against your will or bossed around or overcome. You are not being forced by God, you are accepting His love, receiving the peace and order that comes by knowing Him as Who He is. The Lord said that to 'obey' is to love as you are loved, to open your heart and become what He says you are. What does He say that you are to Him?


I remember being called His Beloved as He taught me to listen to Him. I remember Him calling me His child as He corrected my heart. I remember Him calling me His creation, and the desire of His heart as I desired to please Him. I remember being told I would be made into the reflection of His love, and when I despaired of ever being mature enough to stand and overcome, I remember Him taking my hand. That is how I learned to overcame.


I remember Him telling me He created the Heavens and the Earth to have a place for His Beloved to be birthed, and it was His desire that we all come to know that His love is Life being given to them. This is not something I have the ability to understand. What I do understand is that He is my Lord and I cling to Him. And yes, I do exactly as He says. My surrender is how I remain in His presence. That is the expression of my trust.


Perhaps we are not told all that we will receive because to hear Him, we must call Him LORD before we enter in. That is how we enter His presence to hear Him speak to us as Lord. Minute to minute, that is how it works in our heart. It is not degrading, it is being accepted in His arms as we are embraced.


Without knowing Him as Lord, how can we possibly know what we are given in Him. I am so grateful for Him that my Father's terms for Who is Lord bless me. They do not offend me. Without Him, there would be no me. Without living in Him, life is not worth living. So isn't surrender about knowing He is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth? And isn't obeying about becoming the sum of all He desires?





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I Was Awakened Early

By Kathy Mote



I was awakened early this morning by the sound of God's children gulping thirstily and choking on what He poured into them. The water was pure, but it was too hot for them. They struggled to receive what their minds could not comprehend.


I felt panicked by what I was hearing but then I realized a deeper faith, knowing what He is doing is bringing us deeper into His presence to be made as He is. He is pouring into our heart what we are unable to receive in our mind, but as we learn to follow the sound of His voice, we will be lifted to Him, and interact with Him.


This has become a matter of desperate need, of opening our heart to embrace and be embraced by Him. The deepening trust and faith His presence brings will be our healing and our peace as we are more aware of Him and go deeper in Him.


Many are being delivered from the desolate place religion and carnal thinking leaves them in. He didn't leave us alone, He is calling us to Him. We are literally being lifted above the limits of their carnal thinking as we 'see and hear' Him in our heart. God is not as we are, we are being made as He is. This is a matter of the heart, not of the head, and He is bringing us closer to Him. We are in a place of rapid growth, and many are unsure of it. They only know their hearts burn for Him.


So even though you may be uncomfortable now, His Spirit will give you a deep yearning to follow His voice to know His heart. You will know by the peace in your heart, that unmistakable evidence of His presence to heal you and bring you to Him. His presence is your destination and your inheritance. Let Him bring you there.

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